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Comment Re: They could always work elsewhere. (Score 2) 115

It's weird how lefties hate Walmart for the same thing, but love amazon.

Hating Walmart is party-line obedience to union leaders. Plus classism. Amazon hasn't become a big focus for union organizers yet, and Amazon employs many members of the progressive tribe in The Seattle area. So they get a pass, for now.

None of this has ever had anything to do with actually caring about the employees of these companies.

Comment Re: Yeah fuck this (Score 2) 115

But seriously, lawsuits can't succeed without laws

Lawsuits succeed based on proving you were actually harmed and that the actual harm was wrongful. It takes very few laws and only a little enforcement. Local judges have been settling disputes between neighbors for many centuries.

none of my examples require imagination, they're real

You should have no problem proving them in court then. You don't need to police your neighbors' private actions because (unless you are a liar) you have proof that their actions aren't private and that they actually harmed you.

Everyone else who is minding their own business should have the opportunity to be safe from having their behavior policed.

Comment Re:Wow, just... I mean, wow. (Score 1) 409

Except it's just a job. It your employer is mean to you, you go find another job. Sure, that might take a few weeks or even a few months, but there's no other reasonable choice.

That's only if it's a genuine problem. If it's a dramatic story used to manipulate people, then you should make it more interesting. How about if Uber is secretly run by vampires?

Comment Re:Why do I need this? (Score 1) 103

In America, the stoplights have "hoods" on them to prevent them from being seen from any angle other than head on.

Is that what those hoods are for? I always thought they were to make the lights more visible by keeping them out of direct sunlight. Most of them certainly aren't very effective at hiding the color of the lights facing the other direction, whether because the angle is wrong to block the entire light or due to more subtle reflections, often on the inside of the hood itself.

In any case, hiding information about the status of the intersection is counter-productive to ensuring safe and orderly traffic patterns. The more accurate and up-to-date situational data drivers have the better. Rather than directional masks, they should be adding count-down displays visible to all drivers (not just those in late-model Audis) so that everyone has an accurate forecast of when the light will change.

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