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Comment That is not the only problem. (Score 5, Informative) 354

Flash does not in particular have a very good history with respect to its own development either. Everybody on *nix has observed this so much that this has become a cult phenomenon.

Moreover, the problem does not lie completely with *nix developers themselves. Case in point, it takes them months to fix their broken calls to memcpy which were:

traced to Adobe Flash by maintainers of glibc at Red Hat, Linus Torvalds and others.

Full story here.

Relevant part of the conversation:

> Subject: Re: FP-5739 "Strange sound on mp3 flash website with Fedora 14 x86_64"
> Hi Shu,
> That's is great to hear. Would you guess it's a matter of days, weeks or
> months before this can get fixed?
> If it will take a long time for you to fix this, Fedora may need to look
> at some way to work around this bug.
> Best regards,
> Magnus

> Hi Magnus,
> Maybe months. Thanks.
> Best regards.

Comment Add R to the list (Score 1) 314

Most new additions to R project are highly academic works, many coming from BioInformatics research as well.

However, some of the modules which people find really useful are rewritten by the core team, so one could say that they were not an output of the PhD/Masters.

In the larger scheme of things, the solutions by academics remain solutions for academic only until they are widely adopted. Then they permeated textbooks, and become the standard solutions of a useful problem. For this, there will exist a software (probably a rewrite) which has optimized it to within an inch of its life.

So the ideas behind the software live on, while the actual lines of code might not.


Submission + - Will Capped Data Plans Kill The Cloud?

theodp writes: With the introduction of its Chromebook, Google is betting big on the Cloud. As is Apple, with its iCloud initiative. So too are Netflix and Skype. Unfortunately, their very existence is threatened by data-capping carriers, who seem hell-bent to make sure that the network is NOT the computer. 'I don't know what the solution is,' writes David Pogue. 'I don't know if anyone's thinking about this. But there are big changes coming. There are big forces about to shape our lives online. And at the moment, they're on a direct collision course.'

Comment Re:Scale (Score 1) 83

While it is true that the device is prohibitively small, the article still suggests some possible uses, like:

music or video player for Ogg or an offline Wikipedia or MIT OpenCourseWare appliance

Comment Re:its not selling well (Score 1) 83

cause you cant find the thing for sale anywhere

Yes, one can.

besides if you could would you? I mean I might give up to 40 bucks for this toy that will end up in the junk bin a year later

The cost is $99.

I agree that it might very well end up in the junk bin a year later, but I believe that is the point behind the device. It is not an end product in itself; it is meant to be experimented with, . Developers and students are meant to start from here and make something else. ~ musically_ut

Comment Re:... and someone finds a fault in the proof. (Score 1) 90

Here, I think, one can comment on how this business of science is changing markedly.

I think if this conjecture was proved a decade or so ago, we would know of it's existence, and of its proving and the surprisingly hard road to its proof in classrooms; just like we see the problem of findings median in linear time. But today, as we speak, we are in fact commenting on a blog entry which refers to the proof and are discussing the type of flaw it may have; even though we do in the end yield the matter to experts.

And this is not the only instance. The talk of Arsenic based life form, or, more recently, the hints of Higgs Boson at LHC among other things that I have come to know of on slashdot, which has enough readership to have an effect named after it. And slashdot is usually has a relay link to another blog.


Comment Fight it out, sissies! (Score 1) 622

The article seems to be concentrating only on Law as a business which has been deeply affected by the revolution in searching documents.

Here one may take a leaf out of RIAA and the leading Music labels' book which has also seen the role of middle men being made largely obsolete by the advent of Internet.

The solution, hence, is simple: just sue the ... oh .. wait.

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