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Comment Re:"Democracy" (Score 1) 231

Reductio ad Hitlerum, a fallacious argument. Hitler was a vegetarian, therefore vegetarians are fascists.

Hitler was a vegetarian, therefore vegetarians are fascists is an invalid argument (notwithstanding the facts), but it is the fallacy of affirming the consequent. And what should we call the fallacy that any argument that contains the string 'hitler' is thereby invalid?

Your claim "that complaining about a free and fair election and trying to overthrow the legitimate government with armed force" is given the lie by the observation that Hitler --and more pertinently Mussolini --came to power in free and fair elections and headed the legitimate governments of their country until they were overthrown by force. It is neither the fact of being democratically elected (or not), nor the fact of being overthrown by force (successfully or not), which defines 'fascism.' Stop digging deeper!

Note, I'm not arguing that Erdogan is literally a fascist (strictly speaking he is not); But his behaviour, especially post-coup, sure make him look a lot more like a fascist than the men with "uniforms, tanks [&] guns," who landed on Omaha Beach with the aim of overthrowing the government of Germany. (Or the mutinous faction of the Turkish army for that matter.)

Comment Re: drone ship landings require a lot less fuel? (Score 1) 103

I have the front panel of the VAX 11/780 used to render that scene hanging on my wall, but I got to Pixar after that project. This year and last I've contributed some designs that will fly on a FEMA satellite, and a long time ago did a little work to support the Biosciences mission on the shuttle.

Comment Re:So that makes it OK then (Score 1) 562

So what you are saying is that its completely acceptable for a party organization to become a secret arm of the election committee of a single candidate, divert funds from all other candidates to the anointed candidate, and promise that once that candidate is in office large donors will receive political appointment in a federal government position.

As long as the candidate who gets elected doesn't offer it themselves, its acceptable. Of course that candidate will make the appointment, but they didn't offer it directly. One of their minions did, which makes is completely OK. Nothing to see, move along. Right?

Comment Re:So that makes it OK then (Score 1) 562

I heard it on NPR on the way to work this morning. Yes...that NPR. National Public Radio. The media outlet played on just about every public radio station in every major market in the United States. You know, the one that many people accuse of being left-leaning, but they listen to it anyways because it is pretty damn spot on most of the time. So, if even news organizations that are considered "left-leaning" are running this story you know for sure that the "right-leaning" ones are running it.

Where the hell do you live and what media outlets are you looking at?

Whatever you are doing, you need to mix it up a bit. The media outlets you are paying attention to are not giving you complete information and you are somehow not surprised by this. You may need to examine how your personal bias is affecting what you listen to and read. Are you cushioning and coddling your delicate sensibilities with an echo chamber of your own creation?

Try this on. Read The Huffington Post in the morning. Then read the Drudge Report at lunch. Pop over to CNN in the afternoon. Then, try on Fox News for contrast. XOR the news stories/headlines. You will might be surprised at what certain sites omit completely.

Comment Re:Russia, DNC, and NATO (Score 1) 562

He gave another speech that day where the doors were open to admit hundreds of mouth breathers into a crowded ballroom. Trump got hot and sweaty, decided the HVAC wasn't working, and threatened not to pay the hotel.

Why would any country accede to this guy's demands when he always finds a way to renege on his promises?

Comment Re:Why is this not bad for Drumpf? (Score 1) 562

Hey the Republican establishment is not in love with Trump. NeoCons are not for Trump. PaleoCons are not for Trump. Social Conservatives are not for a planned-parenthood, abortion loving Trump and small-government Libertarians are not for a big-government, eminent-domain grabbing, gun control type like Donald Trump.

The religious hard-right is for him. Not because of his faith or righteousness, but because he offers them the hope of power.

(As if they will be able to control him after he gets elected.)

Trump brought in disenfranchised voters in from the cold (as did Bernie). Look at closed caucus states and see how well Trump did. (He did not do well). If the Republican party was proportionate as the Democrat primary was (as opposed to winner take all/most) then Trump would not be the nominee. It would have been a contested convention with Trump barely having 1/3 of the total delegates.

I suspect the RNC will have a superdelegates mechanism in place before the 2020 election.

Most Republicans seem more worried about him winning than about him losing.

Comment Re:So that makes it OK then (Score 2) 562

The Russians want Trump to be President. That bears repeating a couple of times. Just think about why that might be.

Devout Republican George Will[*] is saying that he thinks the reason Trump won't release his tax returns is because they would show how much he is in bed with the Russian oligarchy.

[*]Think what you will of Will, but he's got putdown-fu. After some recent fuss with Trump he said "He has the advantage on me - I can't say everything I know about a topic in 140 characters."

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