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Submission + - Best displays/video cards for reading reports

johnpagenola writes: "I would like to start reading consulting reports and grading assignments electronically, but my 1280 x 1024 display just does not display the .pdf well enough. As a result, I wind up printing everything out or getting it handed-in via hard copy. What would be a good enough display and video card to make this reading, commenting, and grading comfortable on the screen? My computer is a HP xw6200 dual processor Xeon (2.8GHz) with 4GB of ram and PCI-E. Thanks."

Submission + - Alternative Software Development

gerryatorange writes: "Smart People Find the Easy Way to get the Job Done

I've been a software developer for 17 years and my goal has always been to do things in the easiest manner. I have written about what I have learned here:

I do things differently, and have gotten in a lot of arguments with my peers in the past, yet I generally finish my tasks well ahead of them. The site is only for new programmers and open-minded programmers. Some of it may conflict with other things you have read, largely because academics don't seem to value getting things done quickly and efficiently (they don't mind if it takes 6 months). Let me know what you think. Cheers."

Submission + - Why Spam Fighting Needs Immediate Change

netconcern writes: CircleID has featured an article by iCAUCE director, Neil Schwartzman "Trench Warfare in the Age of The Laser-Guided Missile", shedding an outstanding light on the seriousness of zombie botnets threatening the infrastructure of the internet. From the article: "The historical development of spam fighting is allowing computer-aware criminals to take the upper hand in the fight against what has now evolved into a completely technologically and organizationally merged threat to public safety. If we do not change our strategic approach immediately, the battle, indeed even the war may be all but lost." A must read!

Submission + - The birth of vi

lanc writes: "Bill Joy, co-founder of Sun, contributor to BSD Unix, the UltraSparc technology, NFS and even Java, tells the story in an article at TheRegister about how he wrote vi and what the motives were. In the interview he says:

"It was really hard to do because you've got to remember that I was trying to make it usable over a 300 baud modem. That's also the reason you have all these funny commands. It just barely worked to use a screen editor over a modem. It was just barely fast enough. A 1200 baud modem was an upgrade. 1200 baud now is pretty slow."

...and so my son begun The Holy Editor War."


Corey Stewart writes: "


Contact: Corey Stewart
Cell Phone: 682/597-5679

Brokenhearted and Homeless, Just Days After Christmas, a Dallas Man's New Year's Resolution is to Keep his Spirits High and to Make a Million Dollars.

Dallas, TX. — For many, New Year's resolutions have been ambitious decisions to lose weight, to quit smoking, to get out of debt, or to find a new job. When a man found himself brokenhearted and evicted from his home just days after Christmas, he set himself an even loftier goal, to keep his head up and to make a million dollars!

Just three days after Christmas, in a story that reads like a comical, tear jerker movie, a Dallas man's girlfriend suddenly ended their two and a half year relationship and ousted him from their place of residence. Depressed and dejected, Corey Stewart made a New Year's resolution to turn every negative into a positive for an entire year. "I'd just finished reading Shad Helmstetter's 'What to Say When You Talk To Yourself' and vowed to turn my life around," explains Stewart with a confident smile. "I simply make up my mind, speak positively to myself, and then do it."

Stewart did just that. Less than 48 hours later he decided to make a million dollars through a website that modeled the successful Stewart's site contains an image of the former couple, which will slowly be replaced by paid advertisements that are displayed over the picture. Pixel by pixel the negative is turned into a positive.

When asked about his motivation, Stewart replied, "I do this with no ill will towards her. Whether the site succeeds or fails does not matter. I'm simply turning my life around with a well timed New Year's Resolution. What's more important to me is the hope to inspire others not to give into despair but instead to see the opportunities in the worst of times."

Stewart's website can be viewed at


If you would like additional information or would like to schedule an interview with Corey Stewart, please call him at 682/597-5679 or email at"

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