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Submission + - Trouble in the Tubes for Senator Ted Stevens

MillionthMonkey writes: "Internet star Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK), has been implicated in scandal: according to the Anchorage Daily News the senator had the first floor of his house lifted off the ground and a new floor put underneath it with the help of a top executive from Veco Corporation, a local oil company. The addition doubled the size of the house (assuming the honorable gentleman from Alaska can still make it up the stairs). The FBI and a grand jury are still investigating- although the Senator's role is still somewhat murky in the scandal, which had previously ensnared his son, Ben Stevens, an Alaskan State Senator. The initial inquiry surfaced last year in August when the younger Stevens' legislative office was raided by the FBI along with five other state-level offices. Four politicians have been charged and Veco executives have already pled guilty- testifying that Ben Stevens received $242,000 in illegitimate consulting fees. Ted has remained clean until now."

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