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Comment Out of context? (Score 3, Insightful) 80

Buried in the original article is a mention that these statements were made during a two-day event Netflix held together with Dolby Laboratories, centered around High Dynamic Range video (e.g., Dolby Vision).

Maybe these out-of-context statements really mean "If we're filming a show in Dolby Vision and it has a lot of really dark scenes, maybe we should make a mobile version that brightens up the shadows a bit so that it's not a murky mess on a glossy mobile-phone screen under who-knows-what lighting conditions?" The Dolby Vision spec can adjust the dynamic range to meet the capabilities of the viewing device... if the device has a Dolby-manufactured ASIC. It sounds like Netflix is considering how to offer mobile users the option of a server-side tweak to do something similar.

That would actually be a good thing, especially if the user had the option to select "normal" or "mobile optimized" versions.

I have a Dolby Vision-equipped TV. Netflix has several shows filmed in Dolby Vision. Many, like Daredevil, have very dark cinematography. It looks incredible on a Dolby Vision TV under controlled lighting... but you're definitely missing stuff on an iPhone under commercial lighting. Bumping the darks up a notch or two to compensate would not be a terrible thing.

Comment Re:Admin? (Score 1) 238

So herein lies the core of the issue, 2 actually.

1) social engineering. Under normal UAC, as part of the admins group you have to merely click-thru to elevate a process. As a non admin user, with a seperate privileged account you must provide credentials.This raise the bar of, in nothing else, user awareness, and prevents the sadly typical user behavior of just clicking on any button tat comes up without reading. Sudo still requires a password, so its not the same as the UAC standard setting.

2) escalation flaws. A user not in the admins group is not allowed to latest at all (probably). Thus if a malicious program does come along looking to exploit the a system component, or other program that has a flaw, the assumption that root access can be achieved will basically fail silently. For a non-windwos example of this see ShellShock on MacOS.

Comment Re:macs are for people who aren't homophobes (Score 1) 268

You want Asus, Lenovo, or Toshiba, in no particular order.

No, you definitely don't want Toshiba. Toshiba is a dead company walking. It's been hurting for some time, first from market decline, then from an accounting scandal. Now it's bleeding from a bad nuclear-power deal. The company has lost US $6.8 billion in market value since mid-December.

And their laptops are pretty crappy. The last Toshiba laptop I bought, just over a year ago, ate its hard drive within three weeks. And it was a Toshiba hard drive.

Comment Re:Only Fixed by Resigning (Score 1) 410

Which part of a CEO mentality is ok to go in and edit the DB? The excuse of 'well I'm the engineer' doesn't cut it. The shoot from the hip, 'cowboy' startup mentality is what will end up dooming Reddit; spez' actions are merely the consequence. Reddit should no longer be in the 'startup' mentality. It is this kind of "I'm gonna fuck with my detractors BS that is the hallmark of the egoist, not the high level otherwise detached management of the CEO. Perhaps he should just have a twitter spat, ya know like that other guy all over the news.

Comment Re:Um, so? (Score 5, Informative) 267

You don't quite have it right.

The National Deficit is the difference between the money the government raises each year in taxes, and the money it spends each year. Reducing the deficit requires increasing income or reducing spending.

The National Debt is the money that the U.S. Government has borrowed to cover each year's Deficit.

And the U.S. Treasury Bond is a physical manifestation of the National Debt. It is an IOU. You give the government money now, and they give you a Bond that promises to pay you back with interest in the future.

But you're right that the story is hate-bait. Apple, having followed all applicable laws, has money overseas. It is legally using that money to help fund the country's national deficit. In exchange for offering that credit to the United States, Apple receives an interest payment, just like any other bond purchaser. Apple is not extorting $6 per taxpayer from the Government; Apple is loaning the government its money, money the U.S. Government is not legally entitled to have, and the government is willing to borrow enough from Apple that the interest payments come out to $6 per taxpayer.

Buried in the original Bloomberg article, you'll find that Apple has to send the money back overseas when they sell the bond; if they keep it in the U.S., it becomes taxable. And the interest they make on the bond is taxable. So by doing this, Apple is helping keep the government afloat by financing the Debt, and is paying income tax on the interest they earn. They could just invest it overseas, where it would do nothing for America.

Funny how the answer isn't to eliminate the deficit and pay down the Debt so it isn't necessary to sell billions of dollars of Treasury Bonds that Apple and others can buy with foreign capital—it's to tell companies that they should pay U.S. taxes on money that wasn't earned in the U.S., hasn't been brought to the U.S., and to date won't be spent in the U.S.

Comment Uphill battle (Score 3, Insightful) 29

Unfortunately, it will be an uphill battle getting the major cable companies to support this. The whole point of "TV Everywhere," from the cable companies' point of view, is to make it a massive pain in the ass. Every Apple TV that uses TV Everywhere to watch video is one less cable-box rental fee, and one more person who is a step closer to cutting the cord entirely. It's not in their interests to make it easier for you to use TV Everywhere.

Consider: You need to go through the annoying log-in process even to watch broadcast networks. Anyone can watch the show by using an antenna, but if you want to watch it online, you need a cable subscription. Theoretically, those networks are supported by ads. The live streams and replays in the app have at least as many ads as the terrestrial broadcast—sometimes more. But you still need to pay for a cable subscription to see them online. And that means the cable company has to pay the broadcaster retransmission fees for carriage.

This is why the "true" Apple TV never happened. The TV networks and cable companies have no interest in working with Apple: Apple wants to make it easy for people to watch TV, and the TV folks want to make it hard for people to watch TV without paying a lot of money and using cable-company equipment that can readily monetize their viewing habits.

Comment Re: because Photoshop doesn't exist (Score 1) 317

Well I'm going to assume that the govt mandated speech part is self evident. So I'll elaborate on the second part. If you are voting, excerpting your right to vote, in essence your political speech, I am not keen on the idea that the govt would force you to keep your political speech secret, by statute.

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