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Comment Re:Let's be certain first,.. (Score 4, Informative) 388

Regardless of your stance on the situation itself, my point was that it revealed to me just how the media work, they all seem to copy each other,run with the groupthink and any analysis,questioning, critical opinions, in almost ANY capacity are discarded as "hate speech" and the person branded as not with listening to.

I don't particular want to reference it either, specifically due to dismissive replies like yours. however it did appear to be the awakening bell for a large quantity of quantity of people to at least try and investigate things and not blindly trust everything written.

Comment Let's be certain first,.. (Score 4, Insightful) 388

Ever since gamergate my concepts of fair reporting, harassment, he said she said have been seriously adjusted. There was totally horrible people, saying horrible things, but it seems only one side of the story is ever reported, making people more and more jaded and cynical of the media.

Stories such as Linus specifically having to avoid spending any time with females one on one as he's been "targeted for take down". Situations of outright false claims against people, proven clear and still people write incorrect articles about them, deliberately.

This story may well be correct, however in the very very least, I will no longer blindly leap into "condemn them, silence them!!" mode as is intended. I am particularly skeptical when a "harassment policy" is put in place too, as those have been going a general indicator of people "meddling in the name of righteousness " regardless if there was even a problem in the first place.

Be wise and if you read the article at least try to find multiple sources and preferably the other side of the story. At least GG taught me take stuff on the Internet with again of salt finally.

P.s off topic , I used to see posts whining about how awful Slashdot mobile is, I thought the people were exaggerating. They aren't, it's a warcrime.

Comment Re:Are Millienials Karflegening Too Many Vizbogs? (Score 1) 346

As someone who is well past 20, I also thought, what the fuck? Do they really call it a side hussle? Generally a side hussle sounds dodgy to me.
Either I'm out of the loop and that's the lingo the young folk are using, or alternatively, it's a load of bullshit written by a journo who thinks they 'get' young people.

Comment I keep saying it... (Score 1) 533

Apple should adopt the 2.5mm Blackberry (and one of the Nintendo products?) smaller headphone jack.

Start a trend, get it moving, I don't mind us all ditching 3.5mm over the next decade for a smaller, essentially identical jack if that's what's needed. Ditching it entirely though is stupid.

Also this ridiculous headphone standard (start / stop / vol up / vol down) needed to be bloody universal, the fact it wasn't is criminal.

Comment Re:In his Mother's basement (Score 1) 161

I doubt that his mom gave him over a million dollars to build a Star Trek themed theater in the basement of her house, but if that actually happened I'd look up to him with envy instead of scoffing. Even that scenario is far more likely to get moist panties thrown at him than anonymously making fun of him on Slashdot.

Comment I've been a member a long time (Score 1) 365

Thanks to the community moderation, I've seen a vast amount of good anonymous posts here with decent information moderated up.

I've used the anonymous feature multiple times, depending on the topic also, sometimes some anonymity is required.

Personally I don't see the need to see this feature go away at all.

Comment At work and at home. (Score 1) 326


MacBook Pro with one additonal 19" screen. Firefox + MacVim, except when I use PyCharm (with the vim plugin).

Most of my work is spent in iTerm2 and tmux anyway, since I have anywhere from 2 to 20+ SSH sessions opened. Also: pkgsrc.


MacBook Air 11", no additional screen. Otherwise, pretty much identical. Lots and lots and lots of USB3 external HDD.

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