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Comment Re: No use (Score 2) 83

Or just don't run Windows 10.

Thankfully I have a copy of acronis with an older 8.1image with updates disabled to just download. I install them manually a month or so later.

I really did want to keep 10 and if works fine for a few weeks and I always run into a problem every other month or so. So damn frustrating. I NEED to learn 10 for work as we will migrate soon but shit too many problems??

Comment Re: 20 years (Score 0) 83

Also I will add Windows can serve 50 websites just fine with high uptime if you are a competent system administrator who knows PowerShell direct, dsc, IIS, and good Windows Server administration skills. Azure is a good example.

Updates break Linux as well if not more because it lacks a stable ABI due to theological reasons of RMS like any other os. Xorg and video drivers are classic examples.

Comment Re: 20 years (Score 1) 83

Not to sound like an ass but I will quote/paraphrase something I read on similar topic on this morning.

He said um what do you guys do all day on your computers that run Linux? Do you all just browse the web and do nothing else but pretend to be important with no other apps?

  Do you all run 90% of your work in virtual machines where you run Windows anyway?

He went on saying he uses music production software and hardware and something called DAW. The free software is horrible and is no substitute or doesn't meet his needs.
Sorry LibreOffice, the gimp, and Killustrator are no substitutes for Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe illustrator. No can-do. If your resume is misformatted because LibreOffice can't be bug to bug compatible with your tables it goes into the trash.

So the argument is moot as not everyone becomes a Unix system administrator when they grow up. Besides web browsing what can you do with Unix? No serving doesn't count either for mere mortals so don't give me that?

Comment Re: Instability is the new normal? (Score 1) 83

I hate to tell you this but build 1607 anniversary update is already CBB grade with enterprises running it as you read this .... Complete with their IT techs getting calls this weekend on why the director's laptop stopped working after an update.

I have a fresh rebuild right now in my living room. I am seriously contemplating not going thru on Windows 10 and using an older saved acronis 8.1 image for the same cpu/ motherboard? I cannot guarantee it will just work until redstone2 comes out next April when 1607 goes into just security update mode? This is ridiculous

Comment Re: sigh (Score 1) 83

The issue is not ipv4. It's the corrupted windsock catalog. Ipv6 is impacted as well. The solution is to reset it with nutshell from an elevated command prompt or PowerShell:

netsh winsock reset catalog
netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log

Or use an older more reliable OS until MS hires a QA team again and stop relying on Joe Six packs as their QA team

Comment DHCP broken too! (Score 2) 83

The Register has the scoop on it.

Some users report typing:
netsh winsock reset catalog
netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log

Has repaired their TCP/IP stack.

Unrelated, I just woke up after I rebuilt a computer last night. I am greeted with a Windows 10 setup screen. I also have an older saved Windows 8.1 acronis image for same cpu and motherboard. I was just wondering if I should bite the bullet and go Windows 10 as I work in IT and need to know it ...

However this story scared me and got me wondering if that is really a good idea? What do you all think? Hmm

Comment Just quit console business (Score 1) 86

Pokémon Go showed something last summer.

That is there is money to be made selling software and services. Who makes money with console hardware these days?

If I were Nintendo I would make my tools available for Sony and MS and a lite mobile version in a licensing agreement. I would use my games ported as leverage to convince a sharing with Sony and Microsoft to sell Nintendo APIs on their stores and tools.

Who here would buy MarioKart for their ps4 or phone if it were available?

Comment Re:Not exploits though (Score 1) 116

Actually under XP where people logged in as a real local admin it was worse as VBScript could be run without any execution policy right from IE 6!

A good NT system administrator would create a GPO to block this in IE .... however really horrible CRM apps at work required this functionality to run! So full scriptkiddies away. These insecure apps are the reason Windows 7 was avoided for so many years at these companies who kicked and cried to leave these IE 6 apps behind.

Powershell is a big improvement over vbscript that I can not even start to say how.

Comment Re:Well duh (Score 1) 116

Users have not run as an admin since Windows XP. The administrator local group from Vista on is really a user group with a UAC token to run admin tasks ala Sudo style.

The user would have to manually run it or if the hacker can change the execution policy to run code in powershell then he/she already has 0wned the PC in question.

So your question was the default installation. Windows actually does have an admin account and a service account to do tasks but it is not logable and setting a user profile is disabled with this by default. YOu can not log in as admin like you could in XP. Yes hackers find overflows or try to trip a process that uses the admin or service account like Adobe flash.

Comment Well duh (Score 4, Insightful) 116

WHen you run powershell as an admin it can do bad things. Who would have thought? I wonder if Linux is vulnerable if someone is logged in as root?

Powershell is not enabled with an execution policy by default. It has to be enabled and most people do not even know what it is so this is no threat? At work we have a GPO that blocks powershell for any non AD admin.

Comment Re: What year it is, you fucking paid shill?!! (Score 1) 97

Yep made it all up.

My Nvidia 770 gtx was solid. AMD is a nightmare of never ending driver problems. I have owned ATI 5750, 7850, and now an Rx 470. Drivers break is a fact of life and you need certain ones that never change for a stable system.

Yes, I reimaged my computer so it's not my system.

Looks like I got a -1 and hey it worked on my computer there you must be stupid replies from the ATI fanboys.

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