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Comment turtles all the way down (Score 1) 119

And then if I point to those under them who are sweating, then you'll say that they're undeservingly lazy too... and on and on... until you've singlehandedly determined that nobody is sweating (working hard) but yourself.

That's the problem with Lefties - for them, it's "turtles all the way down" - everyone is labeled an exploiter by the Lefties except the Lefties themselves (which is the diametric opposite of reality.)

Comment Flyback Booster (Score 1) 77

I'm more interested in the TSTO, which is supposed to be built from technologies to be validated by RLV-TD. The TSTO will help to bring down cost-per-kg to orbit. Basically, it's a 2-stage launch vehicle based on a winged flyback booster. It won't be as efficient as the F9R, which doesn't carry the weight of wings, but it will be more capable of returning to launch site because of its glide path. No barge required.

Comment TSTO (Two-Stage to Orbit) (Score 1) 77

This vehicle is a low-cost testbed, which will be use to validate the technologies required to build a larger vehicle: the TSTO (Two-Stage To Orbit)



The eventual holy grail is to design, build and fly an SSTO (Single-Stage to Orbit) vehicle called AVATAR which would use scramjet technology. The scramjet-to-orbit concept is considerably more difficult, and may take much longer to accomplish.

Meanwhile the TSTO would just use regular rockets (semi-cryogenic booster & fully cryogenic for upper stage). Multiple copies of the cheap RLV-TD have been built, and will test different technologies across multiple flights, including the scramjet (on a later flight).

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