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Submission + - Quicken Bill Pay is No Longer Safe to Use ( 1

Bruce Perens writes: I don't usually make security calls, but when a company makes egregious and really clueless security mistakes, it's often the case that the only way to attract their attention and get the issue fixed is to publicize it. This one is with Quicken Bill Pay, a product of Metavante (not Intuit). It's from personal observation rather than an expert witness case, and the company has been unresponsive through their customer support channel.

Comment Abandoning Time-Worn Processes Leads to Atrophy (Score 5, Insightful) 154

Scientists determined that those people who made use of machine washing rather than hand washing had diminished hand strength and neurological motor communication necessary for fine motor control. Seamstresses who bought thread rather than using the spinning jenny were similarly impaired. But worst off were teamsters who used the internal combustion trucks rather than teams of horses and used forklifts and other mechanical devices rather than loading their vehicles by hand. Their overall body strength was much reduced.

Comment Re:What if (Score 1) 509

I keep thinking his sister, who called the police and reported that he had shown her hundreds of images of child porn, could have encrypted his drives without him knowing.

He tried to decrypt the drive with his normal password, it didn't work. Now she gets the inheritance, the house, family jewels, or maybe just gets back at him for the ol' frog in the cereal bowl trick he played on her when she was 5.

Now, do I really believe this? No. However, that doesn't mean its not an easy way to get someone thrown in jail forever.

Comment Re:Contempt of the court... (Score 1) 509

"That the key happens to be a word — rather than something tangible like a metal key or a thumb-print — is irrelevant and does not magically add a Constitutional protection."

Oh yeah, well what if his passkey is "I attest under penalty of perjury that I rape lots of kids"?

Ta da! (I am joking of course)

Comment Re:Contempt of the court... (Score 4, Informative) 509

We don't need to mod you down. Just present facts. Not that I am a Trump supporter, but I can tell from how you write that you are unhinged due to rampant bias. It is affecting your mind. Specifically, but not limited to, your ability to process data, form correct opinions, and see facts as they are.

Case in point:

District Judge: Honorable L. Felipe Restrepo

He is an Obama appointee who made the original ruling and whose ruling the third circuit court of appeals upheld.

Please tell me how an Obama appointee is part of a vast right wing republican conspiracy to attack Americans.

Comment Re:IN SOVIET RUSSIA (Score 1) 516

Yep, he asked the Russians to hack a server that had not only been offline for over a year, but was also already wiped (with a cloth?) at that point.

Jumpin' spaghetti monsters! Do you even reality? Are you still trying to kill Hitler to prevent world war 2? Maybe you can take out Genghis Khan while you are at it.

Try really really hard to realize that your overt biases and total blindness to the facts have led you to create a time paradox in your mind and broadcast it to the internet.

Comment Re:if your strength relies on the weakness of othe (Score 1) 129

China is nearly half a century behind us in military tech. And currently, their budget is a quarter that of the US. I'm not exactly sure what you think they're going to do to us in this or the next generation, but by the time they actually catch up - even if we merely matched their budget - we'd be back to where we were 50 years ago with Russia - neither defensively able to counter the other's offensive capabilities, thus "mutually assured destruction" being the deterrent. On the other hand, maybe the US doesn't need to project military force across the entire farking planet? What craziness could we accomplish if we were just using our military to defend ourselves, not police the planet? (prior military, btw)

Comment Re: Morons are running the USA (Score 1) 647

We gave the cartels the power they have through prohibition.

Drugs like heroin, marijuana, and cocaine are basically free to produce if you have the land. The cost of making the drugs on a large scale in a third world country is so negligible its obscene. They literally "grow on trees" for fucks sake!!!

Prohibition turns something that is inherently worthless into something that is incredibly expensive. Furthermore, in addition to an essentially limitless supply of money, it also guarantees that the money returned to the sellers of the illicit goods MUST be used to fund other illicit activities. Any legitimate use of the money must start with money laundering, which is easily traced and prosecuted, so the funds first go into other illegal activities. Things like opening up other drug markets, like for meth, ecstasy, and synthetics of all types. Things like child prostitution and human trafficking. Things like extortion, kidnapping, and bribery. Arms dealing and gun smuggling are next on the list, but not before complete militarization of the organization for good measure, and they still aren't out of money yet.

If we wanted to fix our situation with the southern border and the cartels we could do it very quickly and easily. First, close the border. Fuck a wall, just station troops along it and shoot anyone that comes across. Ammo is cheap and word of mouth makes a big impact, especially when you start stacking the bodies along the fence. If this is too extreme of a position for you, build a wall. Second, legalize all drugs in the US. Prescription required, distributed at cheap cost, must interface with health practitioners, and everything is completely pure, clearly labeled, and measured in proper doses. Third, nationalize every undocumented immigrant currently in the country, or deport them if they don't want to become a citizen and pay taxes.

This shit could have been taken care of decades ago. Apparently our government has some vested interest in subjugating and oppressing illegal immigrants and leaving the border open and porous, like some giant chancre sore on the bottom of our country.

Comment Re: Morons are running the USA (Score 1) 647

If only we had a bunch of hardy workers that we could exploit the shit out of and not give one fuck about. You know, some people we could honeypot into our country and then completely abandon. Use and abuse them into doing a bunch of work for us and then not even give them citizenship, medical benefits, or a straight look in the eye and the truth from our lips that they are welcome here. You know, the kind of people who would come to us destitute and bereft of any support or resources and in return we would make sure they only have access to menial jobs, enslaved at our pleasure and deported unceremoniously for the slightest infraction. Yeah, the kind of humans you can throw away when you aren't thinking about them, and then pull out when you are arguing for unfettered immigration to the US.

Oh wait, we already do all of that to the illegal immigrants that we allow into our country. Sorry I forgot what a bunch of fucking douche bags we are here in the US. We outlaw slavery and then go and create new slaves. We just don't call them that. They're "undocumented."

Comment Re:Morons are running the USA (Score 1) 647

This is so apropos. Never finish anything. Never take responsibility. Never hold your own leaders accountable when you can point out the flaws of the "other side." Don't look at principles, the Constitution, or even sound economic theory before passing some fly-by-night bill into law. Don't look critically at anything your "side" is doing while they are in power, just acquiesce to their every overture because you are too stupid to realize that they aren't there to represent you but to represent themselves and their corporate interests.

Every day I stand awed and ashamed at the incredible stupidity of the average American. Then I look at the educated and erudite and they are riddled and wormy with blatant partisanship, so brainwashed they can't see the difference between talking points and truth, narrative and speech. Every day I watch you utter morons chase your tails, your ghostly phantoms that used to be rights, and all the toys the elite give you to play with to keep you busy. Every day I wonder "how much longer can it go on like this?"

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