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Journal Journal: Slashdot and IE 1

This site... I know I am not the intended audience around here as I actually appreciate and find use for many Microsoft products. But I am greatly frustrated with Slashdot's lack of support for IE these days.

I can hear it now, IE is sooooo insecure. Well, if you know how to use your PC properly and be safe, it's no threat at all. It's what I prefer to use. Right, wrong or indifferent, it's my decision.

Some examples... The firehose used to at least partly work with IE. I could at least vote stories up or down. A few weeks ago, that mysteriously stopped working. Now I can view them but have no way of voting on them. Nice job going backwards there.

Today I notice there isn't a reply link from the main story anymore. What?? So now, if I want to comment about something, I can't do it against the original article, it has to be done from someone else's reply. Why? It's just a plain html link...

I can live with things not looking quite right, things not lining up properly, etc., but that's not the issue. Things that worked just a little bit ago now don't work at all. Not what I'd call progress.

You may not like IE, or you may... That doesn't change the fact that most of the web browsing world uses it.

It's bad enough that I'm about to stop coming around. What good is a discussion site that don't work?? (Not that all my opinions are welcome anyway as they are contrary to the "group think".)

For people that sure like to take Microsoft's ad money, they sure don't want people that use Microsoft to read it.

What's next? Can't reply to any comments? Can't even load the page?

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