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Comment Re: What's wrong with hate symbols? (Score 1) 378

Oh hey, I thought I was your favorite anti-democratic pro-fascist poster. I guess I'm only your second favorite now :(

Tell you what, I don't really have much time, so can you just make your usual claims about what I said then provide me with a long list of links, none of which actually contain anything relevant?

Well since I've never called you that, I'm sure you can cough up the links where I've labeled you that.

Sure, you want me to start with your anti-gamergate stuff, or the parts where you refuse to look at actual evidence of anti-gamergate people engaging in everything that you claim GG did. I mean you've got great company with this guy right here. Or do you want me to start with the stuff regarding twitter again that you refused to look at and ran away over?

Comment Re: What's wrong with hate symbols? (Score 2) 378

Oh boy! Everyone's favorite anti-democratic pro-fascist poster is back! I wonder if I can now count you as my own personal stalker.

Yes, expecting that people have different opinions and *not* attacking them is fascism for you. Good to see you're still so cowardly that in that same thread you haven't responded to anything else, while still claiming "I'm attacking people" when I show you the face of the modern left engaging in witch hunts. Perhaps you'd like another? Like this person who's also on the far-left, self-identifies as a SJW and openly advocating people and fire bombing business for having a different opinion.

Comment Re:Anita Sarkeesian: Destroyer of Shareholder Valu (Score 1) 313

Because a lot of people only like to hear what they want to hear. Twitter is a private company not a public service, there is no obligation to offer everyone a voice. Just like sports, religion, music, fashion or any other private venture, you create an ecosystem that you think customers want. You and I might think it's shit, but millions of others out there might think this sanitised version of Internet communication is great.

Correct partially. People enjoy listening to what they like to hear, however Twitter is a publicly traded company not private and is responsible to it's shareholders. Go listen to their last investors meeting, investors in general are livid with what the CEO has done to the company and brand.

Investors already know that the current CEO has significantly damaged the brand, possibly beyond repair. Some people though are in so deep that the only way to recover their buy in is for Twitter to sell to another company, but the CEO keeps fucking it up and the board doesn't seem to care. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if in 6mo that there's a shareholder revolt. So that goes all back to the original point, when you ban people because "reasons" it doesn't draw people in. Their number of active users continues to fluctuate between 288-315m but the number of new subscribers continues to fall through the floor. Which also reminds me of the shareholder lawsuit against them for purposefully misleading investors on future growth of users.

Comment Re:Gee (Score 1) 313

Ah OK, I see the problem now.

There's a gigantic stick up your ass, and you're so deep into it, that you don't even notice anymore.

Pretty modern hallmark of a regressive right there. Can't dispute anything, get's into a huff and stomps their feet instead of countering any point at all.

Comment Re:Games (Score 1) 59

Gaming has always been about the journey, the story helps. But that personal experience that gives you those warm feels is what has always made it. Ask any gamer the first time they stepped into the Fortress of Regrets and Deionarra shows up if they didn't feel something. Or their first play through of Mass Effect when you tell the fleet to come through. Even with older games there's going to be stuff you just remember and it's going to make you feel something.

But twitch? Cancer, the only service it provided was occasionally showing off new releases or people playing games before they were released in a review-like state. Now it's just camwhores and jackasses as far as the eye can see, they just put the nail into it when they decided to start arbitrarily banning games because it hurt some regressives feelings.

Comment So next year... (Score 5, Insightful) 212

So next year we'll be seeing the stats that piracy is increasing again since hollywood and so on decided that region locking was a really good idea. I know of quite a few people here in Canada who've simply cancelled their netflix subs, kept the VPN and now pirate everything like they did a few years ago.

Comment Re:Gee (Score 1) 313

I clarified one ridiculous strawman, I didn't ask for you to spam us with even more of them.

No, actually you didn't. You refuted nothing, countered nothing, and believe that my response was a quick and easy attack. If anything, your original comment was a strawman, since you took things that were contextually inaccurate, factually inaccurate, wrapped it into a nice bundle and made it into a statement as a means of attack without refuting the actual substance of the original.

You really seem like the type of person who just needs to calm down, take a deep breath, and look at how crazy you're acting.

Pointing out that there's a group of people that are directly impacting basic freedoms is crazy. Gotcha, that makes plenty of sense. You wanna go hit up the University of Toronto and soap-box that there are two genders for example? Remember we have free medical care here in Canada, with luck you won't be violently assaulted.

Obviously, some left-wing person has annoyed you at some point, or maybe several such persons. But you're conflating the actions of a very small group of people, to include everyone you disagree with.

Well I can agree largely with your last sentence, it's a very small group of people. So how is it that this very small group of people are having such a negative effect on society and culture at large? Or are you saying that said effects aren't negative or are you saying that their actions aren't having an effect on society. Such as their attacks on expression, speech, public and private opinion. That universities for example now aren't shying away from subjects that could "upset students" or outright ban people who have opinions to the contrary because of "security concerns." Or do those count as just minor inconveniences because they haven't effected you yet?

Comment Re:Gee (Score 1) 313

That's some scary, authoritarian, anti-free-speech shit you are advocating.

Where did I advocate something? Oh right, I didn't. What I did was provide you what the face of the modern left is doing these days. That's a group of leftists attacking someone because they dare to have an opinion they don't like. I have to wonder if you're so far ideologically left that you're unable to introspectively look at something and realize that the political side you've attached yourself to has and is authoritarian, anti-free speech. And loves to attack people for daring to have an opinion counter to orthodoxy.

Dictators everywhere agree with you, people shouldn't voice their criticisms if it makes life difficult for them.

Read that link again. I'll wait, all those people attacking the person are ideologically left and fall into that nice "SJW" camp. If you're unable to see that you're so far left that Chinese Marxists are just right-of-centre.

Comment Re:Gee (Score 1) 313

Some day, perhaps somebody will teach you the concept of "molehill and mountain". If you're trying to imply that Trump's people are less violent than his opponents, then we both know you're full of shit.

Gotcha. The shitty side you support isn't doing anything nearly as bad or even worse, and the far left sure isn't full of crazy radical environmentalists that do things like bomb animal testing labs, burn down houses or SUV's or try to blow up pipelines either. The left is by far full of more batshit insane then the right these days, but then again the left has believed in "violent agitation" since the 1960's as a method of public discourse. And you can find courses in universities all over the west that openly support that view. Or did you forget about that?

Comment Re:Clinton, Podesta, Putin and Trump (Score 1) 435

You think Clinton's campaign is feeling desperate? Vegas is paying out 6-1 on Trump presidency, but you know better, don't you?

Doesn't mean shit. At one point a few weeks before brexit, Vegas was paying 15:1 leave. Hell, they were paying 5:1 leave 48hrs before the vote took place.

Comment Re: Gee (Score 1) 313

The defensive holier than thou-ness of Mashiki, right here folks. Consistent to a fault.

Mocking a person is holier than thou-ness. Nice, I'll have to remember that for the future.

Don't worry, there are plenty of other examples of behavior, for example the reaction to Colin Kapernik, to the Dixie Chicks, the actions of Judge Roy Moore, that clerk in Kentucky, numerous comments and actions by police forces documented in DOJ investigations...

And they were all wrong. Wanna point out where I defended them? I'll wait...

Want to learn about Liberty University? Want to learn about the people who suggested ramming protesters in North Carolina? Want to learn about the one that did happen in Reno, Nevada? Want to learn about the terrorism planned in Kansas?

What about Liberty university? Besides that the students that are trying to shut down speech aren't actually religious conservatives, they're no different then the ones at Oberlin. It's pretty easy to find that out. "NC" would that be the same ones where the blacks were chanting "kill whitey" and "kill the crackers" pretty sure it is. You mean the protest in Reno where protesters swarmed the truck? And caught them without a problem?

That's odd, they're in the news all the time. Right now, for example, they're intervening in a custody dispute between two lesbians. And threatening revolutionary violence, if somehow their candidate doesn't win, because they just know, know, that it is all rigged.

Would that be the two lesbians that beat their child to death, or would that be a different case? Hyperbole isn't threats, but then again leftists have been out there violently attacking. Just like the ones that attacked a HPI oil line.

Your dogma seems to be the blindness of seeing only evil on the left, while refusing to recognize it elsewhere. Whicj is nothing new, your editorials could have been written after Haymarket Square.

Really? Seems like I'm able to sift through most of the BS you posted pretty easily. Want to try again? FYI I'm not american so I actually had to look up Haymarket Square.

Comment Re:Gee (Score 1) 313

Listen to yourself. You expect people to refrain from criticising behaviour they dislike (as you just did). In other words you want them to self censor. Of course this doesn't apply to you; you are free to attack me and anyone else who has contrary opinions.

Hypocrisy in a single sentence.

No, I'm expecting people not to turn around and attack a person to try and force them to lose their job or change their opinion because a whiny mob decides to lose their shit. If you think that this is an attack, then you're far more mentally unstable then you believe.

You want to know what a real attack looks like? Try this.

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