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Comment Re:I wouldn't touch Google Chrome on Linux (Score 1) 59

Thanks for proving my point in my original post about ignorant fools with no clue about security.

Newsflash: claims only need supporting if there's no way for 3rd parties to independently verify them. But here, especially for dumb special needs kids like you who can't use a search engine:

Comment Re:I wouldn't touch Google Chrome on Linux (Score 0) 59

So the chrome_sandbox binary being owned by root and having the setuid bit set is an "extraordinary claim" is it snowflake? No, its a fact. I don't need to cite anything. 5 seconds with google will tell you everything you need to know and if you're too bone idle to bother then thats your problem, not mine.

Comment I wouldn't touch Google Chrome on Linux (Score 1) 59

Chrome requires its sandbox process to run as root. Well not on my systems it isn't. Won't run? Tough , I'll just use one of the many alternatives then.

Apparently google thinks is code is 100% exploit and bug free and don't see an issue with having a user application requiring superuser priviledges. Utter morons. And anyone who says to me "but its not the browser, its the sandbox" obviously know the square root of fuck all about security so don't even bother me with your ignorant opinions.

Comment Nail on the head (Score 2) 147

"moving out from underneath Mom and Dads roof;"

Its very easy to talk about money not mattering and wanting an interesting life when you don't have to worry about rent or bills. Part of being an adult is accepting responsibility for your own fate and - unless you want to live in a hut in the woods or a park bench - than means finding the money to pay the above.

The "gig" economy is just (usually rich) hipster talk for dead end park time McJobs thats been repackaged and remarketed for the latest gullible generation of 20 somethings who haven't yet wised up.

Comment Re:Programming the Windows Driver Model (Score 1) 236

That ONLY applies if you're using the class in the main program, NOT if its just used in my library which is the whole point. Sorry, is recompiling when a header file changes such as advanced concept for you that you thought it required explicit confirmation? I'm afraid I thought I was having a discussion with someone who had a clue, clearly I was wrong.

As for getting some knowledge sonny, I've been doing unix systems programming in C & C++ for 2 decades , unlike I suspect you, who's probably dabbled for a few weeks or read a few chapters in Stevens and now you think you're an expert.

But anyway thanks for the entertainment. Like I said, your handle has been noted and we're all going to be watching for further of your "expert" pronouncements ;) Over and out script kiddy and don't bother responding , I won't be reading this thread again.

Comment Re:Good on him (Score 1) 226

Apples and Oranges. Colour TV was a qualitative improvement on B&W. Musks idea isn't any sort of improvement on flying and in fact I can't imagine many people wanting to use in preference to flying or just taking a normal train. Sure, that might change in the future, but the Wright Brothers didn't spend the GBP of a large country creating their first aircraft hoping it would be an instant hit.

Comment Re:Good on him (Score 1) 226

"The same dose of realism that told people that reusable rockets would never work ?"

I'm not saying it won't work, I'm saying the costs will be so ridiculously high for so little benefit that I just don't see the point. Rockets got man into space, somewhere he'd never been before. This gets man from A to B just like an airliner and at the same speed. And thats worth spending trillions on is it? I don't think so.

If he really wanted to improve US transportation he'd invest in some 200+mph railways that europe and japan have had for decades which have pretty much killed off a lot of short distance air routes.

"Even when the project fails, that knowledge can be used in other projects, either related or totally unrelated"

Possibly. But the chance of some useful niche tech as a side effect is hardly reason to blow the amount of money that this will cost.

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