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Comment Re:Update: Testing EnergyStar by GAO resulted in: (Score 1) 265

GAO submitted a few non-existant products to test the EnergyStar program. Some notable results:

Gas-Powered Alarm Clock: Product description indicated the clock is the size of a small generator and is powered by gasoline.

Product was approved by Energy Star without a review of the company Web site or questions of the claimed efficiencies.

I'd buy one of these. :D

Comment Re: "Neural signal diversity" (Score 2) 288

You can always guarantee that in any discussion of drugs some pothead will stagger out from under his smoky haze to defend his addiction of choice.

Majijuana is hardly heroin and causes a lot less problems than alcohol frankly, but saying that it causes NO problems is just idiotic. A small number of people are susceptible to suffering nasty (sometimes long term) affects and behaving erratically from it just as some react badly to alcohol. As with a lot of things in life its not black and white.

Comment And mankind continues its great quest... (Score 1) 129

... to pollute every enviroment it can access. We've done a nice job messing up our atmosphere, the land and sea so the next frontier naturally is space. Who cares if ultimately all this microsatellite crap put up by here today, gone tommorow startups will hang about for decades and cause endless future problems for serious satellites in the future? Profit matters and it matters NOW! Hang any other considerations, right?

Comment Re:Mapping vs real-time (Score 3, Interesting) 68

I dunno. I can buy a Tesla today with a pretty good auto-pilot that works now. Traditional car companies have, um, cruise control? Beeping if a car is in my blind spot?

Everyone who's anyone SAYS they have a group working on autonomous driving. Your pay-walled link (hidden nested behind 2 layers of fluffy blogs) doesn't seem to be based on anything but R&D department press releases.

I welcome the idea of multiple competent approaches to the problem - but I stand by my original post. Humans can drive just fine without memorizing roads to within millimeters. We drive by figuring out the road as we come to it. Makes sense for technology to use a flexible approach like that as well.

In the original article, the Cadillac rep seems to be bragging that their system doesn't work on roads in general, and has a very limited use case. Strange things to brag about.

Comment Mapping vs real-time (Score 3, Insightful) 68

I think Tesla's "on the fly" approach is the right one long term. If Caddy is depending on historical saved maps, any change at all will be a serious challenge. Road construction, parade barriers, broken down vehicles, etc. You can't rely on what a road was yesterday.

And yearly updates? That alone tells me Cadillac doesn't get it. Tesla's algorithm updates, what, every 2 weeks or so - with major car OS updates very few months. And Cadillac thinks that a yearly map update (probably only for 2 or 3 years) is going to make them competitive. That's cute.

Comment Eletronic fingerprint? (Score 5, Insightful) 143

"Eventually, they traced the unauthorized access to Patel's second business laptop based on the device's "electronic fingerprint.""

Translation: Someone with a functioning braincell in the IT department googled about MAC addresses and thought maybe they should check the wifi router logs and look for unauthorised access by company issue laptops.

Comment Aviation software devs? (Score 1) 103

I guess you haven't heard of the problems with the F35. Not to mention all the avionics bugs that are quietly fixed in commercial airliners without knowledge of them ever getting out to the wider public. There's a good reason Airbus uses 3 seperate master computers with software written by 3 seperate teams.

Comment Re:Cereberal Network Variability (Score 1) 103

"On both the read-out (decoding) side, and the driving (encoding) side, we have the ability to receive and transmit"

Receiving and transmitting DATA is one thing, turning it into *information* thats useful to the implant and the brain is another entirely. We've been able to measure neural activity for decades but we've barely begun to understand what 99% of it means from the patients subjective point of view so don't pretend this is nothing more than an I/O problem - it goes WAY beyond that.

Comment Pooled driving? Already exists. (Score 3, Insightful) 168

We already have pooled driving and shared cars. It's called a taxi.
The only thing a self-driving vehicle does is take out the cost of the human driver. That's it.

People also carpool. That's been around forever.

Self-driving vehicles will change a lot of things: delivery trucks will go cross-country without sleep breaks, off-site parking will be more practical, highway deaths will drop like crazy - but nothing about city traffic will fundamentally change.

Comment Re:Meh, will be gone in next ice-age anyway. (Score 1) 130

Don't play silly semantic games when you're clearly clueless. Nature can't keep up means that natural selection can't keep up since it depends on the reproduction rate of the individual species. Bacteria can keep up with man made climate change, elephants and oak trees can't. Now run along and go play with your little school friends and let the adults continue the discussion.

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