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Comment Re:Obvious pattern here (Score 1) 362

Why do you say that? My support calls have dropped to almost zero due to the ease of use of Windows 7. Laptop power management and wireless management is as good as anything I've ever seen. The Fax and Scan manager is so easy even executives can use it. On the desktops it is easier for the user to do tasks like add printers and find programs. Paint is easier with the ribbon and opens and saves in a variety of formats. The snipping tool is easier than third party software. Deployment is a snap, reliability is assured, drivers are very reliable (Vista sometimes installs the wrong driver), remote management is simple, and Windows 7 runs on fairly well on old and crappy hardware. What, exactly, is your problem with Windows 7 for the enterprise?

Comment Re:One of my Physics professors once said (Score 1) 1010

If they teach Pokémon Science at your University, you can claim to be a Pokémon Scientist after the dissection lab. And, yes, it does make everything Science. Please look up the meaning(s) of Science. Most of my Political Science courses had very little to do with the practice of Politics and much to do with pure forms of government and theory, which are the principles of politics. Practicing anything can be an art. Analyzing anything is science.

Comment Computers (Score 4, Funny) 711

Gosh darn it all, I purchased a USB device but my 486 DX2 66 doesn't have a USB port, so I purchased a USB card so I could use my USB device and wouldn't you know it the USB card is PCI and I only have ISA slots. Then I puchased one of these new fangled LCD displays but my Trident video card couldn't push 1440x900 so I purchased a NVidia graphics card and wouldn't you know it the graphics card is PCIe and I don't even have an AGP slot! Then I purchased the new Office 2013 and put in my CD-ROM and wouldn't you know that Office 2013 is on a DVD! Sumabitch.

Comment Re:Gmail: simple, clean and functional (Score 2) 383

Nice opinion, but I cannot stand Gmail's crap interface. Why do some features use icons and others use labels? Why can't the commands be near each other or even on the same menu? Why have a gear icon for settings and when you put you cursor over it is says "Settings" in a label that is exactly the same size as the button? Why the mouseover? Why not make the settings button say "Settings?" And the mouseovers for emails hang on the screen too long. It's like I need to activate a second mouseover to get rid of the first mouseover! For a while they didn't even have a pull down arrow on my account name for account settings. I just had to guess that it was a menu. Oh, and their icons look like shit. What the fuck is that, an umbrella? All the cool features cannot make up for lack of usability. That site needs a weed-whacker taken to it. Don't get me started on targeted advertising. Gmail is great because the service is rarely down and they allow me to use pretty much all standard email protocols to access it. You can keep the web interface. For one of the companies I run I set them up with MDaemon. Awesome anti-spam and a killer web client. I even like Horde, SquirrelMail, and RoundCube better than Gmail, and they are not so great either.

Comment Re:Thieves got it backwards (Score 2) 386

Your car analogy sucks. If I could compile a new car by peeking under the bonnet the automobile manufacturers would have to make money via support and they already have a lot of competition in the support (repair) arena. Their profits would plummet. No one has an automobile manufacturing plant in their backyard, yet many have compilers on their PC. This is why closed source software is a viable business model.

Comment Re:Don't buy a Dell (Score 1) 732

How many Dell laptops have you had? What models? What are the specs? I've supported hundreds of Dells, Macs, HPs, and Lenovos. The Dell Latitudes since the D630 models are quite nice; of course they had Core2Duo CPUs. The newer E5XXX and the E6XXX models are speedy. The D600 models were the only models I didn't like and that's due to the crap Pentium M CPUs and slow disks. The c640s are power hungry and suck dry the battery but run okay and are built very well. I still have a few D610s in the field. I have an E5420 i5 laptop which runs Win7 often has Windows 2008 with SQL 2008, Windows XP, and CentOS 6.2 running simultaneously in Virtualbox without problems, as does the Thinkpad T420 I setup. Of course this means very little without stating the specs, like SSD. Your post seems anecdotal, which does not help the OP. If the end user is going to run Windows, I suggest to, using the specs of a Mac as a benchmark, purchase a Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, or HP. It will save you at least $200. I like Asus, Sony, and Fujitsu laptops, but their support is terrible for end users. I haven't even seen a Gateway laptop since 2001. They were awesome in quality but not price.

Comment Re:Airprint (Score 2) 305

I thought the OP was griping about corporate use? In a business environment printing is very relevant. Checklists, spreadsheets, labels, maps, directions, notes, instructions, letters, boarding passes, checks, etc. If someone at work could not print, there would be hell to pay in ten minutes. At home what good is checking in for your flight on your iPad if you need to purchase an Airprint compatible multifunction printer just to print you boarding pass? At work we don't purchase color multifunction Airprint compatible consumer printers. We have big ass laser copiers that you need to purchase a $20 app in order to print to (Toshiba) and the apps don't work for shit. My co-workers Windows phone can print to our Toshiba. Sorry, but sometimes you absolutely need to print that one single thing. When you cannot, you realize you are not using a general purpose computer; you are using a useful toy. No matter how useful it is, it cannot compete with the flexibility of a general purpose computer. As another poster pointed out, iPads become more relevant once Jailbroken, so flexibility is not actually an iPad problem, it is an Apple problem.

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