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Comment Re:Duh... (Score -1, Offtopic) 109

Or... more people could start taking my advice as offered here:

And as I tried for unsuccessfully here:

(I really need to run some more experiments along these lines...)

I think I just had an idea to promote this...

Check this newly created Facebook group to see the idea begin and grow...

all the best,


Comment Re:It's the conversation, (Score 1) 367

Second, I really wonder how they defined a cell phone as being involved in an accident. Did they just record any accident where a phone was someplace visible to the driver? Did they record any accident where a call was in progress? Did they try to determine if the call itself contributed to the accident? Did fault come into it? If you're parked talking on the phone and somebody rear-ends you, does that count as a phone-involved accident?

These stats might be really telling us that lots of cars have cell phones in them.

Ah, someone who thinks along the lines I do. The one I get here in the islands on US AM radio speaks of 1 in every X fatal accidents involves a pedestrian. (I think X=4)

So I say, right, so when a pedestrian jumps in front of a car causing teh driver to swerve and plunge into a deep roadside canal and die, are they counting that as a fatal accident involving a pedestrian? What about one where two cars collide head on and a pedestrian is "involved" as the only witness?

all the best,


Comment Re:DO NOTE (Score 2) 97

This ruling only applies to copyrighted content that is legally and publicly available. Linking to content that is behind e.g. a paywall would constitute a copyright-infringement.

Wait, how can it be a problem to link to content *behind* a paywall. Either the person clicking the link will not be able to get to the link as the content is behind a paywall and they haven't paid, or, they have paid, have rights to the content, and can get to it by following the link. Is there some other possibility?

all the best,


Comment Re:Cast in a negative light, obviously (Score 1, Offtopic) 301

"Every time you make a system too efficient, you reduce the number of workers but with economies it's important to have as many people working as possible."

But I have the perfect solution for that little problem and have been quietly promoting it in my country for years now:

The Department Of Beach Surveys.

The government hires people and sends them to the beach every day. They get a clipboard and a short form to fill out daily.

Survey Taker:

Did you see any sea life today? Y/N
Did you see any birds today? Y/N
Did you see any land animals on the beach today? Y/N
Was it Windy / Calm?
Was it Sunny / Rainy?
Did you encounter any tourists on the beach today? Y/N
      If Yes, did they seem to be having a good time? Y/N
Did you have an enjoyable day at the beach today? Y/N
Optionally note below anything of interest you might want to.

Perhaps if your country does not have enough beaches, you could send those workers to our country to do the surveys here.

all the best,


Comment Re:Time to take the tinfoil hat off... (Score 1) 163

I am not so sure. Perhaps instead of sending them to the ad sites, send them to a site that tells them they are infected and that they will get progressively slower responses until they fix things. Then progressively slow their requests down making things more an more painful?

IOW. make it worth their while to care? Someone is, after all, having to spend extra money to keep them working.

Or did I misunderstand something here?

all the best,


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