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Submission + - Pow! DC Comics wins Batmobile Copyright Legal Case (

Mr. Competence writes: The US Supreme court has declined to review a ruling by the 9th Circuit Court declaring that “the Batmobile is a character that qualifies for copyright protection.”
The case involved Mark Towle, a California man who produced replicas of the Batmobile for car-collecting fans of the caped crusader; selling them for about $90,000US each.

Comment Re:Internet democracy (Score 1) 219

This is a terrible idea! You just read an article about PR firms editing articles about science & history. Facts are the least democratic things of all!

Do you want people to vote on science? How many people think Relativity is just E=mc^2? They ignore all the import aspects about it. If there wasn't a maximum speed (speed of light), then kinetic energy (KE=mv^2) would go to infinity and create unlimited energy.

Do you want people to vote on History? Well, they did, and the Holocaust only killed Jews. The other 5 million killed for handicaps, homosexuality, and others don't count. There were even 3 more genocides in the 20th century alone: Pol Pot's Cambodia (the educated), Serbia (muslims), & Rwanda.

I don't want popular opinion to warp reality anymore!

And you even left off the Armenian Genocide.

Comment AT&T is doing it now (Score 2, Informative) 215

I just got a refund from AT&T because of an issue like this with my iPhone 4. I turned all data access off (e.g. if I didn't have WIFI access I would get a dialog about cell data being off) and yet I was getting hit for 0.8MB/day while it was off. According to the AT&T person, it is because the iPhone sends out data to see if the data service is available! There are even discussions about it on Apple's site.

Submission + - Amazing Mars Discoveries Keep Coming

sighted writes: "The fleet of five active spacecraft at Mars (in addition to the recently-missing Mars Global Surveyor) have been working overtime. On the heels of last week's finding of possible flows of liquid water, the ESA has announced that an entire hidden landscape exists just beneath the surface of the Red Planet, and NASA has released some really amazing images of layered topography that will yield many clues to the history of this strange world."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Astroturfers Beware - FTC is taking notice

ErikTheRed writes: According to this Washington Post story (found via this Penny Arcade newspost and mocked in comic), the FTC has issued a staff opinon stating that so-called "word-of-mouth marketers" — people who participate in community forums, etc. — who are being compensated to promote a product or service must disclose this fact. Violaters could face anything from cease-and-desist orders to multi-million dollar fines. Oh yeah, the Washington post is compensating me with a free PSP for pimping their story (just kidding).

New Zealand's First Land Mammal Discovered 154

Bob Beale writes to clue us to big news from New Zealand. The country has long been thought to have been devoid of land mammals until recent times. No mammal fossils had ever been found there; but now one has. From the article: "Small but remarkable fossils found in New Zealand will prompt a major rewrite of prehistory textbooks, showing for the first time that the so-called 'land of birds' was once home to mammals as well. The tiny fossilized bones — part of a jaw and hip — belonged to a unique, mouse-sized land animal unlike any other mammal known... The fact that even one land mammal had lived there, at least 16 million years ago, has put paid to the theory that New Zealand's rich bird fauna had evolved there because they had no competition from land mammals."
The Internet

Submission + - - 10,000 Super-Heros Online

snide19 writes: "A new comic website quitely launched on Monday. It has over 60k issues with a few thousand characters and creates, all index and editable for your comic nerdery. The site has a pretty clean user submission engine to edit content and there's even a power rankings page that breaks out how strong each character is in what power. Still needs some votes to be relevant, but cool none-the-less."

Submission + - Geek Fiction: Edgy sci-fi for techies

scuzz2 writes: Geek Fiction is a new series of sci-fi stories with attitude, full of "nerdy" references: Linux gadgets, Star Trek, Babylon 5, programming/hacking and stuff like that. In the first episode, a misanthropic teen virus writer dispatches the central hero with an M-160 rocket launcher.

Classic line (from later in the series): "They stared blinkingly, as helpless and perplexed as a Web 2.0 start-up experiencing its first server crash."

But the author (who also wrote Extreme Programming Refactored) wants your comments and ideas to feed back into the story. Community-driven fiction perhaps?

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