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Comment Re:This is normal for mobile games (Score 1) 192

The timing of the spike in engagement looks like 1 month after release - so right when all the downloaded it once and never opened it again users started dropping out of the Monthly Active Users count. So just before that, 40% of every user who ever even tried Pokemon Go once was still using it daily. That sounds like pretty good numbers to me! That metric will be a lot more meaningful once all the users who only tried it one day during peak hype are out of it. (even better would be a chart of daily active users as a percent of users who used the app two days in the past month)

Comment Re:doh! (Score 1, Informative) 526

Obama didn't release his birth certificate for one very good reason, he is very clever and Trump is very stupid.

The fact is that the Republicans will always invent some crazy idiotic 'scandal' that they obsess about and endlessly throw up smoke. The birther conspiracy was mind numbingly ridiculous. It would require someone to go back in time to plant the birth notice in the papers. Or for some group of conspirators to go to an enormous amount of trouble in order to make a particular black kid president.

So rather than release the birth certificate and let the Republicans invent a new scandal, Obama held onto it and let them obsess about a scandal nobody else thought made the slightest sense, knowing that he could knock their house of cards down any time he chose. Which of course he did a week before the Bin Laden raid which was guaranteed to end the story.

George W. Bush opened torture chambers across the world and collected photographs for a sick sexual thrill. Yet nobody ever talks about that. None of the people complaining about Hilary ever complained about GWB refusing to comply with Congressional investigation or the deletion of 5 million emails.

So here is what is going to happen. Trump is going to go down to the biggest defeat since Carter and he is going to drag the rest of his party down with him. And afterwards there is going to be a new civil rights act that prohibits Republican voter suppression tactics and the gerrymandering that give them a 5% advantage in elections. And by the time it is all done the Republican party will have two choices, either boot the racist conspiracy theorists and Trumpists out or face two decades in the wilderness.

Comment Re:New math? (Score 3, Informative) 161

Because everybody else together is making a loss.

Let's pretend the total profit of the entire smart phone industry is $100. We look at Apple's profits and find they are $75. We look at Samsung's profits and find they are $30. We look at everybody else and find that, in total, they are losing $5 between them.

Comment Re:SystemD? (Score 2) 538

Not heard of systemd-emacs? It has the advantage that all your editing sessions are spawned directly off process 1. No need to su anymore to edit /etc/passwd.

Also, you can have dependency management so when you invoke systemd-emacs, systemd will make sure that the emacs vi emulator extension is installed first.

Comment Re:Go figure. (Score 1) 250

The sum chance, not the per-time chance, yes. The same is true of all stochastic processes.

It's like saying "the sum of flipping a coin every second and having at least 100 total tails results increases over time."

It's because more trials are constantly being held.

There's also a chance that life will emerge on Earth a second time.

Comment Re:What about the batteries?? (Score 1) 304

My three year old rMBP shows a cycle count of 396 and condition normal. Battery Health tells me it has 88% of its original capacity. My experience with MBPs with removable batteries is that they tended to start degrading after 100 cycles and would be dead well before 300 (the alleged lifetime).

I normally would have replaced this laptop a year ago, but the current offerings from Apple are not compelling. This one is fine for everything I do with it but it will be changed after the refresh.

Comment Re:From TFA (Score 1) 323

The derivative of population growth is not a positive number though.

Population growth is slowing which means that, at some point, it will be zero and the population will stabilise. The problem is that, if the story is correct, the population is already too big. The other problem is that, maybe it won't stop growing before it is too late.

Comment Re:Every intelligent person (Score 4, Insightful) 517

Democracy isn't just having votes. Democracy will not work unless the people making the decisions are well informed about the issues.

There was nothing democratic about the referendum given the level of misinformation being peddled by the anti-EU media. Under normal circumstances, the UK is a representative democracy: we elect people to represent us and make the decisions, then we fire them when they screw up badly enough to notice. That works because ordinary people don't have the time or resources to do the research to make the right decisions.

This referendum was an unnecessary and unmitigated disaster. Too many people had no real idea of the benefits and costs of the EU. For instance, both Cornwall and Wales voted decisively to Leave and both are in receipt of billions of pounds of EU grants as deprived areas. Now they are begging the government to replace the funding, but that is by no means a given.

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