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Submission + - Molyneux on Kinect: 'Has Some Problems' (

An anonymous reader writes: Peter Molyneux, current Lionhead boss, has admitted that Microsoft’s Kinect has problems. Molyneux told Gaming Union that most of Kinect’s issues revolve around navigating in the game world.

Submission + - Nokia Announces Profit Warning (

jones_supa writes: "Shares in the Finnish phone maker Nokia plunged by 15% on Tuesday as the company warned that it may make no profit on phone sales in the quarter to the end of June, and that overall phone sales will be "substantially below" its earlier forecast of €6.1bn to €6.6bn. Carolina Milanesi, mobile phones analyst for the research company Gartner, said Tuesday's warnings could mark the low point for Nokia, which has not made a loss in its handset division for more than a decade."

Submission + - Over 2 Million LG Optimus One Units Sold (

srimadman writes: LG’s Optimus One line became the fastest selling mobile device in company history after reaching the one million units sold mark in 40 days.Just 25 days later, the device has hit yet another milestone as the company

Submission + - Android now second biggest smartphone platform (

An anonymous reader writes: Google's initial success with its Android mobile operating system will continue — and in a very big way. That's according to research firm Strategy Analytics, which predicts that global shipments of Android-based smart phones will grow a stunning 900 percent this year.
  The second fastest-growing smart phone operating system will be Apple's iPhone, which will have a healthy 79 percent growth rate, the report predicts.

"Android has fast been winning healthy support among operators, vendors and developers," said Strategic Analytics senior analyst Tom Kang in a statement. "Android is now in a good position to become a top-tier player in smart phones over the next two to three years," he said.


Submission + - Microsoft and Nokia: A tale of two elephants (

GMGruman writes: Nokia reabsorbs Symbian, and Microsoft ships Windows Phone 7 — to big yawns. InfoWorld's Galen Gruman draws out the parallels between Nokia and Microsoft's increasingly hapless effort to matter again in the world of mobile. Both have suffered from unstable directions and glacial pacing, and Nokia has been further damaged by relying on a committee-oriented open source process at a time it needed fast, forward-thinking technology leadership.
The Internet

Submission + - The dark little secret about IE9 and CSS3 ( 1

thestudio_bob writes: Microsoft has updated IE to support CSS3 selectors and rounded corners, they want us to believe that somehow IE9 magically supports the whole slew of CSS3 visual styling. I'm afraid it doesn't. As a matter of fact, IE9's support for CSS3 visual styling is so poor that the results are shocking. Firefox, Chrome and Safari can render graphically rich interfaces using the sophisticated features of CSS3. IE9 does, well, rounded corners. That's why I'm saying: IE9 is the IE6 of CSS3. Repeat that a few times until it sinks in because if you do Web development, you're going to have to deal with it.

Comment Cell Is Being Used Exactly How It Was Designed For (Score 2, Interesting) 124

Back in the early PS2 we would talk about what a next generation PS2 would look like. Those whiteboard diagrams looked almost identical to what Sony and IBM came up with.

The parallels between the PS2/EE/GS and PS3/Cell/RSX are almost identical:

Execution starts on the EE/PPU
Heavy/parallel computation task is spawned off to the VUs/SPUs
Light control code runs in parallel on the EE/PPU
As graphical elements become read to be rasterized they are spawned off to the GS/RSX

In a well running PS2/PS3 engine all three major areas are running full speed in parallel. Split memory architecture lets each area of the machine run at full speed without interfering with the rest of the system.

Kutagari and IBM did a masterful job. It was an obvious choice to build off the model of the most sucessful console architecture in history and the one all console developers had intimate knowledge of, the 145 million selling PS2.


Submission + - Devs Bet Big on Android Over Apple's iOS (

CWmike writes: A majority of mobile app developers see Android as the smart bet over the long run even as they vote for Apple's iOS in the short term, a survey conducted jointly by Appcelerator and IDC published Monday has found. The survey,, polled more than 2,300 developers who use Appcelerator's Titanium cross-platform compiler to produce iOS and Android native apps. Of the 2,300 polled, 59% said that Android had the 'best long-term outlook,' compared with just 35% who pegged Apple's iOS with that label. But three out of four said that iOS offers the best 'near-term' outlook, with 76% tagging Apple's operating system as the best revenue opportunity. 'This is an 'ah-ha' moment for developers,' said Scoot Schwartzhoff, vice president of marketing at Appcelerator.

Submission + - Android Sales Top iphone In 1st-H 2010 Says Nielse (

suraj.sun writes: Android Sales Top Iphone In First-Half 2010, Says Nielsen

Google's Android has overtaken Apple's iphone in the high-profile smartphone sweepstakes, according to one market research firm Nielsen.

New smartphone subscribers choosing Android handsets accounted for 27% of U.S. smartphone sales in the first half of the year, surpassing the 23% share held by iphones, the Nielsen Company said Monday.

Nielsen said sales of multipurpose smartphones, which let users browse the Web, check email, share pictures and run thousands of apps, accounted for 25% of the U.S. mobile market in the last quarter. The research group predicted smartphones will overtake feature phones in the U.S. market by the end of 2011.

Android has received a big boost from Verizon Wireless, which has aggressively marketed Motorola's Droid line of phones.


Submission + - Android smartphone shipments jump 886% in Q2 (

An anonymous reader writes: Canalys is reporting that Android device shipments have shown a remarkable growth this year. "With key products from HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG, among others, shipments of smart phones running the Google-backed Android operating system grew an impressive 886% in Q2 2010." Further they note that the United States is the largest smartphone market worldwide, and that "Android devices collectively represented a 34% share of the US market in the quarter, and with growth of 851% Android became the largest smart phone platform in the country."

Submission + - iPhone 4 Apples "Vista moment in tech history"

An anonymous reader writes: Adrian from ZDNet writes:
“What if Microsoft bought out a product where you had to spend $30 on an accessory to make it work right and stop is from breaking?”
That’s a question I received from a reader earlier today. My reply: “I think people would go stark raving ballistic on Microsoft — and rightly so.”

See, as “cool” as I think the iPhone 4 is, with its stainless steel chassis antenna and glass front and back. I can’t help but feel that Apple didn’t take the time to work out the kinks. As beautiful and stylish the iPhone 4 is to look at and hold, and as useful as some of the features it offers are, I can’t shake that feeling that the iPhone 4 is Apple’s own little “Vista” moment in tech history.

Submission + - The iPhone's loss is Android's gain

goose20 writes: Once again, the iPhone's loss has been Android's gain. Several months ago many wifi scanning apps were removed from the App store, including WiFiFoFum, WiFi-Where and WiFy Network Finder forcing some of the developers underground. Dynamically Loaded (formerly Aspecto software) are one of the first to completely port their highly regarded wireless scanning app, WiFiFoFum, to Android. At first glance the Android version matches the feature set of the previous iPhone version as well as some slick new graphics.

Already Android has proved to be a hit with developers with over 50000 apps already available in the Android Marketplace. If more developers choose to make the same switch we could see a lot of the more useful apps switching leaving iPhone users with watered down utilities instead of those leading the way.

Also it would also seem that users are beginning to vote with their feet on this issue with Android again being the big beneficiary, Arstechnica reported on 8th July,

"Android's share of the smartphone OS market went up between February and May of this year while everyone else took a hit, according to the latest data from comScore. The analytics firm released its three-month MobiLens report Thursday, observing that Android's share of smartphone subscribers had gone up a full four percentage points in the US, though it still remains fourth on the list after RIM, Apple, and Microsoft."

In short, the iPhone wont be going anywhere soon but Android is no longer the immature little brother, it is up there competing and with developers facing some serious choices it still remains to be seen who will win in the long term. One thing is for sure users will get some great apps as developers push for more advanced functionality and freedom to be creative.

Submission + - Android 2.2 Bests iOS 4 in JavaScript performance ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Ars Technica pitted an iPhone 4 against a Froyo-enabled Nexus One and the results are overwhelmingly in Android 2.2's favor. For the test Ars ran both devices through both the SunSpider and V8 benchmarks. Android outperformed iOS 4 in both instances, several times over.

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