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Comment Re:Encrypt! (Score 1) 394

The implication is that an actor with ill-intent (like the NSA) obtains the CA's private key and uses it to generate certificates of their own for MITM attacks. Any browser that trusts the CA will automatically trust the new certificates, and the user will be none-the-wiser.

This has already happened several times, resulting in browser vendors pushing out updates that removes compromised CAs from their trusted lists.

Comment Re:Maybe we should mimic civil engineering (Score 1) 280

Compare that to software engineering. It's really hard to explain how software should actually be constructed without actually doing all the coding yourself. You can set guidelines for people to follow, but writing code isn't really as close to following instructions as following plans for assembling a bridge. There aren't really any low level jobs when it comes to building software. Each and every person writing code on the software project must be basically a software engineer. At best you could have a software engineer review the code written and send it back if it doesn't comply with the specification. But by the time you read the code and verify that it actually fits the spec and executes properly you probably could have written the code yourself. There isn't really any software equivalent of welding the beams together or driving a steamroller.

The mistake you're making is comparing coding to constructing the building. Coding is more like drawing blueprints. The compiler is the construction crew. The early specs/design are more like drawing pictures and building models of the building beforehand.

Comment Re:Tomorrow's FCC Agenda (Score 1) 119

3) You mean to tell me that they don't already have this?

They do, but it requires they write checks to representatives and senators every decade or two to extend it again. If Disney could get rid of that pesky "limited" word in Article 1, Section 8, they could forego the cost of pretending it isn't de-facto unlimited copyright.

Comment Re:Why is the government using malware at all? (Score 2) 59

It is perfectly logical that the sheriffs across the USA do not have a master key to everyone's backdoor. If that key got out, the crooks could enter everyones house too. Why is it so hard to see backdoors for computers is just as bad and the same thing?

Remember we live in an era where TSA certified luggage does have master keys, and as one would expect, they were eventually leaked.

Comment Re:Is This a Joke? (Score 4, Insightful) 271

Taxes can be one way to moderate that excess, especially when more direct methods are out of fashion, as they are in the US thanks to 50+ years of extensive PR efforts.

To be clear, the US also used heavy taxation at the top end (90% in the top bracket!) in the past. From the Reagan era onward, we have continually decreased the top rates until you get what we have now - a very slightly progressive income tax scheme alongside a capital gains tax rate that ensures the top of the top wealthiest individuals pay less as a percentage of income than the average person does.

Comment Re:Cue the feminists (Score 1) 566

Let's not pretend that access to family connections, better schools, and better resources don't have any influence on success. In some cases (e.g., Trump, GWB), they are literally handed success by their families and need only keep it.

That's not to say that all successful people have those advantages, but we are specifically talking about people who were born with them here.

Comment Re:Does this even need defending now? (Score 1) 198

I think most assumed that rather than being backdoored, voting machines were simply half-assed. Hanlon's Razor and all that.

Now, if we could only convince everyone that the voting machines were really slot machines or ATMs, we might not only get more people to vote, but the software would be more secure, too.

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