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Comment Personal vs Research? (Score 2) 367

As a senior engineer I'm expected to keep an eye out for technology that may be useful for the company. I set time aside to poke around, see what's out there, and play with new stuff. Some of this may end up being only of personal interest, while some of it may end up being useful for the company. Until I have a look at it, I won't know.

I'll spend half a day on something on my own responsibility, a morning or an afternoon, before I seek buy-in from my boss to proceed further.


Comment ALGOL-W (Score 1) 630

I played with Basic in high school but did my first undergrad stuff in ALGOL-W. As an undergrad I messed with Pascal, Fortran and PL/I. One of my profs at the time was an author of the ALGOL 68 report, thought BCPL was cool and that C (a relatively new language at the time) was a mental disorder. He gave us an assignment in APL once. I guess I'm showing my age.

Now I do 99% of my work in C. My boss and I agree to disagree on scripting languages. I like Python. He thinks Python is ridiculous and insists on Perl for production work.


Comment Re:some perspective (Score 4, Insightful) 755

Put those together and this is a very limited way to "must do something" that so many people have been calling for. It also sent a message to North Korea and China. Hopefully nothing more comes of it.

Agreed. I want the US to have nothing else to do with Syria. But using chemical weapons is simply too awful and too horrific to ignore. We can't stop parties from making or using the things, but we can damned well make sure there are painful consequences to doing so.

Personally, I find it implausible that Assad ordered a chemical attack now.

If not Assad, then who? The Russians aren't this stupid.

Comment How Are These Devices Getting Public IPs? (Score 1) 163

So potentially a stupid question here, but given that we have a severe shortage of IP addresses due to exhaustion of the IPv4 space, how are all of these devices getting publicly addressable IP addresses to allow an incoming connection in the first place? If they're behind a NAT they should be naturally firewalled, otherwise who has the spare IPs to hand out to crappy little IoT devices?

Comment To Be Fair, Licking Consoles Isn't New (Score 4, Informative) 117

In all fairness to the, uh, interesting people doing this, they're not completely off their rockers. Licking consoles was a thing before social media even existed.

A then-unknown Jessica Chobot (who these days hosts shows for Nerdist) basically started the whole thing by licking a PSP as a gag photo in 2005. Since then, someone, somewhere (usually Chobot, it feels like) licks a launch console.

The only novel change here is people licking the cartridge instead of the console, and that's due to the aforementioned use of a bittering agent. Maybe Nintendo got it wrong here and needs to go into licking controls instead of motion controls...

Comment Re:Uber Hit Squad (Score 2) 218

But people are also paying attention to Uber right now. If you're Google now is a good time to take a shot at Uber, when they're too distracted to fight back. And if you're a reporter your Uber story is going to get a lot more traction, so it's time to start digging.

You're not wrong; there's definitely a bit of blood in the water.

However Uber is unique in that they're managing to find new and exciting ways to fuck up, from the way they treat their drivers to how they interact with governments.

To use the GP's example, at least Oracle is consistently evil: you know what they're going to do from the start. But with Uber it's a new surprise each week!

Comment Re:Overboard, Sad! (Score 5, Insightful) 358

If it truly was an accident and everyone was acting in good faith

It wasn't in good faith, hence the reason he was found guilty of reckless endangerment. Negligence is the charge for "good faith". Reckless means that the accused knew it was dangerous to others and did it anyhow, thereby disregarding the safety of others.

Comment Re:No discounts (Score 1) 71

Looks like FAN company/corporate discounts will no longer be applied to these new plans. This was the only thing keeping them competitive w/ T-Mobile pricing.

Bear in mind that AT&T isn't trying to be competitive with T-Mobile. They're trying to be competitive with Verizon. T-Mo stings in the cities, but it's Verizon that can threaten AT&T's national footprint.

Comment Re:Admin? (Score 2) 238

But perhaps creating two accounts, one in wheel and the other not, and doing work other than software installation as the user not in wheel would make it harder to social-engineer users into elevating.

I've read TFA twice now and I still can't figure out if that's what the authors are trying to suggest, or something else entirely.

The entire point of UAC/sudo is to allow users to run in a standard context for day-to-day activities, and to quickly elevate certain applications/actions when it's required. Unless something has gone terribly wrong here, applications running un-elevated under an admin-capable UAC account have no more rights than an application running on a non-admin-capable account in the first place. Until elevation takes place, it's for all practical purposes a non-admin account.

So what is TFA trying to suggest, and what is their metric? Are they saying UAC is broken and applications are trivially executing privilege escalation attacks? (And if so, how are standard accounts not affected?) Or are they just saying that since users can escalate applications, the OS automatically counts as vulnerable to the attack? In other words, is the argument that we should be doing away with UAC/sudo?

Comment Re:Holding Back Progress (Score 1) 77

It's nice to have competition in the marketplace; I don't think things would be nearly as good with just HTC or Oculus.

However the Rift and Vive are not perfect substitutes. The Vive Lighthouse system is fantastic for room-scale, but (relatively speaking) a pain in the ass to install if all you want to do is sit in a chair. And the lenses HTC uses induce a lot of chromatic aberration, which really does a number on text. So having either the Rift or the Vive pulled off the market would be a notable loss.

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