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Comment Re:So they didn't enable cheat mode (Score 1) 246

By not disabling the cache Safari will just reload the web page from disk, instead of downloading it all over wifi. In normal use you don't sit around reloading the same page all day, you surf to different web sites, so caching extends battery life to unrealistic levels.

Really? In normal use, people visit a very small subset of sites very frequently. I'd wager the majority just waste the day on facebook alone.

You, in all likelihood, visited this site twice already, once for the home page, and once to get to this article. Not to mention whatever happens after you submitted your post. Turning off cache would be far *less* realistic

Besides, it's not like Apple invented web caching just to inflate their battery performance. It exists in all browsers for a very good reason. And, the cause of the battery drain wasn't turning off the cache, it was the bug introduced by turning it off...

Comment Re:not loyalty (Score 1) 191

It's easy to buy a new Android phone that doesn't explode.

You can't buy a new iOS phone that has a headphone jack.

Multiple vendors really helps the Android user to get what they want. If the iPhone doesn't give you what you want, you're stuck.

Multiple vendors isn't relevant. The title is misleading; this isn't about Note 7 customers sticking with Android, they are sticking with Samsung. And guess what, true to form, Samsung is going for no-headphone jack in future models.

Just FYI, since the point seems to get so overstated so frequently, the new iPhones include a pair of lightning earphones and an 1/8 phono adapter. It's isn't like there is no alternative. The only sore point is that you can't charge and listen at the same time.

Comment More Data would be nice (Score 1) 312

It's good that research is being done, but it would be nice if they were a bit more complete and helpful with their findings. Simply listing the toxic constituents is meaningless without content. Is 7 micrograms of acetol per puff actually harmful? Tomatoes contain nicotine, Apples contain cyanide. These are toxic chemicals, too. Burning a steak creates all kinds of nasty toxic chemicals too.. the question is are they actually harmful? Secondly, "Shown here are emission rates of seven of the most toxic chemicals from a single-coil e-cigarette operated at 3.8V" is a very useless metric. Is it a 2Ohm coil? 1.5? Sub Ohm? 3.8V will produce vastly different results in each case. I would love to see a study that gives actionable conclusions, such as operating a standard single coil e-cigarette with a 1.2Ohm coil at 3V produces dangerous level of (pick a toxic constituent.)

Comment Re:Even if it's wrong, it's right (Score 1) 173

That student in particular has a vested interest in a particular area of her field, and hopefully that will grow into a later expertise, and ultimately significant contributions to human knowledge.

Well actually, from TFA:

Barbi remains unexcited. She is involved with theater arts, studies acting, plays the piano and the guitar, sings, and dances.

"I don't think math will become my profession. I hope to work in theater arts," Barbi says.

Comment Re: TCO? (Score 1) 138

School administrators have no way of telling a good sysadmin from a bad sysadmin. Either would have a salary+benefits of over $100k/year, which few schools can afford. Schools can get federal grants to buy equipment, but salaries come out of their own budget.

Assuming each school needed a full time sysadmin, which they most likely do not. $100k to pay an admin to keep an eye on a portion of the schools in the school board is far more reasonable. And would then come from the board's budget, not the school.

Comment Re:Apple made the same mistake (Score 1) 390

Firstly, IBM was just as closed as anything, they fought tooth and nail to prevent compaq from releasing PC Compatibles. Secondly, exactly what mistake are you referring to? Apple isn't necessarily losing customers, the smartphone market is expanding. They continue to make money hand over fist, and they continue to draw in new customers.

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