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Comment Re:/. editors: why do you maintain this shit hole? (Score 1) 885

That's the natural result when you tell yourself a story where a politician is essentially a comic book supervillain. There's no room to coexist with others who don't believe the story. They're all dupes or sheep or collaborators in supervillainy, and the world around you seems to be filled with darkness.

The way out is to stop telling yourself scary stories and try to objectively, dispassionately observe the facts and events.

Comment Re:You don't own common sense (Score 1) 885

So when one is presented with a model that works better then ones own one shouldnt try to emulate the more effective model?

A culture isn't "one", a culture is "many". Cultures don't try things, individuals do. I don't get to decide what the culture does. You don't either. The culture does what it does.

If you don't like it, go ahead and say so and see if it helps. I don't think it will help. One new aspect of the US culture is that we collectively seem to be about done listening to lectures from people who don't like us.

Comment Re:do you want $100+ oil changes at the dealer shi (Score 1) 212

Anyone that owns a performance car has been paying $100 oil changes at even a quickie lube for a while now. MY dealer oil changes are $160.00 If I buy the oil and filter myself it comes out to be $65.00 to do it in the driveway.

I'm guessing that you have not owned a car and taken it in for an oil change cince 1980? Even my Honda Civic was $70 for an oil change just yesterday at a Valvoline quick lube.

Comment Re:During the 70's or 80's... (Score 2) 212

Except you cant use Microsoft WORD to write anything that says anything negative about Microsoft.... it's in the EULA.
Oh and they own your docx files because it is in their format.
Oh and you had better read the EULA of their Visual Studio as to what they own of yours.....

Nothing has changed except that they hide it better in a wall of text written by the scummiest people on the planet. Intellectual Property Lawyers.

Comment Re:Terrible Idea (Score 1) 212

Ebay always sides with the buyer, open the case and ebay will simply refund the money paid if returning the item is too difficult. in international cases from china ebay wil even say, "here is your money, keep the item" because if the auction is marked "no returns" that means that the seller does not want it back for any reason at all even damaged so the buyer can get a refund and keep the item.

If he did not open a case with ebay then he is either very stupid or just started using ebay.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 885

Change (or reinterpret) the law to be something less permissive than "guns for everyone!"

It's the Constitution. You can't change it without overwhelming majority support. And gun rights have majority support in the US.

You can't "reinterpret it" either -- it means what it says, and you won't be able to enforce a "reinterpreted" meaning on an unwilling population.

Then reeducate the public to change peoples' opinions and provide a safe way to surrender weapons for disposal.

We have government "by the people". Government "by the people" doesn't "reeducate" the people.

Comment Re:Sad loss of a co-worker (Score 1) 885

It is the same in Olathe, they will employ any US citizen with suitable skills ahead of a foreign worker as it is less hassle but they can not get enough staff with right skills, in part because Garmin set the bar quite high when it comes to skill levels.

In my experience, this is what actually happens:

People will be interviewed for a position, and they'll decide who they want to hire. If that person needs an H-1b, they'll change the job description to match that person perfectly, so no locals will be qualified. Then they'll advertise the revised position for the legally required amount of time and hire the H-1b guy they had already decided to hire.

It can be a little extra effort to hire the H-1b guy, but the benefit is that H-1b employees can't leave employment without jeopardizing their residency. That's a huge benefit to an employer, and it more than outweighs the extra paperwork that the HR staff has to deal with.

I'm sure there are other situations. But this is what I've seen.

Comment Re:You don't own common sense (Score 0) 885

The US isn't China or Europe or Australia or Britain. We have our own unique culture. It has pluses and minuses like any other distinct culture does. And, like any other culture, our choices may seem somewhat alien to outsiders. It requires a certain perspective to understand and appreciate other cultures. Perhaps you may develop that perspective someday.

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