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Comment Re:Time to sell my Apple stock... (Score 3, Interesting) 320

> But... but... you forgot to mention they're using previous-generation processors in their brand-new laptops! That takes courage!

Not really. The Kaby Lake equivalents of the Skylake CPUs they are using have not been released yet, so they are the current generation CPUs in those configurations.

Comment Re:It's optional (Score 1) 57

I have no idea why T-Mobile has so many fanboys hearing only what they want to hear, but their press release isn't exactly ambiguous:

With T-Mobile ONE, even video is unlimited at standard definition [...] For customers who want higher definition video, T-Mobile ONE has you covered too with an HD add-on for $25 a month per line.

Ars has the same take on T-Mobile charging $25 extra for "HD."

Comment Re:How are they doing this? (Score 2) 57

According to this anon, they do string matching on host, content-type, and SNI fields, which is how they throttled HTTPS YouTube. If you wrote a proxy that rewrote those fields, you could escape Binge-On. Or apparently make Binge-On detect random shit as an approved streaming partner and zero-rate it for you.

Comment Re:how many people (Score 1) 57

I want 1080p YouTube videos on my phone. My phone has a 1080p screen, and even at native resolution it's already a pain in the ass to make out any text, captions, or fine details (mouse cursors, HP bars, wires and gauges, whathaveyou). Downscaling the video to <1.5Mbps 480p and blowing it back up again doesn't help legibility any.

If you nerds want to relive the 90s, nothing's stopping you from transcoding everything you watch to 64Kbps RealMedia(tm) first. I certainly wouldn't pay anyone to run a Minecraft filter on all my video, though, and I doubly wouldn't pay them again to unfuck it.

Comment Re:How are they doing this? (Score 1) 57

how can T-Mobile stop people from getting full HD streams from that provider without paying the extra $25 charge

They use some form of DPI to detect video content, and throttle everything that matches--even non-streaming downloads of video files--to 1.5 Mbps. If your video provider of choice feels like sucking T-Mobile's cock, there's an API approved providers can implement to serve <1.5Mbps streams to the "Binge-On" customer instead.

If your video provider of choice has not written any T-Mobile-specific code, they better be able to dynamically degrade to a <1.5Mbps stream, or the video will buffer or not load at all. A VPN might be able to evade that, except a VPN would probably be detected as "hotspot" or "tethering" usage, which is throttled to 128Kbps on the new "unlimited" plans.

Anyone claiming the video throttling ("Binge-On") is optional or can be turned off hasn't read TFA or TFS. That used to be the case, and still is on the old plans, but it's mandatory on the new "unlimited" plans in order to prevent you from actually using any data.

Comment Re:Is it feasible to block Cortana with the router (Score 1) 535

I don't have a fancy guide, but what I did with openwrt is I installed dnsmasq as the dns server -- you can tell it where to go for records it doesn't know about, and provide custom entries.

My /etc/dnsmasq.conf looks something like this: http://pastebin.com/34HS7j0X (posted to Pastebin to avoid Slashdot's lameness filter. Which itself is rather lame.)

In my case, I actually redirect them to a locally running dummy webserver so that they immediately get a 404 response. I tail the dns log to see all the requests going through and block anything that doesn't look legit.

Be careful of the log file growing larger than you have space for, particularly if it's going to ram drive.

Comment Re:Which Glasses / Be The Girl (Score 1) 80

1. With occulus rift being vaporware, which glasses are the best for viewing 3D porn?

The Facebook Rift is actually shipping now, but I'm partial to the Vive. You'll need to purchase Virtual Desktop to watch 3D videos on the latter.

2. What are the best sites for "be the girl" porn? (serious question)

Check out this, shot from a girl's PoV. You'd think looking down at your chest and having a girl's breasts would be weird--unless you are a grill, I s'pose (inb4 >slashdot), or unless your physique lends itself to man boobs.

But it was having a girl's arms that freaked me out.

I mean, I'm no Yao Ming, but I'm tall. I have large hands and long fingers, though I'm not used to thinking of them that way--they're just your hands, right? How much time do people in prohibitionist states spend really contemplating their hands? Outside of shopping for a pair of gloves that fit (they're all made by gnomes, for gnomes), or showing off with some Rachmaninoff, they're just hands, and you don't really think about their dimensions.

But that video dumps you into the perspective of a girl. A tiny girl. A tiny girl, with tiny arms, and tiny hands, and tiny, tiny wrists. And holy shit, is that weird.

I'm used to porn making me big, but that was the first time porn made me small! It was some real Alice in Wonderland shit.

I mean, are tiny people really that tiny? How do you tiny people do push-ups without your hands breaking right off? How do you reach the trigger on a rifle? Do your fingers not overhang computer mice by several inches, dragging along the tabletop every time you mouse?

Were people serious about the Xbox controller being large?

The whole experience has really changed my understanding of reality. It's not the kind of thing you can casually whip out at a VR party, though.

Comment Re:Starship Troopers (Score 1) 702

This whole "taking jabs at the original material" bit was engineered on later. They had a plot. They had a property with a recognizable title. They stuck the two together.


Nobody engineered that movie to take swings at the "source material." They changed the names of the characters in an entirely different script to cash in on the recognizability of Heinlein's book.

Comment Re:Yet another Accellion file appliance hack (Score 5, Informative) 51

Holy shit, you weren't kidding. Quoting selected bugs:

  • The appliance ships with UDP port 8812 allowed through the firewall. The port correlates to an internal service that routes messages between backend processes. To authenticate access to this service, all messages must be encrypted with a secret key [...] These two default keys are 123456789ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF0 and 0123456789ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF.
  • One of the applications that is exposed through the port 8812 message routing service executes a system command without sanitizing the arguments provided by the requesting application. This allows arbitrary commands to be executed on the appliance. Combined with Issue #1, this allows remote, unauthenticated command execution on the appliance as the "soggycat" user, which is root equivalent
  • The secure shell daemon is running by default and the system is configured with static passwords for a number of root-equivalent accounts. The "soggycat" user account [...] also has two SSH keys configured for passwordless login. These keys were generated over eight years ago.
  • All internal services communicate through UDP services bound to the address. This exposes the internal workings of the appliance to an attacker with network access to the system. For example, a local user account without administrative rights would still be able to escalate privileges by communicating with these internal services.
  • The rsync daemon allows read/write access to the "soggycat" home directory. Since this user account is root-equivalent, any attacker than talk to the rsync daemon can take full control of the appliance.

This is amateur hour, though still better than what runs our power grid and water treatment plants.

Comment Re:All Natural Content-Free Press Release (Score 4, Insightful) 40

Can anyone else decipher this press release?

I'll give it a shot.

Are they setting up a Steam clone?

No. They are, however, funding and marketing games, and getting them on store shelves and Steam/Origin/UPlay/et al. I assume they're doing this for the same reason Netflix is making original content--to make sure they're not dependent on third-party content to keep their shelves stocked.

I'm also guessing they don't see much of a future in retail, so they're trying to pivot into the publishing business before they die off, which is probably more profitable anyway.

Why would I care about a new distributor?

You probably don't, unless you're a game studio looking for someone to finance your next game. In that case, you probably do, especially if you're not big enough to get the time of day out of one of the AAA publishers, or if "we do not involve ourselves in the creative process" sounds appealing.

In the abstract, you should probably care a little because more publishers funding games means more games get made, and GameStop has the potential (the potential) to fill an interesting middle ground between too-big-to-fails like Call of Battlefield Eleventy and no-budget, bottom-of-the-barrel, I-compiled-this-with-two-pirated-rubber-bands-and-kickstarter "indie" games. As in, budgets small enough to be able to take interesting creative risks without worrying about a twenty-brazillion dollar screw-up tanking the company, yet not so small that you have to resort to gimmicky pixel-art shit to get a hipster/10 rating on your Steam Greenlight.

And if nothing else, it's unusual for a large company to see the writing on the wall ahead of time, and actually try to do something about it before plowing head-on into the iceberg. This is kind of a man-bites-dog moment--we're witnessing the incumbent horse-buggy manufacturer trying their hand at self-driving cars.

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