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Comment Re:Don't buy this (Score 1) 435

It is definitely and objectively better to blow the loose fibers out of the clothes with a traditional dryer and dispose of them.

How many of those fibers are broken off by a traditional dryer in the first place? Seems like previously loose fibers would have come off in the washer, as evidenced by the lint trap located on the drain line. The video in TFA shows this technology using a traditional horizontal drum configuration, apparently with air blowing through and including a lint trap, which should alleviate your concerns. If anything you should be supporting this because of the shorter drying time and lower temperatures, which would produce less lint in the first place.

Comment Verified Viewer ratings? (Score 3, Interesting) 478

Some e-commerce sites have tags on reviews for verified buyers- maybe the movie studios should implement a similar system for movie reviews. Get a code after watching a movie, maybe by dispensing them as viewers leave (not connecting to a specific ticket to avoid privacy concerns) or when you download or buy a DVD. Use the code when reviewing the movie. Allow people to see confirmed viewer and non-confirmed ratings. Of course this could be abused, but seems no worse than the current system and might offer some improvements.

Comment Don't remove, fill out remaining options (Score 5, Funny) 266

Those two options are so useful, but I've been waiting for them to fill in the obvious remaining choices:
- Close tabs to the left
- Close this tab and tabs to the right/left (this is two options)
- Close odd numbered tabs
- Close tabs I don't want my Boss/Mom to see (shortcut keys: Ctrl+Ctrl+Ctrl+Ctrl)
- Close tabs with numbers in the Fibonacci sequence
- Close tabs with pages originating in travel ban countries
- Close tabs except those with numbers on my lucky number list (default values will be provided)

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