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Comment Re:First you have to be able to imagine the palace (Score 1) 190

Oh I do this all the time when I forget the shop list yet I've gone shopping, I just kinda stand still, lean against something, imagine I'm looking in the fridge, cupboards, bathroom, cabinets etc and identify the places for each item and then try to remember how much is left.

I generally end up getting most of the stuff on the list.

Comment Different objectives mean different solutions (Score 1) 475

Pick your poison:

- Tape: inexpensive and slow, require frequent testing (backup we do, it's restoration the problem!), usually unreadable after 6 to 12 months or less (that's in production people).

- WORM: more expensive than tape and just as slow, work well in the medium term (meaning 10 years top).

- XFS NAS: faster than the above, require good hardware and a bit more work than either tape or worm. Don't forget to setup replication to multiple systems. May suffer from bitrot in the long term (checksumming/hashing files might be a good idea). Very stable, large capacity file system. Tape backup is always a good idea.

- ZFS NAS: slightly slower than XFS (at least, that's my experience, YMMV). Ultra-large capacity. Snapshotting is just a breeze. Again, replication to multiple, distant systems is mandatory. Very stable file system. Tape backup is always a good idea.

- DNA, 3D crystal lattice, holographic memory: what we are all going to use in the future. Still in beta testing, though.

- DVD: don't make me laugh.

Comment Re:Tapes (Score 1) 475

Tape drives will store your stuff for upwards of 10 years, up to 30 if you store them really well. They're also available in large sizes and is pretty cheap (about a cent per GB).

And if you believe any of that, I have a very interesting investment offer for you...

Comment I see it is omitting the physical home button (Score 1) 111

Lovely, I just love a phone I can't hold easily. I rest my thumb on my physical home button ALL THE TIME to stabilise the phone in my hand. That's INCLUDING the sling grips (google them) I use on the back of the case to keep it stable.

Nothing more ghastly than a home button I can't rest on as it's thinking it's being pressed.

I'm now in the minority on this, my current phone has it, the next Samsung is finally doing away with it (and I'll be doing away, with the next Samsung)

I dislike this trend and I will spend my money where I can find what I'm looking for.
This is otherwise a fairly stylish phone but basically utterly impractical.

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