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Comment Re:In lay terms you say ... (Score 4, Funny) 157

You have got a car with Piers Morgan sitting in it. An attacker wants to head butt him in the face (trying to think of a backronym for AnC for this - I have Attacker Nuts... but I can't think of a word beginning with C that describes Piers Morgan) so, for his own protection, you choose where he sits in the car by a random process (Arsehole Seat Location Randomisation), so the chances are the attacker opens the wrong door.

Anyway, it turns out that you can tell by how the car is riding on its springs where Piers Morgan is.

Comment Re: that's becasue PGP is terrible (Score 1) 216

Doesn't S/MIME kind of depend up on you using only one email client? The client with the certificate. Who uses just one email client these days?

No, that's not the problem. You can spam your certificate to everybody in the World, it's meant for public distribution. The problem is that any mail client that wants to sign your messages or decrypt messages sent to you needs access to your private key. That means you can't use S/MIME or any public key system on a device you don't trust.

Then again, you have no business composing sensitive emails or trusting signatures on a device you don't trust.

Comment Re:Someone has been visited by an MS rep (Score 1) 557

Slashdot is not a proposal to management so while you may be looking for a prize at a spelling bee other poster does not need to do so.

I expect that is why the parent starts with "if this is how..." which includes a tacit acknowledgement that maybe it is different writing emails to management (as compared to writing posts on Slashdot).

FFS, I thought feeding kids Shakespear was supposed to cure them of a spelling obsession. Is that still being taught in schools?

Shakespeare's days are in the past. We have standardised spellings now and not using them* in a business context makes you look unprofessional.

*plural because the US and UK and probably other countries have different standards.

Comment Re:Against TOS (Score 3, Informative) 652

So if you don't hand over your Facebook password, you might be organising a terrorist group from your Facebook page so you can't enter the |USA.

If you do hand over your Facebook password, you have committed a felony, so you can't enter the USA.

That strikes me as exactly the outcome that the Trump administration is looking for.

Comment Re: Doing it wrong? (Score 1) 600

In these cases, if you use loops, you're going to be making up all the stuff recursion is good for, and you're going to be maintaining your own stacks. There's no advantage to doing this rather than using recursion.

Yes there is. If you use your own stacks, you have visibility over when the stack space is going to run out. It will also have a smaller memory footprint than recursing using the system stack since each stack frame has to contain the return address and the link pointer for the previous stack frame, as well as space to save local variables.

I'm not advocating avoiding recursion but there are advantages to not using it when you expect a lot of levels of recursion.

Comment Re: I feel that lone sysadmin's pain (Score 1) 356

This is a bad idea. rm is a sharp tool and you should never do anything to it that makes you think it isn't. One day you'll be working on somebody else's system but you'll have forgotten that rm can be dangerous and you'll merrily delete something career ending, go look for it in /trash and then have to commit ritual suicide.

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