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Comment Re:Apple to fix it? (Score 1) 222

"typically 6 years for electronics"

I suspect that time range was for a toaster or a TV. Items that are not portable, subject to weather, extreme heat/cold conditions, dropped regularly, and on 24/7.

6 years ago, you could have gotten a brand new iPhone 4 or a discounted 3GS. How many of those are still operational?

Comment Re:riiiiiight (Score 1) 88

"No US hacker would be retarded enough to attempt to hack the NSA."

The NSA is not God. Its just a collection of people. People who make mistakes. Granted, its is likely a collection of people with above average intelligence. That could be their weakness though. When someone thinks they are smarter than everyone else they tend to get lazy. Look at all the James Bond villains. They create all kinds of ingenious methods to kill him when a double tap to the head would do the trick. He always escapes and foils their plans.

Comment How are they to know what is allowed (Score 5, Interesting) 225

Just because something has a copyright doesn't mean it is illegal to share it. If the owner of the copyright allows their content to be shared on site x, then it is ok. Therefore, how is an ISP supposed to know a content's owner has given site "x" the right to store/share/distribute their content. Also, that right could be granted for an hour, a day, a month, or longer. Most mainstream artists license their work to be used via multiple venues. There is no real way for an ISP to know who has a legitimate right to store/share/distribute content for any particular time period. It would be like holding UPS responsible for me shipping antibiotics to someone. They don't know the contents of the package and if they did, they don't know whether the recipient has a legal prescription for that medication.

Comment Re:How to kill such organizations. (Score 1) 86

"And if you do it that way you have created a single point of failure for the company"

No one said it can only be in one place. You could copy the key to several OFFLINE hard disks and put them in secure place(s) OFFLINE. You could print the key and secure that in one or more place. There are several options where it can be extremely secure yet not rely on a single system to not fail.

Comment Re:How is it not 100%? (Score 1) 46

"employees credit card numbers and government ID numbers being in semi secure corporate databases"

Most man-in-the-middle coming from corporate america is to see where you are going, not storing POST data. And if they are, they could tell you they are doing it and if you have a problem with that, use web sites that require govt IDs and credit cards at home. I can't think of a time I had to use my SSN (which was never intended to be a secret) or credit card # for work via the Internet. And realistically, if they get hacked then you wouldn't be liable anyway. Have you ever heard of someone being a victim of identity theft and being compelled to pay for what the thieves took? I've had my Debit card # stolen 3 different times. Every time I told the bank I didn't make those charges, they had me sign something to that effect, and I was credited for those charges within a few days. No biggie.

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