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Comment Re:It will succeed, or at the very least, won't fa (Score 1) 136

Yeah its called "crap hardware that made it prohibitively expensive if not downright impossible to port" which is exactly what will kill this turkey as well.

Look here is what you and Big N just don't seem to be grasping, its a hell of a lot different now than it was during the days of the classic consoles, games are INSANELY expensive to produce now and every penny you have to spend above initial development could mean the difference between profit and loss. Now lets look at the have X86 Xbox, X86 Playstation, and X86 PC....what do they have in common? Oh yeah X86! Thanks to two of the big three consoles being X86 a dev house only has to make one game and then do some minor tweaks to release for all 3 platforms.

But if this is legit what you will have is 3 platforms you can release on with coding your game in X86 versus only 1 console if you port to Nintendo and if that wasn't enough if TFS is to be believed its gonna be underpowered to boot which means they'd basically have to start from scratch and code specifically for this thing.....companies simply aren't gonna do that, not when there are so many PS4, XB1, and PC players that they can sell to.

And this isn't even addressing the rotten elephant in the room which is the consoles today are already being pushed to the limits which is why we are about to get Xbox Scorpio and Sony Neo....and you expect to have devs code a version of the game for a system that isn't even as powerful as what they are coding on now when they are already having to use every trick in the book just to get their monster titles to run?

When the wii U came out you had game dev after game dev saying "our game engine won't run on that" and ignoring it and mark my words, the same will be true here. this will sell strictly to the most hardcore of fanboys who will buy anything a new Mario or Zelda comes out on but as we saw with the Wii U there just isn't enough of them to make a console viable, but the ONLY way you'll see a GTA or CoD or Dark Souls on this thing is if its a crap smartphone game using the name.

Comment Re:Has Nintendo not heard of smartphones? (Score 1) 136

Yeah if this is true Nintendo is gonna be as dead as Sega in the console market. I mean FFS didn't they learn anything with the Wii U? Console players want the same big titles the other guys get and they sure as shit aren't gonna get that when Console I and II are running AMD octocores and your console is nothing more than a smartphone.

I may not have a horse in this race but I've always had a soft spot for classic gaming so I really hope this isn't so, but ever since the Wii became a hit based on a gimmick Nintendo just seems to have lost their way. I mean who is gonna pay $300 for a console that will end up just like the Wii U and have nothing to play on it but first party titles because the other 2 consoles are running such a different architecture porting is all but impossible? What do they think people are gonna shell out for yet another device to play Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja on?

Comment Re:Fuck you Motorola/Lenovo (Score 1) 150

Perhaps you missed the part where Motorola advertised the phone as one that will receive updates and not get left behind.

You missed the part where people shouldn't believe everything they read or are told. Lack of updates has been an android issue from day one, so I'm not going to believe any outfit that promises them on Android.

One might get the idea that part of those "overpriced" Apple phones is getting updates, and if you want a razor thin margin like the more "sensibly priced" android phones, maybe they can't afford to update you every month.

Comment Re:Selling for $5B is sexist (Score 1) 205

> ...the poorest using emergency rooms as basic healthcare - the most expensive healthcare in the world.

TRUE! Here we are in the emergency room, my wife had fallen & hurt her back- and cannot feel her legs and is incontinent. We're talking spinal injury here. Who gets to go before us? Little Jimmy being coached by mom to cough, so they can 'get some sort of physical' needed by the next morning at school. The cough was to legitimize their visit. Yeah we were there 8 hrs, and the spinal operation is forthcoming but thank god Jimmy got some Robotussen and a clean bill of health for school.

> ...the poorest using emergency rooms as basic healthcare - the most expensive healthcare in the world.

TRUE! Here we are in the emergency room, my wife had fallen & hurt her back- and cannot feel her legs and is incontinent. We're talking spinal injury here. Who gets to go before us? Little Jimmy being coached by mom to cough, so they can 'get some sort of physical' needed by the next morning at school. The cough was to legitimize their visit. Yeah we were there 8 hrs, and the spinal operation is forthcoming but thank god Jimmy got some Robotussen and a clean bill of health for school.

During the runup to my father's death, we had the experience of a few visits to the ER. And yes, there were people there who were not suffering from anything a general practitioner couldn't provide. But as the doctor said when I queried him - "There are no other choices for them." No doubt we all want our loved ones to receive the best of treatment and as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, to extremely loosely paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld: "You Use the Healthcare You Have---not The Healthcare You Might Want Or Wish To Have At A Later Time."

When Reagan signed the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor act in 1986 it mandated just that. It is one of th dlargest unfunded mandates I know of. And I don't see much possibility of the faithful going against the mandates of their patron saint.

Comment Re:millennials/college (Score 1) 343

The other problem is they were sold a bill of goods that says you HAVE to have a traditional 4 year degree, to get a job.

Certainly sold that along with their parents.

In the early 70's, my HS counselor was asking me what college I wanted to go to. I told him I didn't really want to go to a "normal" college and learn all the crap they make you learn. He asked what I really wanted to do. I told him I LOVED playing around with electronics. He said how about a technical college.

Wow - you gotta be my doppleganger! The only real difference was I took both the Technical route plus the Academic classes - which they tried to discourage. "You're such a smart boy, Ol! If you do this, some peopel will think you are stupid." Tough, says I. I was a real oddball, thinking of alternative career paths even in High school.

Today, getting a 4 year BS degree can leave you in such debt, and the jobs in some markets if you can find one in your degree field, pay squat, forcing some to have 2 jobs, 3 jobs, just to pay rent (that is if they move out of mom & dads).

Many graduate with the equivalent of a modest house mortgage. And unless you are in one of the few really good paying fields, you better be prepared to make maybe 30 K a year.

Everyone complains about "big oil" big pharma" etc, but this country needs to have a SERIOUS discussion about "big college". A major university can pay their presidents way over 6 figures, over 7 for their sports coaches, professors earn a ton, sometimes using teacher aids to actually teach the class because they are too busy writing books and what not. Universities are nothing more than money generating.

As the research money passed from places like Bell Labs to Universities, much of the drain started. Now they are in competition with each other not only for research money, but compete for The pay at the top, for buildings, for sports of course, and are at this point teetering with top-heaviness.

They have squeezed that turnip as far as it can be squeezed. Graduating with 80-100K of debt, and trying to start life as an adult on the meager pittance most degrees afford is simply a non starter any more.

And a note to the Universities. Those things that you are really interested in, the sports stadiums and coaches that must be paid millions, and fleecing fans you extract more and more from every year. Here's something that might make you shit your Kalvin Klines. Who is going to make the millions in donations to your football programs, and give your universities special "gifts" in order to pay the face value of your sason tickets and come to your stadion and pay the crazy prices just to park and get shit faced? When they don't make enough total money a year to pay for one season?

Your product just isn't worth it, and in many places attendance is showing, as the crowds grow positively ancient, and teh new crop of fans aren't showing up. This cash cow is dying from being overmilked and underfed.

Comment Re:Unusually +ve but what's in it for refusniks? (Score 1, Flamebait) 359

Uhhhh you DO know there are ways to get updates other than WU, yes? That many of those make it beyond trivial to refuse the spyware updates (and if I'm not mistaken AutoPatcher doesn't include them in the first place) so that we can have Win 7/8/8.1 completely spyware free?

I have dealt with Win 10 on more PCs at the shop than I care to mention and I can say with confidence...Windows 10 is a giant piece of shit. Its buggy as fuck, its updates are more unstable than running a Linux alpha build, hell I had forgotten what BSODs even looked like until Win 10 and its "sad face of suckiness". And the new "features"? Its either designed to give MSFT more datamining or fricking more cellphone style crap. Hey MSFT? If I wanted a cellphone I'd use my smartphone, which just FYI runs Android because unlike your mobile OS it actually has apps..

There is NOTHING about the new OS that makes it worth leaving Win 7/8/8.1, hell even Windows 8 had at least one reason, which was it made a good UI for HTPCs, but 10? It sucks your bandwidth, spies on you, gives you zero control over the OS, and for what? So I can give MSFT more data on me? Fuck you MSFT, you want my data PAY ME, I'm not giving up an OS I paid $110 for so you can make free money shoving ads down my throat using MY bandwidth onto MY desktop and snatching MY data..fuck off.

Comment Re:Healthcare Reagan style (Score 2) 205

True. The problem of course, is that very often the traits that make for a good physician are not those that make for a good social conservative. Doctors do have a tendency to want to treat sick people.

For free? No, for cold, hard cash. A doctor still works in his self interest. Don't kid yourself, we all have to eat. You just want to eat on someone else's dime.

Oh so very clever, to take may statement and say that I'm saying that Doctors work for nothing.

That is so incredibly weak, most trolls wouldn't think of it.

This is going to be shocking, so cover the kids ears.

Not everyone adheres to the concept of I don't give a fuck unless I'm getting wealthy, and if you don't pay me, you can FOAD. Some people are actually nice to others without being paid for it. That doesn't mean they don't want paid, it just means that they don't connect the two.

And don't for a minute thing that the farthest right leaning social conservative doesn't have a bucket list of things that people are supposed to do for them on others dimes.

Comment Re:Selling for $5B is sexist (Score 1) 205

And... how is it doing now? The poorest people I know are still getting no health care for themselves-- their employers give them fewer than 33 hours so that they don't have to subsidize it-- and you can't pay for even the cheapest plans on $30,000. At least their kids are on CHIP.

Obamacare has been given enough time to have results, and all it's done is tax the middle and lower class. Obamacare is a failure.

First off, there is no doubt that Obamacare sucks. Then you have to ask yourself why.

It's a bastardized system, this Romneycare, that tries to apply greed to a system that shouldn't be run by greed.

Any system that requires profit via healthcare is doomed to failure by it's very nature. When you need higher profits the next quarter, and when you can profit largely be making expenditures go away, it simply isn't going to work.

I'm a firm believer that there are some things in this world that show how unbridled greed makes them run well. And I believe that the US healthcare system is starting to show that we are the big powerful nation that can't. - any more. The profit model doesn't work so weell in matters of life and death.

So under our healthcare, and especially under the way it was heading, the adage of "die quickly" wasn't anything other than the profit model, as when people die off before they can extract money from the system, the system profits. As much as some opponents of that pejorative might have bristled, it is a path to profit.

Comment Re:Selling for $5B is sexist (Score 1) 205

The reason most of the healthcare costs are the way they are because of what we used to lovingly call hillarycare.

Jeebuz christa on a pogo stick. Your post is just like people blaming President Obama for world war 2 Thanks for playing, I have no need to read any posts that blame the healthcare Issues on a person who didn't have a gaddamned thing to do with them.

Now get bact to infowars, because next you'll tell us that the Clintons, th eO'bamas, and FDR have time machine where they go back in time to make certain things are all fucked up

Comment Re:It's one study... (Score 1) 49

Wait for independent duplication

Well, the study took 10 years, so hopefully there are others going on in parallel. Because that's some pretty slow progress on a real bane of a problem.

What is fascinating is that this might now extend the "All of your problems are your own fault" crowds finger pointing to the final frontier - dementia.

It even seems like a plausible premise, that using the mind keeps it healthy, but it could very well mimic a slow cognitive decline. If a person disengages from intellectual activity, it might just be that they were already naturally declining anyhow.

anyhow, if it is true, I shouldn't have much problem - since retirement I've taken on many new mental endeavors. Tho' some think I am already demented.

Comment Re:Healthcare Reagan style (Score 1) 205

This was, interestingly, a Reagan initiative: the law that hospital emergency rooms cannot turn away patients simply because they cannot pay. (Reagan was not quite as heartlessly libertarian as he is now portrayed.)

This was the single most expensive government-imposed healthcare mandate ever passed in the US. Obamacare (or, as you call it with some accuracy, Romneycare) is more or less just a tweak to try to ameliorate some of the side effects of that law.

True. The problem of course, is that very often the traits that make for a good physician are not those that make for a good social conservative. Doctors do have a tendency to want to treat sick people.

My guess if that the emergency room initiative hadn't gone through, that Doctors Without Borders would have most of it's operations inside the US, as we would need it.

Comment Re:Selling for $5B is sexist (Score 4, Interesting) 205

Wow! A whole 10%! What a disaster...oh by the way, you were subsidizing the poors healthcare anyway. Where do you think it came from? The magic fairy tree?

For all of the bluff and bluster of the anti-Romneycare folks, the USA was in a positive feedback loop of the poorest using emergency rooms as basic healthcare - the most expensive healthcare in the world. The costs were passed up the foodchain, and as you note, subsidized by us via larger insurance premiums. What was happening was as the premiums were increasing the people who were increasingly unable to afford healthcare was increasing, which was moving more to the emergency room model of healthcare, which was then charged upwards .......

The health insurance system in use was going to die in a few years, and we would have ended up with the weirdest Universal healthcare system imaginable.

Comment Re:thats (Score 2) 205

1) Fiorina has not declared bankruptcy. 2) HP did not declare bankruptcy under Fiorina. 3) Hillary Clinton has not had to declare bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, Trump has had four bankruptcies and is the subject of multiple class action suits over the scam that was Trump University.

If the only choice is between a disaster that doesn't bankrupt the country and an apocalypse that does, I'll take the disaster.

Agreed. It is the height of dumbshittedness for males to point to any female top executive that has failed or is failing and declare that is some sort of proof that females cannot lead or are otherwise unsuited because of their gender.

Certainly Yahoo's problems were well in place before Mayer ever showed up.

Fiorina is a bad CEO, as witnessed by her trying to make her way as a political candidate, where many of her traits that caused problems at HP have shown up, which is an inability to alter course or change her mind when given irrefutable proof that she is wrong. Which is not remotely a female trait - history is littered with men with the same issue.

And who would even know about Clinton? Once you have that last name, there are people who will attempt to use any infraction and amp it up, and take much worse actions performed by their preferred political leaders and outright ignore them. Interestingly enough, before she showed presidential aspirations, she was generally admired and dare we say liked by Republican colleagues. Now Behghazi is called the worst disaster ever, ignoring the orders of magnitude more embassy attacks and deaths during the first 8 years of this century, and what was at best a security violation now merits a call for imprisonment, the attack dogs just make it difficult to assess her actual performance.

But back to the subject, given that the vast number of bankruptcies and poor business management is performed by males, it probably isn't a good idea to point at Mayer and declare Yahoo's problems at base are because she is female.

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