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Comment Re:But is Wayland better? (Score 1) 224

Kill X11 with FIRE!

Read the Unix Haters Handbook entry on X and how it can't do the things people think it can for GUI here?

OpenGL is a great reason to dump Xorg. No DRI BS on MacOSX or Windows. It just works and no freaking emulating network protocols and HUUUUGGE latencies emulaing client/servers from the 1980s underneath.

Comment Re:But is Wayland better? (Score 1) 224

X11 is a turd. The future is using javascript and rendering to HTML. Rust, go, python, and all the other important languages can be compiled into javascript which runs everywhere - the browser, the desktop, the server, the phone, chromebooks, and even embedded devices that only have 4 GB of RAM.

... and such a system written in such would probably still be faster and more efficient than X!

Comment Re:X11 SUCKS (Score 4, Interesting) 224

Quotes from the Unix Haters Handbook here.

Let's desconstruct here your arguments X11 myths:

Myth: X Demonstrates the Power of Client/Server Computing

Fact: "The database client/server model (the server machine stores all the data, and the clients beseech it for data) makes sense. The computation client/server model (where the server is a very expensive or experimental supercomputer, and the client is a desktop workstation or portable computer) makes sense. But a graphical client/server model that slies the interface down some arbitrary middle is like Solomon following through with his child-sharing strategy. The legs, heart, and left eye end up on the server, the arms and lungs go to the client, the head is left rolling around on the floor, and blood spurts everywhere.

The fundamental problem with X's notion of client/server is that the proper division of labor between the client and the server can only be decided on an application-by-application basis. Some applications (like a flight simulator) require that all mouse movement be sent to the application. Others need only mouse clicks. Still others need a sophisticated combination of the two, depending on the program's state or the region of the screen where the mouse happens to be. Some programs need to update meters or widgets on the screen every second. Other programs just want to display clocks; the server could just as well do the updating, provided that there was some way to tell it to do so.

The right graphical client/server model is to have an extensible server. Application programs on remote machines can download their own special extension on demand and share libraries in the server. Downloaded code can draw windows, track input eents, provide fast interactive feedback, and minimize network traffic by communicating with the application using a dynamic, high-level protocol.

As an example, imagine a CAD application built on top of such an extensible server. The application could download a program to draw an IC and associate it with a name. From then on, the client could draw the IC anywhere on the screen simply by sending the name and a pair of coordinates. Better yet, the client an download programs and data structures to draw the whole schematic, which are called automatically to refresh and scroll the window, without bothering the client. The user can drag an IC around smoothly, without any network traffic or context switching, and the server sends a single message to the client when the interaction is complete. This makes it possible to run interactive clients over low-speed (that is, slow-bandwidth) communication lines."

Other fun tidbits that made me chuckle

" How to make a 50-MIPS Workstation Run Like a 4.77MHz IBM PC

If the designers of X-Windows built cars, there would be no fewer than five steering wheels hidden about the cockpit, none of which followed the same principles -- but you'd be able to shift gears with your car stereo. Useful feature, that.
- Marus J. Ranum, Digital Equipment Corporation

X-Windows is the Iran-Contra of graphical user interfaces: a tragedy of political compromises, entangled alliances, marketing hype, and just plain greed. X-Windows is to memory as Ronald Reagan was to money. Years of "Voodoo Ergonomics" have resulted in an unprecedented memory deficit of gargantuan proportions. Divisive dependencies, distributed deadlocks, and partisan protocols have tightened gridlocks, aggravated race conditions, and promulgated double standards.

X has had its share of $5,000 toilet seats -- like Sun's Open Look clock tool, which gobbles up 1.4 megabytes of real memory! If you sacrificed all the RAM from 22 Commodore 64s to clock tool, it still wouldn't have enough to tell you the time. Even the vanilla X11R4 "xclock" utility consumed 656K to run. And X's memory usage is increasing."

Dude if there ever was a case for Unix X11 IS SURELY not one of them. You can thank X11 for handing the desktop to Windows. It is a terrible system for those that remember using it in 1999 when freaking 2/3s of my ram went to run client/server X for a single PC?? You millenials have hidden the horrors of this tragedy.
Trying to get any hardware OpenGL acceleration SUCKS not on Linux BUT XORG due to it's silly architecture compared to other platforms.

Comment sigh (Score 1) 129

The Fsck'n companies can't even expand manage and compete in their terrestrial areas, there is no way they should be allowed access to orbit. The lag associated with satellite internet access is awful. Why should we let them have access and compete with Hughes net when they won't compete with their land bound opposition. Screw AT&T, Spectrum, Rogers, and Shaw.

Comment Re:American problem is American (Score 1) 433

You know people might need to get more than two loads of laundry done in a day. While one might not need to supervise the washing machine, you do need to be around to move the laundry to the dryer, so that you know, it drys. Where with a normal washer I could have the wash done in thirty minutes, throw it in the dryer, start ANOTHER load in the washer and then run into town to get some errands done, when I get home an hour later, oh looks. I have a load of dry laundry., and another load of laundry to put in the dryer. Meanwhile you are still waiting for your first load of laundry to wash and I'm getting load number three in the washer.

You'd be amazed at how much laundry two kids and two adults can produce in a week.

Given that I had laundry duty for the wife and three daughters, I know exactly how much laundry can be produced in a week. I also know that it's not unusual for the laundry to sit in the washing machine for three hours after it's run before I get around to moving it to the dryer.

Comment Re:I was most frustrated by ... (Score 1) 148

Damn man. All I can say is QUIT. I refuse to do the bare minimum. If I try everything and adjust my attitude as it is always the workers fault with an attitude problem when you try to fix it then I start looking for an exit.

I left my last employer and starting a path for a newer and so far seems much better one. I get paid more but it is a step down in responsibilities and title but it is more technology present wise which will help my resume and I feel a sense of calm as stress lifts away.

Not all employers are like that but I have observed the ones that are typically are yesterday companies that were hot back in the day and are losing money, talent, and resources to competitors with clueless PHBs and senior management left. When a company puts in surveillance and redtape and meetings to prevent problems and refused to listen do not walk away RUN! Many of these companies start outsourcing in the end of their death cycle and view employees as cheap commodities.

They wonder what happened to the drive and talent of yesteryears? The answer is THEY LEFT with their former customers to greener pastures.

Smaller companies too have more flexibility if that is what you want. Nothing is perfect man, but like a bad romantic relationship, a bad employment one is equally bad for you.

Comment Re:I was most frustrated by ... (Score 1) 148

I read your posts for awhile. I assume you love in Texas which I now do. Outside of Houston you can get another job next week! Not all are Sarbanes Oxley shops. Even in Houston there are a few .coms and desire to have a senior level programmer or manager.

You owe to yourself and your wife if you are married to be happy and have a positive attitude and confidence vibe men are expected to have. A bad job impacts all around you and yourself and as Dave Ramsey says in his famous youtube video if you're spirit has left your workplace for heavens sake take your body with it ... QUIT!

I am not in management but I will say in the 20 seconds reading this that your employer is cheap and risk adverse. If the CIO is important then why is he auditing and approving changes?? Hire a freaking auditor/editor/technical reviewer who can deal with that shit instead! If your employer doesn't want to pay then its penny wise dollar dumb to waste you and everyone's time. SOX is for proper business decisions not auditing. Your employer is not freaking liabile if a coder puts in a backdoor and your legal team over-reacting big time if that is the logic on this??

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