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Comment Re:Whoah, really? (Score 0) 90

False positives would be bad if there were no checks, but nowhere does this article say that people are being put in jail because some software says they are a bad guy based on a driver's license picture. This could be useful if a store was found to be robbed by a white male age ~25 with blonde hair and green eyes. I suspect if you could search people living in that zip code for people matching that description you could have a handful of hits that could then be possibly helpful in finding the perp. Is it 100% guaranteed that you'll find the bad guy, no. Is there a better chance, yes.

Comment Re:Maybe (Score 1) 299

"Who's going to clean the vomit and other crap out of these autonomous public cars"

How about the car takes a before/after pic of itself. If it is found to be dirty then the last user is charged a $250 cleanup fee. Then the car is routed to a place to hose it down. 3 offences and the user is banned from the service for a year. 3 more and they are banned for life. Problem solved!

Comment Re:Oh Please Yes (Score 1) 299

"They will always have my business because it will be a cold day in hell before I'll let a computer drive me around."

What if insurance companies use data that shows you are 500 times more likely to have an accident when you are driving than an computer with faster response times, communicating with other vehicles, always alert, and using 20+ sensors? And what if insurance for your autonomous car is $100/year but insurance for you in your "500+ horsepower, six speed Mustang 302R" is $50,000 per year?

In reality, that will be what drives people away from driving themselves.

Comment Re:Well, yes. (Score 1) 224

"the public might think they are an 'invasion of privacy.'"

The issue could be the fact that there are over 1000 in the Seattle area alone. I suspect many people wouldn't care if they had 5 watching known terrorists. Those same people may not be as comfortable if they knew there was one on nearly every major street corner.

Comment Re:For those who think there qre no stupid questio (Score 1) 1144

"Put together an explosive. ... Poison the water supply. Release weaponized viral agents into a high population area."

The guy in this situation bought the guns he used last week. He didn't appear to plan very far ahead. The items you provided above require special knowlege, access to difficult to obtain items, and extensive planning.

Really, do you not think someone would have already posioned the water supply for a major metro if it was easy by now?

Comment Re:Not surprising. . . (Score 1) 415

"in 2016 dollars, the "basic income" would need to be at least $75k"

An individual doesn't need near that much to survive. Basic income would be just that, "basic". Enough to cover housing, food, clothing and a nominal amount left over for entertainment. If you want money for anything else, you need to work for it. And I'd say that amount needs to be calculated for what those expenses are for the lower 25% of the country. You don't get to choose where you live if you're going to be on the public dole.

Comment Re:Oh, FFS. (Score 1) 284

"Remember, this country was built on the concept of individuality"

No it wasn't. Its not like a collective of people got together and built anything with a particular grand vision. And the original instantiation of this country was a failure. Remember the Articles of Confederation? It took a minuscule handful of people behind closed doors to fix that mess.

"there are plenty of places to live that fit that model"

Ah. The old, if you don't like it here you can move someplace else argument. That's always a good way to invalidate a complaint.

"But that is not historically what led to the US gaining the strength and economic might"

I'd attribute WWII for a lot of that. We weren't exactly a world power before that. And amazingly, that was about the time the US starting implementing a lot of those evil "socialist" programs.

Comment What if a bad guy was a TOR node (Score 1) 306

Just because it was a TOR node doesn't automatically mean the people weren't up to no good. If running a TOR node got you a free pass then the first thing all the bad people would do is set up a TOR node and claim they weren't doing whatever they were doing. I don't know the solution, but as people have said, they didn't go in gun a blazing and confiscate all their equipment. That's what I think of when I hear there was a raid. This sounds more like they knocked on the door, questions the people, looked at their setup, and left.

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