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Comment Re:Just what Corporate Security needs... (Score 1) 75

I have heard that the AMT stuff is only physically bound to the primary interface in a system. Even if it isn't you could use an add-in NIC which will bypass AMT altogether.

Except you can't, because they're taking expansion slots out of devices. You can use an add-on NIC dongle, but those are inferior and overpriced.

Comment Re:Just what Corporate Security needs... (Score 1) 75

Oh, and I fully expect a push from corporate lobbyists to make DIY illegal in some way, so you can forget about that build-it-yourself Kickstarter idea to re-enable the concept of choice...

That's not realistic, there's no real way for them to do that without impinging on their own freedoms. But they might well lobby for laws which make modifying their product illegal...

Comment Re:But... (Score 1) 171

I had the same experience in SF. 15 minutes driving including parking, or an hour and a half minimum on MUNI (bus, train, bus). Asthma plus hills plus office job equals no, so there was certainly no biking or walking going on. Nobody needs to smell my pits that bad.

This is why we need PRT. Buses don't solve the problem because they don't go where you need them to go. Self-driving cars don't solve the problem because they won't alleviate traffic issues, only parking.

Comment Re:Banish cars from the city center (Score 1) 171

If everyone uses the wheelie shopping baskets, then bus occupancy is going to have to drop to accommodate them. I agree that those are still silly arguments if you live in the city, you can just have things delivered. But what happens when you leave the city? Auto rental fees are still abusive. It cost me fifty bucks to use a U-Haul pickup for firewood for a couple of hours. It doesn't take many of those to pay off a little old Japanese pickup.

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