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Comment Re:Lockdown - so? (Score 1) 173

A better idea would be to ask people willing to volunteer and work as a special team to tackle the problem rather than arbitrarily keep everyone there. Offer overtime pay or some sort of bonus or stock option to those who stay and join the team, thereby only keeping the ones that really want to be there on the task.

Comment Re:Hardly suprising (Score 1) 141

If only there were a universal protocol that ties people to a domain name and can allow them to send messages between each other. Maybe a few set of protocols as well, one for chat, like an Internet Relay Chat, and another one being a Simple Mail Transport Protocol.

Nobody wants to publish standards anymore, they just want to create their own shitty infrastructure based around obscurity.

Comment Re: Okay, that document was very out of date (Score 1) 63

You can tell the slashdot crowd has matured when it starts to look up the rules pertaining to something when a hack is posted. While it may be for the better, I like the days when we could push the bounds without question. I don't think the new kids these days are pushing the limits anymore.

Whatever happened to pirate radio?

Comment Re:Polls like these (Score 5, Insightful) 403

Can you also put the poles back in the side where they used to be and not inline with the story?

Also would be nice to see the stupid circle animation and ajax response thing go away.

The fact that the result comes in the color orange and blue really make it look like someone just hacked together some code from a javascript library to build that in rather than code it all from scratch like our old masters from yesteryears would have done. A POST request followed by a Location: / should be plenty. No need for javascripty frills everywhere.

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