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Comment Re:Not a Republican defeat (Score 1) 429

Haha how can it not be a Trump and Ryan defeat? I didn't see Trump opposing it. It was his bill!

Sorry if I sound like an ass? Nothing personal on you, but as a Democrat I got sick and tired of hearing both sides say NO and don't work. This is all 100% on the GOP. I want voters to get angry and vote Democratic so we can start passing bills again and not just say NO

Comment Re:Norton (Score 1) 76

Step one: Any browser that cares about security MUST stop regarding https with CA certificates as any more trustworthy that self-signed certificates or plain http.

Why? Plain HTTP can be compromised by anyone on a hop between you and your destination. HTTPS with a self-signed certificate can be compromised by anyone on a hop between you and your destination, but can be detected if you do certificate pinning or certificate transparency. HTTPS with a signed cert can only be compromised with cooperation from a CA. The set of people that can compromise signed HTTPS is significantly lower than the set that can compromise self-signed HTTPS.

I remember in the days of IE 6 and me opening questionable porn in my youth I would get slow or weird responses from HTTP websites. I do an ipconfig of the name of the site. I then disconnect and then reboot and or sometimes do a ipconfig /release and VIOLA now when I do an ipconfig it points to a different IP address.

MITM was quite on occurrence in the old days. Of course if my DNS is pointing to somewhere else it means my PC was probably compromised but my point is changing something and a ipconfig /release fixes it shows it is easy to spoof before MS took security more seriously as it does today.

Comment Re:The Dying Days of the Certificate industry (Score 1) 76

You have a better solution? You want the US government deciding instead like ICAAN in addition to being a central point of exploit?

If you let others self sign that means you risk having the private keys known and it's game over. Let's encrypt has same problem in which they can screw up and hand out extra certificates. Also if they are hacked and private key is leaked then game over the Internet is done as we know it. This makes me not want lots of players on the CA space

Comment Re: Only the beginning (Score 1) 114

I can't argue the multitude of reasons to hate M$, but the fact that a free service they are offering doesn't play well with their competitors products, and that they did not spend enough money to ensure that it did seems a bit over the top. That they bothered to even ensure/provide that it functioned at all seems sort of a good thing, let alone tuned it to run well. Do you think Chrome(google) or Apple is less invasive on the privacy side ?
As for "could not afford to buy a Linux computer", I've never seen one myself either. Plenty of intel/amd hardware running Linux, lots of Solaris, Tandem, DEC, IBM, CRAY, and even some RedHat branded hardware, but never a Linux computer.

Comment Re: Only the beginning (Score 1) 114

You are not a user, you are a developer. Users at the place I work for don't require Administrator to do anything, don't install anything, they just login answer email and use the programs that are installed and fully supported by the IT dept. Their machines reboot at night when it is scheduled by IT just like they always have. I've found that they don't even know what version of OS they are on as long as the stuff they need for day to day work functions, e.g. email, and the apps that are put there as part of the software push. Most of them are very happy with Windows 10 because they got shiny new hardware with it and it is faster than their old stuff was. The small slice of developers and QA folks that do require additional access have been less than happy in many cases, some even valid, though some of the grief is just M$ haters, who are gonna hate no matter what...

Comment Re:For the Republican readers (Score 1) 396

Prove it!

THe FBI found no proof. Again the conservative media at Fox and Bannon who incidently works at the whiteshouse may make stuff up but no wiretap order was ever place.

Also the CIA and FBI DO have a right to investigate espionage by a foreign power like Russia. A judge ordered the wiretapping of some of his staff who worked for Putin and Putin aligned interests in Ukraine. Trump and his towers were not bugged.

If this were Hillary you all would be screaming impeachment and would be wanting to start an armed rebellion. It makes you look crazy to say otherwise

Comment Re:For the Republican readers (Score 2) 396

All the GOP where I live in Texas supported Trump to make God happy. Simple.

This sounds absurd to slashdotters but I AM DEAD serious. God is pro corporation because the pastor said so. Liberals are evil horrible people out to take their church and guns away to literally the majority of people where I am at in rural areas.

It was religion as why would anyone vote Republican? It is because of gay rights and abortition and teaching the book of Genesis in the classroom. That is the most important and only issues these voters care about.

Majority voted for CLinton as a reminder. The rural southern states voted for Trump because their pastor said so. Plain and simple.

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