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Comment Re:It's 35 bucks (Score 1) 132

It's 35 bucks. Or 1/20th of an iPhone.

It's made for the Indian market, rather than the country with household debt of $11.65 Trillion.

That's why I'm glad the review honed in on the problems with keyboard/input. Waiting around for 10 seconds is fine if your only other option is not seeing content at all. But if typing isn't even remotely accurate, I can see the frustration setting in pretty quickly.

Comment Re:Money for his defense (Score 2) 294

He might need some of that hoard to pay for his defense. I don't know that going cheap on this will be in his interest.

According to Wired he's using a public defender.

Remember, Ulbricht was living in a shared apartment and working out of a library. If his defense is that he's not the guy running Silk Road, it would be suspicious for a man in his situation to suddenly have an expensive defense team.

Maybe he could start a Kickstarter to fund... well, not his defense, because that's not a creative work, so to speak, but a DOCUMENTARY about his defense, including people who could just check by to see if he was dead yet.

Comment Re:Sure, to lower paying jobs (Score 1) 674

What then becomes the problem (such as at my local ShopRite) is that when there are long lines and only a certain number of self-checks, there aren't any cashiers waiting for you. But you wait, because you need food. And the company has already stomped out competition in the local area, so you're still waiting through a line of 10 people who don't know how to scan their own groceries, because they've already fired half the cashiers who could have taken you. And if you bopped over to Pathmark, it'd be the same situation. Of course, then there are those markets far enough away from bus routes who know they can just cater to the non-peasants, and they charge higher prices for staples but lower prices for healthy items.

Comment Re:Sure, to lower paying jobs (Score 1) 674

Though continuing to increase our prison population is one "safety net" we seem to be dealing with okay. Criminalize more and more things, increase enforcement constantly, you have an almost never-ending service industry of containing human beings. Unless you decide there's no reason to keep them around anymore, that is.

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