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Comment Re: No idea what SAP is... (Score 2) 116

SAP is the embodiment of the Buddhist idea that all desire is suffering. Like the indifferent universe, trying to get its software to adapt to your wishes only leads to pain

The environment created there is a perfect place to recognize and overcome suffering? Such a true point AC, such a true point.

Comment Re:Just another mindless attack (Score 1) 484

I know I'll get modded down for being honest here, but I don't care.

Nah, if you get modded down it'll be for the rant in the second half of your post.
The first half of your post was good and informative, and if you added a link to support the info, it would have been a good solid post.

Also, your sig is inflammatory, which (shouldn't but) can cause people to moderate differently.

Comment Re:No idea what SAP is... (Score 4, Informative) 116

One of the biggest software companies in the world. They make corporate software that CEOs like, for example, stuff to manage a manufacturing supply pipeline. These are things that a typical Silicon Valley programmer will not spontaneously build, because it's an area of life that we try to avoid.

They also have a director of Buddhist meditation, which is kind of weird tbh.

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