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Comment Re: No surprise here (Score 1) 191

So they're killing a useful and surprisingly well designed product because it doesn't fit their "philosophy"? What philosophy is that? Write C# for every little scripting job?

That is not true. MS has a video on Powershell DSC which shows IIS using it for administration. You practically need Powershell DSC to do anything automated on IIS farms or Exchange clusters.

Comment Re:There's a better fix for this... (Score 1) 191

Many people replied, most were just silly MS hate...

The suggestion of Wine is not a useful one, running applications like Office and Adobe CC in an emulator (or whatever you want to call it) vs the native OS is not likely to be a great experience.

Why bother, when Windows works fine?

The MS hate here is silly, Windows has issues, but so does Linux, neither are perfect...

You know I was a zealot anti MS guy 15 years ago. Then switched pro MS around Windows 7. Now turning back due to Windows 10.

No Windows did work fine under XP after SP 3 and Windows 7. It does not anymore. Plug in a kindle BAM BSOD. Install AMD Catalyst drivers after last weeks update? BAM need a re-mage to install the driver. Need Powershell DSC ... now need to fire a Windows Server 2012 R2 VM for my labs and certification. This is rediculous.

I would say go Apple, but Apple too has had bugs with updates on MacOSX Yosemite. Wifi is a mess there too@! I just want to give up on any OS regardless. But too many older computers have hardware where the drivers are constaly over written with MS ones that break it! Windows Update keeps getting less and less customizable for the pro users. Last night I tried to setup it for Windows 8.1 style of let me decide when to reboot it. Now the option is grayed out and I just have a time to reset it where it will reboot without asking. WTF.

Will I loose my work? Yes. That is unacceptable and Windows 8.1 just gives a warning and prompts to save at least before it reboots for an update.

Windows 10 is awesome in many ways. But without QA, forced updates, and spyware MS dropped the ball as this could have been the next XP and 7.

Comment Re:The MS Merry Go Round. (Score 1) 191

Hopefully by the time 8.1 (if not 7) is reaching EOL they will have given Nutella his walking papers, if they haven't? Well I don't think there will be a Windows business to worry about really, it'll just be legacy installs while everyone is on Google or Apple OSes.

I'm sorry, I completely disagree.

First, I applaud Nadella; he's doing a great job. I for one am really enjoying watching this shit-show. It's very entertaining watching Windows users suffer.

But this idea that MS will go under due to this is silly. We're already seeing it now: Win10 is a semi-disaster, but it doesn't matter because customers are sticking with it anyway. It really doesn't matter what MS does, as long as Windows mostly works (just like old British cars mostly worked, they only needed to visit the mechanic a few times a month or so, but they could probably be counted on to work about 50% of the time); most customers simply will not abandon the Windows platform, no matter what. Some home customers might, going to either OSX, iOS, Android, or Chomebooks, but enterprise customers absolutely will not. After all, if your business gets its IT support from HP Enterprise, you already have bigger problems with reliability than Windows 10.

I'm just surprised it took MS this long to realize they had free reign to screw over their customers without any repercussions. It's about time. This will be good for their profitability and their stock price.

Windows 10 was almost awesome! It could have been the next XP/7 if MS kept the QA team and didn't spy on everyone. Yes he did awesomeness with Azure, linux interopibility and Visual Studio, but Windows is freaking trash now and is the glue that holds their ecosystem together.

Comment Re:The MS Merry Go Round. (Score 1) 191

Sorry Hairy but did you read the news earlier this week>?

Windows 7/8 will get the same updates starting in October! So will server too! All cumulative.

What I do is use the Windows 10 pro and setup defer updates. This will delay 3 to 4 months any upgrade besides security. It is the only option by October for stability.

Comment Too bad (Score 1) 38

There games are not compatible with Windows 7 with unreal tournament 99 and ut2004 has issues with Windows 10.

I just bought them on steam and disappointed. Was about to register an account on epic forums and glad I didn't

Comment Re:Don't use Microsoft (Score 2) 400

Easy for you to say. Home users rarely are impacted except for a few scattered Windows 10 users with funky old drivers from updates.

What this shitstorm is going to hit is the enterprise. Where a patch can be devestating, but security and being up to date also is a must. Just imagine 100 applications and 70,000 computers all with different needs filled with very old quirky shit taped up where customers still demand we use IE 6 for much of it. We have a hack to get it to work under Windows 7 with Citrix. These patches break TLS 1.0 which is insecure yes, but our clients can not run without it!

Explain how we can move to Linux and use active directory and group policy and security auditing and SCCM to push applications that are all win32 based in such an environment?

Comment Re:Linux is far worse than Microsoft (Score 1) 538

If FreeBSD is not an option for your boss then perhaps you could learn how to use it?

After all some of us are stuck administering Windows. That previous story where Windows 7 will get updates pushed that are big and include every patch as cumulative? Windows Server 2016 is going that route!!

Shit I wish systemD was my worse fears if I was in Unix land at work.

Comment Re:Linux is far worse than Microsoft (Score 1) 538

Well if the next version of SystemD autoupdates itself where no admin options are available to turn this off where the orderings of boot daemons can randomly change causing a lockup, where only RedHat Enterprise 8 gives you the power to change how it is updated then you may have a point.

FYI Windows Server 2016 is going this route too! Not just Windows desktop where to get security you must apply 100% of previous patches in one big download.

It worked so well for Firefox after all.

Comment Re:Grudgingly, an improvement (Score 1) 400

You say that all high and mighty like you haven't managed 80,000 computers who run dozens of combinations of software where our customers demand 99.97% uptime YET DEMAND no ransomware and security for HIPPA and PCI credit processing compliance!

We CANNOT RUN some updates. IE 6 uses TLS 1.,0 and it breaks the clients 17 year old app so that security patch can not work. We use App-v to run the ancient app as one example.

How is this an improvement? We have one guy whose sole job is mostly just testing patches all day long on a VM. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE if any security patch requires patches that break IE 6, java 7, or any other app our customer demands we use.

Oh you say tell the customer to update it? Ha. THey will tell us to screw off and go to a competitor and we signed a contract saying we support x,y, and z and will keep them secure too. Nothing is allowed to break

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 400

It is comical to think that IT departments can "pick and choose" which patches to install. They aren't qualified to know which are important or not. I know a lot of corporate IT does this: they select only selected patches that they have supposedly "tested".

Ok explain how you can secure 5,000 machines where a single infection with ransomwaqre can get you reprimanded AND not have anything break?

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