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Comment Re:Malware in torrents (Score 0) 86

By "manufacturers" I meant either their marketing/sales forces or the agents they might employ like RightsCorp or whoever. Of course, all plausible deniability forces would be in play, so fingering the actual game publisher/mfr. would be difficult to impossible.

Poisoned or fake Downloads, Torrents, etc. is an old RIAA/MPAA favorite, either to waste the time of the downloader or to try and "teach them a lesson".

Comment Re:Malware in torrents (Score 2) 86

You realize those are usually put there by the game's manufacturer's, right? They are trying to put the "fear of God" into people (like you) downloading the cracks, etc. as their twisted form of anti-piracy.

Game crackers/release groups thrive on getting it out first, and doing it right, so why would they promulgate viruses? It would surely ruin the groups' reputation if it got out there.

Plus, all the anti-malware programs flag such stuff as harmless keygens all as "PUP" or worse, "trojans" or other unspecified malware. This doesn't help the confusion either, as you really don't know if it's benign or an actual piece of malware. Running in a VM is the only solution, and restore prior state after running the "crack", because you really don't know whether it did anything malicious or not.

Comment Re: Just like trying to ban guns (Score 3, Informative) 446

The use of phrases is called a code. That is a very simple verbal form of a cipher. Read up on the basics of codes and ciphers and you have a lot of the basic information you need on encryption.

The other process you are describing is also well known, it's called "steganography". There are already algorithms written to not only encode data that way, but also to detect patterns of encoded data in an image. Read up on "stegbreak".

Comment DLNA/UPnP? (Score 4, Interesting) 204

Hi, great program! Thank you - longtime user here. Any plans to support streaming to ("fling to") players using DLNA or UPnP?

Many devices like WDTV, FireStick/Kodi, etc. support this protocol, and I can control them very easily from a media "player" PC. I prefer the PC's user interface over the crummy remote control UI's of the playing device(s).

Comment Re:Which KB fixes this? (Score 3, Informative) 29

Did a little more research; MS-16-014 addresses the fix, and the KB's resulting from it are KB3126587 and KB3126593.

However, oddly, they are not included in the "SP2" roll-up released on 5/12/2016. Weird. I tried to find out if those two KB's were replaced by something newer and I haven't been able to turn up anything.

I did find a couple of articles about the KB's causing some errors and failing to install on some systems, usually caused by a lack of an earlier update that they apparently are dependent upon.

Comment Which KB fixes this? (Score 1) 29

I read the article and the researcher's PDF and neither really points out which "February Fix" MS released that addresses this particular bug. Anyone know which one, specifically?

I have all Windows Updates turned off normally, so they can't pull a drive-by WinX install on me, but I would sideload this one KB if it was really worthwhile.

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