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Submission + - H1-B Abuse: the smoking gun (

MsGeek writes: "Ever gotten suspicious about IT want ads? Ever thought that they aren't really looking for IT workers in good faith, but are looking to justify hiring people from Russia or India or China via the H1-B program? Guess what: you're right! The Programmer's Guild has released a video from a seminar held by an immigration law firm about how to game the job search process to make sure that no American IT worker can ever be qualified enough to fill the sham position.

This makes it possible for the firm to go to the Immigration and Naturalization Service and say, "Gosh, we ran an ad for a month and we got no qualified applicants...can we look for H1-B workers to fill this position?" H1-B visas are being abused. This is the smoking gun. They don't want qualified American IT workers to fill the position, they want foreign slave labor that they can pay peanuts to and bully around.

IT jobs are not going begging. IT jobs are not being offered to American IT professionals in good faith, so that companies don't have to pay prevailing American wages. Write your congresscritter and senators. This is an outrage."

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