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Comment Tablets (Score -1, Troll) 368

I don't really like the normal tablet style of iPad. I mean, it works I guess, but people are more used to holding books. I got interested in tablets after I saw Microsoft's Courier, but it looks like they cancelled it.

Is there any other more natural feeling tablet? It would be much better than the usual ones. Since all the Android devices are quite much clones of each other, I hope someone uses this to their advantage and makes a device like Courier. Or Microsoft should continue their project. It's really interesting anyway.

Comment Bluray is a mistake (Score 3, Insightful) 95

This is why I wish HD-DVD would have won. Bluray is patent encumbered, has mandatory DRM and is controlled by todays most evil firm Sony. Now it's too late and there is no competition anymore.. Say what you will, but Microsoft was fighting for the greater good with HD-DVD. Now we get all this shit from Sony.

This is what happens when we let money talk and assholes win.

Comment It's certainly time for this already! (Score -1, Troll) 212

Google is smart. They're playing the nice little guy who give everything for free. Even slashdotters love them because it's free. People fail to see the evil behind all that seemingly nice stuff. All the data mining, selling to advertisers, everything. This is why I prefer to pay for software like Microsoft's - their business model is honest and I get what I pay for. Nothing extra, nothing hidden.

Comment Windows Phone 7 (Score 1, Insightful) 257

Slashdotters have usually put Windows Phone 7 down because of the old clumsy feel of older Windows Mobile phones and the OS, but you have to remember WP7 is completely different beast and it's completely redesigned. Personally I think it has great future in front of it. They have the best phone manufacturer Nokia on board and WP7 is a huge advancement as OS. C# and other available languages along with Xbox Live and XNA integration is awesome or developers. For users the interface is at the same time innovative and easy to use, and they don't need to take a specific phone but can choose from wide array of phones the one that best suits them. Still WP7 doesn't have the fragmentation issue that Android has because Microsoft at least has some hardware requirements for the phones.

As soon as Nokia's Windows Phone 7 devices are released, I will probably get one. Both iPhone and Android have many issues caused mostly because they're fundamentally so far from each, like left and right. Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 is in the middle ground and takes the best from both worlds.

Comment DirectX (Score 1, Interesting) 405

It's been true for almost 10 years. In fact Microsoft's support for DirectX has always been better than what OpenGL had. Microsoft made it easy to use with all their programming tools and languages and had a great documentation. The API was always cleaner too. There were tons of books written for DirectX. This is the area Microsoft handles extremely well - their Visual Studio development environment is the best IDE on the market and they create great tools for developers. Their mobile development tools kick Apple's and Google's (C#, Visual Studio and Silverlight against Java...).

It would be nice to see open source community wake up and start developing a competitor, as just now Microsoft is the driving force that innovates new technologies for PC and Xbox360 graphics and gaming. But for once it looks like the fact they're the only one doing so isn't slowing them down - they do a good job.

Comment People associate it wrongly (Score 4, Insightful) 209

Well, are you sure would really want to tell right away to some girl you meet that you read comic books or watch anime? Things like can make people think about you wrongly. And for example, when I'm visiting Thailand I like the ladyboys there, but it's not something I'd say to anyone when I first meet them.

Comment Bad summary (Score 2, Informative) 469

Ah, in true slashdot spirit the summary "forgets" a few things from the story. First of all, he wasn't banned from playing the game. He bought the game from EA online store and because he was banned, the installer didn't work. And to be honest, for me that sounds more like a bug than EA trying to ban him from a single player game.

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