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Comment Re:-1, Disagree... again. (Score -1) 94

Well, I feel your pain. Consider my karma, it has been marked so negative due to my political comments on "political" topics - Imagine that. So much for the "OPEN" people. I feel your pain and now only visit SlashDot once a month. Most of these people are half my age and don't know shit about shit...but rule like dictators. When they can't win, they silence. In my case, mod me so low, no one see's my comments.

Comment Leftist control (Score -1) 658

This is what the Leftist wants. No privacy, nothing. Maybe all the privacy you need is what you keep in your head..... Leftists claim they're for liberty, really? Leftists gifts America? Fake -paper money, Gov dependence, Internment camps, stolen our land in the name of fish/birds, smoking bans, music censorship, Echelon, many liberties to list are gone. Are GOP Republicans also responsible? Yes.....

Comment Two things (Score -1) 580

There is no shortage per se. But there is a disturbing trend.

1 - These so called Engineers are too linear. Especially in the healthcare field. Personal experience - while working on a project for a practice, installing DS3's connecting a practice to a hospital for radiology readings, I had to file paperwork and work with not 1, not 2, not 3, but 7 people to get it going. If any of you have worked with Dr's, you know they are VERY impulsive and inpatient. A network engineer, firewall engineer, routing engineer, applications manager, server administrator, data center manager, telecom technician, really? For a small-medium sized hospital? Project took 2 months after the DS3's were turned up my the carrier (ATT) and planning/scheduling was started the day of carrier contract signing.

2 - Lazy or lack of work ethic. Call it what you will but I see too many engineers who become out-dated and refuse to educate themselves or won't take a pay cut for their worth value in the competitive field. Tenure is only for the lazy and non-educated - yes, even professors become comfortable and out-dated in their position.

Comment Re:He will shortly find himself in court... (Score -1) 236

Flipside and most likely - the lawyers & patients get together to form a class-action against him. You know, the kind you see 3 times an hour on the TV's of a lawyer saying "Will make them pay!"

So question begs, why test drugs at all? Why should big pharma even try to help people....

Look @ the whole picture, these big pharmas do perform good and beneficial service even if the greedy "drug users" can't see or admit it....


Submission + - Netflix is down (

tekgoblin writes: "Looks like Netflix is having a little trouble with both their website and instant watching. Just a simple Google search for Netflix down returns many twitter results with users complaining about it. Trying to visit the Netflix site brings you only the following error with no other message on what the cause is at this time.

        We’re sorry, the Netflix website and the ability to instantly watch movies are both temporarily unavailable.

        However, our shipping centers are continuing to send and receive DVDs so your order is in process as usual.

        Our engineers are working hard to bring the site and ability to watch instantly back up as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and, again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you need further assistance, please call us at 1-877-445-6064."

Comment Re:Still no justice for... (Score -1) 652

>>Nobody has gone to jail for crashing the world economy.

Yes, Madoff and well, many Senators who are untouchable...

>>Nobody has gone to jail for authorizing or committing acts of torture.

Yes, remember Abu Ghraib?

>>Nobody has gone to jail for placing unconstitutional wiretaps.

Again, the US Gov, un-touchable.....unfortunately...

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