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Comment Re:The democratic party is a lost cause (Score 1) 9

You put up shitty candidates, you should expect to lose and expect people not to show up at your party.

Funny, my shitty candidate just won the election and is still fairly popular (it's early days), so I literally do not know what any of this means.

I am laughing, at you

But you're so intense and cryptic! Do you wear plaid and stripes together too?

Stunning lack of evidence for his claim

TL;DR. Try again.

I have recommended giving the already known alternatives just one chance.

Tut tut. Don't play coy. It's one thing to pine for some generic 3rd party candidate, another to think either Stein or Johnson are worth a good god damn. You like to traffic in 'flawed candidate' analysis, just not where its a little closer to home, eh?

Citizens United was a perfectly fair ruling.

Thanks for confirming my suspicions that you are, in fact, a Republican!

You won't get away with blaming the money here.

In your private alternative universe? Sure. Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, the conversation is a little more nuanced.


Because the requirements for amendment are so high: 67% of both HoC, or 75% of all States. Literally undemocratic, unless your definition of majority rule is sufficiently elastic.

The constitution is an operating manual.

Well, that's a slightly better euphemism than the last one, I suppose.

It is still perfectly serviceable to this day, and the procedure for modifying it is all spelled out very clearly, maybe too clearly for you.

Hehehe, spoken like a true conservative.

Comment Re:The democratic party is a lost cause (Score 1) 9

Your reaction is the main act, which has already started.

Um. Okay. Nice deflection, I guess.

The lesson was lost.

I love how you think you have anything to teach, what with your bitterness, shitty conspiracy theories and a facility for the English language that would make Bill Dog blush.

There you go, again! Standing for the queen...

TIl that pointing the fact that your range of conversation is limited makes me a 'royalist'. Ooookay...

The tag team democrats are the main reason so many voters stay home

You have zero evidence for this claim.

why should they bother?

Unintended consequences, mainly, but humans aren't that bright, so there you go.

If I felt that way, I'd stay home too.

No need to restate this, you've made it plain for over a year that your fee-fees are the driving force behind your political decisions. You want to treat politics as a consumer choice, fine by me. It's when you start asserting, without evidence, than any other way than yours is both wrong and the sole reason why Everything Is Fucked that you get into trouble.

The democrats are shit and don't deserve a second look.

Again, that's fine as far as these things go, but that's all you have to say. No alternatives. No plan. Just kick the Dems in the stones, and then...what? You're going to get made fun of when your proselytizing is dumber than your average underpants gnome.

And you claim not to be the conspiracy theorist. Ha, ha.

TIL that Citizens United never happened. Good to know!

Saving face has been your goal ever since.

No, I admitted Hillary screwed me on one of my bets. Do pay attention.

And what's wrong with the constitution?

Well, it's undemocratic, for starters. And...

It's just a parliamentary manual

Oh fuck me, you're dumber than I thought.

Comment Re:So. 50,000 more H1-B visas need to be issued (Score 1) 306

lets check back how well trump's 'plan' goes. if we ever SEE anything real from him in this direction.

fact is (I know, we're post-fact now, sigh..) that he's a business guy and that type LOVES indentured servitude.

there's nearly 0% chance he'll cut back on cheap labor for CORPORATE AMERICA.

you righties are such gullible morans. sad part is, you just ruined things for all of us for the next 4 years ;(

Comment Re:The democratic party is a lost cause (Score 1) 9

will make a pretty good diversion.

How bizarre. Why spend time looking for the sideshow when the one of the greatest main acts of all time is just about to take the stage? Your obsession has not abated, I see.

After all, it is they and their "compromising" that gave us Trump and the republicans ongoing success.

Yeah, sure. If you ignore the voters. And the media. And big business. Gutting the VRA. Being hobbled by your antiquated constitution. But yeah, it's the Democrats fault we have Trump. Wait, who's the apologist again? I'm starting to lose track here.

Comment Re:Another one to add to the list (Score 1) 21

Dude, admit it, you're just an apologist.

Man, it's kind of sad that you're reduced to begging me to make your argument for you. Stop being lazy and go find me some evidence.

So revoltingly *middle of the road*.

Yes, well, from your perspective in the hinterlands, that is what it looks like. I suggest you invest in a telescope. It makes it easier to discern the details in things that are far away from you.

So typically democrat,

That's not what we call the liberal party here in Canada, if that helps you any.

totally dependent on the other faction's fuck ups to make yourselves look good.

Wow, that argument is so bad, it refers to literally no one, let alone me.

You are putting lipstick on a pig,

No, your writing style is too horrible to rescue, so I wouldn't bother.

Comment Re:Another one to add to the list (Score 1) 21

the warpath

LOL, you really do love making mountains out of molehills.

Keep trying to deny that you are just whining.

I'm not denying it. I'm asking you for proof to support your bizarre claims. Which you can't do. Thanks for playing!

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