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Comment Re:32gb ram = $300 upgrade vs $200 for it alone (Score 1) 82

All "thin and light" laptops are like this. The RAM is soldered directly to the motherboard and is not upgradable unless you have a reflow oven. Apple is nowhere near alone on this point. I think the last machine I've seen that was field-upgradable in RAM is the Acer C710 or V5 (same time frame, just Chromebook vs. Windows). The next couple generations still had mSATA or M.2 slots, but even those are going away in favor of permanently attached eMMC. I think the upgrade to my C720 will be... a Core i3 motherboard to replace the Celeron that I have now. (They're about $100.) And maybe the touchscreen to convert it into a C720P. But the base unit is one I expect to have for a few years because everything since (save for the C740) has been shittier and non-upgradable.

So don't single out Apple. Everyone is shipping non-serviceable laptops now.

Comment Re:Are they counting in the cost of windows update (Score 1) 392

I agree.

MS was finally on the right track with Windows 7 and released a fine quality OS that was stable. Then they fired the QA team and Windows 10 while has cool features it is a bugfest. If you do not do what grandma does who upgrades from 7 and just does basic things your use case NEVER GETS TESTED. If you do a fresh install of WIndows 10 BAM bugs (finally fixed last summer) as grandma doesn't install the OS. Hyper-V? Crashes for me as grandma or Joe six pack doesn't run it so no bug reports filed etc.

I hope later this or early 2018 MS hires them back before EOL for Windows 7. At least Windows 7 was more stable and reliable than XP was when XP was EOL and businesses still complained and freaked out.

Comment Re:People agree that Windows 10 has better tech (Score 1) 392

I own a Surface Pro 3. Windows 10 is buggy, but the touch support is quite nice and so are apps like Netflix when on the road.

I am stuck with Windows 8.1 on my desktop as Gigybyte won't update the EFI to work better with 10 and Hyper-V without BSOD that appear randomnly. I like the Netfix but guess I can load it on Chrome.

Also Windows 8 and better have far better battery support if you run a laptop. This is 2017. All the new cool laptops are tablets and hybrids. I think a lot of those who complain about the tiles do not like change and this is part of aging. A tile on a start menu is not a dealbreaker at all. However, the Windows 8.0 metro was pretty awful.

Comment Re:User convenience is what is being asked for (Score 1) 463

The first Pc's were easy compared to the competition.

The Mac was expensive and you had to meet quality approved by Apple and had to buy the SDK which was limited and very expensive. Unix ... yeah kids today you have idea how much a Unix workstation cost. Guess what? You needed an exotic $$$$ CPU from a proprietary vendor. It was the opposite of today.

Adjusted for inflation Unix would cost $50,000 for the hardware and c/c++ compilers. No GNU was not an option as the internet did not exist for mere mortals. No one know what it was outside of academia. So that meant ording from a computer shopper magazine or Byte.

All the hardware was accessible via assembly and Borland Turbo C or MS C was relatively cheap

Comment Re:False premise (Score 1) 463

It most certainly is.

The mainframe IS NOT DYING! was also a common 1990's mantra because someone still uses one therefore people are not ditching their green screen terminals just yet.

I own a surface Pro 3. It is a tablet that does Windows. All the new sexy high end laptops are hybrids at Bestbuy and are tabletized. Moms and poor people now use phones for Facebook not PCs.

This is a pro PC fanboy website but just because YOU use a PC doesn't mean everyone does. In the end what is starting too is VDI over the cloud. In 2027 you may still have a last of breed PC in your home office but at work you will be using Android tablets with a Citrix or Amazon E3 for your legacy win32 apps.

Comment Re:No more Linux Clients (Score 1) 266

MS is worried about staying relevant to IT geeks and Android developers. I welcome the changes if MS can get this shit together as competition ends monopolistic companies according to economics 101. If you do not want to use WIndows then don't.

VS 2015 includings Android emulators and SDK's that use IOS, Windows Phone, and Android for mobile developers. I like this as I do not want to buy a mac just to port an application to IOS.

Comment Re:So, they do not even get signal handling right (Score 2, Insightful) 266

Keep in mind this is in a Windows 10 beta relase which is based on a very new version of Ubuntu. THe stable one uses Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

I am not defending MS as I had to downgrade to WIndows 8.1 as my main OS due to bugs. In my opinion if you need to use both us a VM. This is 2017 and most any newish PC in the last couple of years can run each others OS as a VM for any IT professional.

Comment Why can't there be an open phone? (Score 3, Interesting) 463

Back when I was more of an GNU zealot a decade ago I predicted open platforms would kill dumb phones as we saw the beginings of the smart phone starting.

Reason being is the PC won over the Mac because it was open. You did not have to go to the mighty Jobs and beg to be compliant and certified. Of course DOS the 8086 and most of the PC programs/DOS were absolute crap! But hey, coders loved it with it's limitations because of the low barriers of entry and DOS allowing assembly and low access to system calls.

Atari almost died in 1982 because they tried to control everything.

Boy, I was wrong :-( Android we all hoped would be a GNU OS with all rooted phones and terminals and hacks back in 2009 when we read about it. Nope. Is it too late and why won't Google be more open? Apple too. If they make barriers low and allow more with their phones more apps will come to Apple even if they lose out on iMac sales temporarily.

Comment Re:Node.js is terrible (Score 1) 132

So you see nothing wrong with blobs of callback after callback with making your own threading and scheduling from scratch?

JavaScript has been accused of many things, but "threading" isn't one of them.

I don't mind blobs of callback in principle. Continuation-passing style doesn't scare me at all (especially in a language like Scheme or Haskell). But I agree with you. The more I used Node.JS, the more I realised I really wanted Erlang.

Yeah man. Erlang is the real rockstar language

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