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Comment Make a better product than the competition. (Score 1) 226

It needs to be faster and more stable, that's it. That will solve things.
Chrome (with a single tab) is quite damn fast, really fast and generally quite stable.

I quite dislike Chrome for other reasons but it is fast.
I have a fresh install of FF Nightly on here, on a fresh install of Windows, hoping to get some snappy performance, last night at only 10 tabs this thing dropped to atrocious levels of speed, the fluctuations in performance is crazy. I've got 4 cores and 16GB use it wisely, use as much as you like as far as I'm concerned but when I click something, damn well make it react, instantly.

Comment Sorry this drives me nuts. (Score 1) 161

"Apple, Samsung Capture All Of Industry's Smartphone Profits"

Who is "Industry's" What company is "Industry"?
If you said "the Industry's" I could assume you meant the smartphone industry since that was the topic but just "industry's"?

"Apple, Samsung Capture All Of the Smartphone Industry's Profits" ,.....solved.

Comment Re:Linux is far worse than Microsoft (Score 4, Informative) 538

yadda yadda yadda.

Linux does not "force" you into anything: systemd is still optional and many linux distros run perfectly well without systemd (including my old friend Slackware).

And if you really don't like Linux, there is always the BSD. Nope, no systemd there, no sirree.

So anyway... yeah, you have no idea what you are talking about.

Comment Too little, too late. (Score 0) 400

After years of insults and demeaning comment,s Microsoft suddenly realizes:

1. That Linux (and open source) has won (see AWS, any successful start-up in the past 5 years).

2. That lean command-line tools are probably a lot more efficient to manage servers than a GUI (see also: OpenSSH, coming soon to a Windows server near you... finally).

Now, let me say this: Dear Microsoft, I already know bash and ksh. I have no need for a bloated, incoherent new shell on my machines.

I know you mean well, thanks, but no thanks. As far as I am concerned, I will never, ever, use your OS ever again.

Now, let's go back to the subject (err... flame war) at hand: systemd. What the fsck? ;-)

Comment Always been a Windows guy, trying 10 right now (Score 1) 558

I'm very close to giving it the finger, very close. A lot of the tinfoil hat bullshit the 'crazy paranoid people' have theorised has come to pass or is rumoured.

I was quite happy with Windows 7, I installed 10 due to a weird anomaly on my PC, hoping it would fix it.

I do _not_ like that the Windows updates, the new 'big' rollup types they do are like an effective re-install of Windows, very different to previous ones, when they run, many settings which are difficult to find and fix are 'magically reset back to default'

Not impressed.

Comment Re:We don't protect ourselves by destroying Freedo (Score 1) 120

From my understanding this guy is correct. The rumours go, that the guy who did the shooting deliberately smashed to pieces his personal phone and left his WORK iphone in his drawer / house or something.

I imagine law enforcement would want to check the thing but it was always likely to have very little on it.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 4, Insightful) 465

GGautoblock script (and similar "share my list") items are frankly, ridiculous.

Once you're flagged on such things, you're in it for life, perpetually shared as a "harasser" to people across the internet, regardless what your initial infraction was.

I replied to a 'famous' satirical tweeter (The Riker Googling account) who was making a joke about Wil Wheatons sex tape, I CC'd will in on my joke, my _first ever tweet to Wil_ if I recall I said "I loved one night in Wheaton" or "I loved one night in Crusher" something like that.

BAM Wheaton who is seemingly ashamed as fuck of his past as Crusher (mostly due to Trek fans giving him a hard time as a kid) not only blocked me but of course added me to his list of 11,000 blocked accounts, which he actively promotes sharing.

I am now blocked by tens of hundreds of people I don't know, for reasons _they don't fucking know!_ but apparently I'm in Wheatons "toxic" list.
What if we have something in common and I would have stumbled across them to discuss something? We clearly have an interest in Star Trek. What if I make a product they'd like that they miss out on (and I miss their sale) because I'm blocked by them

ALL due to the mentality of groupthink "share my list, share my list!!!!! omg *THESE* people are bad!!!"

Nope, GG Autoblocker and similar 'bad people' list sharing services are utterly ridiculous and if you look at Wheatons pinned tweet you'll see dozens of cases of other people responding to strangers / him disappointed that they too are now branded as bad and can't talk to a heap of people.

Screw Wheatons insecurity and fuck those lists.

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