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Submission + - Vista, Win 7 and Ubuntu Boot Speed Compared (

An anonymous reader writes: Ubuntu 9.10 has just been released, and TuxRadar has pit it against the previous version in a boot speed comparison. The Koala is — as expected — considerably quicker than Jaunty, but even more interesting is the comparison against Windows. The worst performing OS in the test is Windows 7, often touted as having blazingly good performance.

Submission + - Michael Jackson Cardiac Arrest, Not Breathing (

Mr_Mirsal writes: " is reporting that Michael Jackson has been rushed to the hospital, reportedly for cardiac arrest. The rumor is that paramedics had to administer CPR in the ambulance.The BBC is now reporting that Michael was not breathing when paramedics arrived at his home. The news made the front page of their international website. More info as the details trickle out."
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VLC Hits the Device Market 159

JoeBorn writes "VideoLAN has long been known as a mature open source project for video playback and transcoding on the PC. Now, Neuros and Texas Instruments have sponsored a port of VLC to their next generation open set-top box. The idea is to allow developers to easily create interesting plug-ins for recording and transcoding applications for the set-top box which will automate functions previously requiring a PC, like formating recordings for a portable player or streaming to another device on the LAN or the Internet, etc."

Red Hat Vows To Stand Up To Patent Intimidation 168

mrcgran writes "Eweek is reporting on Red Hat's assurances that can continue to deploy Linux without fear of legal retribution from Microsoft. This, despite the increasingly vocal threats emanating from Redmond. 'In a scathing response to Ballmer's remarks, Red Hat's IP team said the reality is that the community development approach of free and open-source code represents a healthy development paradigm, which, when viewed from the perspective of pending lawsuits related to intellectual property, is at least as safe as proprietary software. "We are also aware of no patent lawsuit against Linux. Ever. Anywhere," the team said in a blog posting.'"

Submission + - Fusion io - the power of 1000 hard drives (

Anonymous Coward writes: "A new flash storage card from Fusion io could make huge storage area networks go the way of the dinosaur and DoDo bird. The company's upcoming 'ioDrive' combines hundreds of gigabytes of flash storage onto a small computer card and company officials claim that the tiny card could replace banks of hard drives."

Submission + - Mom blasts Ballmer over kid's crappy Vista OS ( 6

Lucas123 writes: "While on stage at a Gartner's ITxpo conference today, Ballmer got an ear-full from the mother of a 13-year-old girl who said after installing Vista on her daughter's computer she decided only two days later to switch back to XP because Vista was so difficult. Ballmer defended Vista saying: "Your daughter saw a lot of value"; to which the mother replied: "She's 13." Ballmer said that Vista is bigger than XP, and "for some people that's an issue, and it's not going to get smaller in any significant way in SP1. But machines are constantly getting bigger, and [it's] probably important to remember that as well." Says the mother: "Good, I'll let you come in and install it for me.""

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