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Comment GNU OS (Score 2) 573

Albeit slowly, the hurd kernel seems to come to something at a steady pace. Can we begin to expect a release of the GNU operating system as you envisioned it at the begining?

PC-BSD 8.0 Release Focuses On Desktop Use 154

donadony writes "Last Monday PC-BSD 8.0 was released. PC-BSD is based on FreeBSD and uses KDE as its default desktop environment. PC-BSD is designed to make BSD much easier for desktop use. The 8.0 release includes support for 3D acceleration with NVIDIA drivers on amd64 and improvements in the USB subsystem. The PC-BSD team has also developed a friendly package manager system with a simple-to-use GUI tool (see the screenshots tour). For a full list of changes, refer to the changelog."
United States

Submission + - US Dept. of Labor Turns to $4,380-a-Year Coders 1

theodp writes: Et tu, Ms. Secretary of Labor? To power the Tools for America's Job Seekers Challenge, the U.S. Department of Labor tapped IdeaScale, a subsidiary of Survey Analytics, which is headquartered in Seattle with satellite offices in Nasik, India and Auckland, NZ. According to the Federal Register, an Emergency OMB Review was requested to launch the joint initiative of the DOL, White House, and IdeaScale to help out unemployed U.S. workers. A number of sites are among the current top vote-getters. Speaking of Monster, a cached Monster Ad seeks candidates to work on the development and maintenance of, but in India at an annual salary of Rs. 2,00,000 ($4,380 US). BTW, an earlier White House-sponsored, IdeaScale-powered Open Government Brainstorm identified legalizing marijuana as one of the best ways to 'strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness.'

Submission + - MS Licensing gets worse (

Twillerror writes: RedmondMag reports on problems with the new new Volume licensing site that MS has recently launched. As someone who has used this system it has to be in the top 5 worst major sites I've ever used. I'm not as big of anit-MS guy as the normal Slashdot reader, but licensing in MS I think is clearly "just bad". Cost is debatable, but CALs are just confusing and hard to implement. At what point will MS just drop CALs and start charging reasonable fees for Exchange Server, Active Directory access, File server access and the like. I think people will pay for Windows Server 2008, but when you have to upgrade all your existing 2003 CALs it makes the adoption to hard. Why should I have to pay extra for a copy of windows to hit a file server...when will MS make enough off SMB? Will the site problems finally nudge MS to revamp their licensing approach?

Submission + - Evangelism is War – The Mono/Moonlight Agend (

blozza2070 writes: I was going over an old Groklaw posting that got me thinking about Microsoft and it’s .NET Agenda. I decided to do more research and took a look at the Comes vs Microsoft documents again but from the perspective of the current Mono issues. After reading the information contained in the documents I am even more convinced that Mono and Moonlight do nothing but help Microsoft win against competing platforms. I will quote and comment on a few relevant sections I found useful to prove my point.

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