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Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 1) 98

No he didn't fake a tweet. Rather he tweeted something he believed to be true from another twitter user who had faked it. That guardian article, like usual is full of factual inaccuracies.

There's a fundamental difference between the two, but I'm glad that you like always ignore the rest. After all, can't let that narrative you've clung onto for two years be disproven in your mind. And those people you've been defending really were and are just plain shitty people who were unworthy of your white-knighting and were engaging in the exact thing that they claimed gamergate did. Never mind 2 years on, that there continues to be no proof of anyone in gamergate having done anything. But it continues to come out that the "non-existent anti-ggers" as you've put it in the past, really were out there doing it. Fun reminder: In that heatst article, Ian is one of the people in those logs and had a change of heart after realizing he had become that which he claimed he was fighting against.

Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 1) 98

Dude, you never did reply to my other post a few weeks ago that disproved all your other bullshit. Then again, kathleen cross(Quinnae) is in those logs...you know, Sarkeesian's right-hand at the time. But it's always so good when you trot out the "I don't like the facts, they show the side I have a vested interest in doing bad shit!"

Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 3, Informative) 98

No one is stopping you from spewing whatever inane stupidy passes for incitement commentary among your crowd. You'll be just as free to make an idiot of yourself on Twitter once these changes are in effect.

Really? You should pay more attention, because that's exactly what's happening. This is just one case of many, where there is one set of rules for one group of people and another for the "right kind of people."

Keep in mind that Milo never did that, but Leslie Jones sure did. So have several other people who were verified including a rapper, reporter, and a EiC of a magazine ...all of whom sic'd their followers on other people for engaging in wrong think. There's also another case of a person threatening a reporter with rape...for weeks(wish I could remember her name but it escapes me atm). Those are just off the top of my head. You know what the difference between them and Milo is? Milo doesn't carry the same political ideology as them. That reporter? She's a conservative. But in both cases when there are actual threats against them? Twitter has done nothing.

Disagree all you want, but when you cross into harassment then GTFO. No one is under any obligation to stand there while you abuse them.

Sure thing. Let me know when they actually start going after the actual harassers okay? You know people like Zoe Quinn, Kathleen Cross, Randy Harper, Izzy Galvez, Chris Kluwe and so on. You know, the people who claim that they're against harassment...right out there...harassing people, doxing people, and so on.

Comment Re:No, but... (Score 0, Troll) 294

I'd moderate you down for posting something so stupid, but what the hell...I'll reply in stead. Conservatives already know that despite the myths that they don't. Religious conservatives on the other hand? That ranges from yes they agree that it does, to nope not at all, to varying religious reasons that they're against it.

But while we're trotting out the bullshit, how about we toss this one in the ring. It would be nice if liberals would admit that GMO crops could help the world, or Margaret Sanger was a devout racist who believed that birth control was the perfect way to fix the "negro problem." I'm sure someone will come out with but but but, yeah. Go read up on the "negro project" and then look at the history and background of both people. There wasn't an altruistic motive, they believe that negros were subhuman and the best way to fix it was to stop them from reproducing. Enjoy that eugenics ideology there guys.

Comment Re:Ahh, science (Score 1) 674

No I actually have an idea of what they're for....having lived in the area as a kid. They just happen to have used it for several decades before they shut it down, don't make assumptions. They have a tendency of not turning out like you'd think. FYI the MTO station was 2.2km further then that one, and is still in operation. The one used for official measurements is now 40km away.

Comment Re:Ahh, science (Score 1) 674

Did they place it next to the 401, or did they place the 401 next to the weather station?

Next to the 401 of course. The 401 was built in the 1950's and 60's. The weather station was installed in the 90's to provide meteorological data for Environment Canada(also known as EC). Despite what the person replying to you said, this was the official monitoring station for a city. It was removed in 2009, and the meteorological data is now reported from a city around 40KM away as the officially reported data, that also includes temperature, wind, rainfall and so on. It's not a MTO station, that one is still 2.2km further then that station.

So yeah, figure that one out. Official and recorded meteorological data for a region is from 40km away, and is considered to be correct. Well I suppose that's okay, it's not as bad that one in Alberta records data that's then used in climate models for all towns and cities within 300km.

Comment Re:Ahh, science (Score 1) 674

You mean the weather stations which are part of the Ontario road weather network, installed specifically to get weather information along Ontario roads?

You mean it was at one time the official environment canada weather station until it was shutdown and then removed for an entire city. Now that cities "official" meteorological reports come from London.

A provincial forestry weather station. Odds are it's in that specific spot because of either accessibility, power, or it's a known problem spot.

Nope, sorry it's an official EC weather station. Yep I know, it's hard to believe isn't it. Welcome to Canada.

Comment Re:Ahh, science (Score 2) 674

Let's be realistic, there's lot of places especially here in Canada where there are no more weather monitoring stations. Then there are also lots of weather stations in bad places, seen plenty of those out in Alberta and in Ontario. My personal favorites? The one that was placed next to the 401(one of the busiest highway systems in the world), nothing like a pile of vehicle exhaust and hot asphalt to give accurate temperatures. The other, was out in Alberta which was in a valley, next to a river fed from mountain water run-off(roughly 4m away), which spent 2/3's of the day in the shade of a pine tree forest. Then there's all the weather stations that have only existed since 1980 or 1973ish when we had that series of really harsh winters and glaciers were growing at an incredibly fast rate.

Comment Re: Impossible... (Score 2) 332

I completed highschool roughly 10 years previous to that in the middle of the 90's. My group was the last to have welding, drafting/cad, carpentry and electronics, or even basic electrical work. We were also the last group to do machining, pipe fitting, or automotive. Every program relating to that was cut, gutted, and removed. Right up until this upcoming year those programs haven't existed, they were all replaced with arts, or just really anything else that they could think of that was no use. Even the 4H sponsored programs were removed. I lived in a very heavy farming area around 90% of the kids were all farm students, there were 4 highschools(now 3 where I used to live), multiple grade schools(around 7 then, 4 now). Roughly the same middle schools. Class sizes went up, number of schools went down. And number of classes disappeared too. The middle schools here don't have anything in their music classes that we did. When we were in grade 6, we were playing on the "big band" instruments, now? Nothing higher then a recorder until grade 9.

Most of my friends though, went directly into the jobs they wanted as well. Several of them are mechanics to this day, own their own shops(some of them several), two own specialized shops that deal with only modern electronics in cars. All the dealerships contract through them to deal with any electronics issues. But it was a different time, people who were smart went into manufacturing and expanded their skills there. These days, the kids graduating from highschool have learned less then those of us from 20 years ago and were taught that those trade skills were unimportant because they'd all be working white collar jobs.

I'm also a Canadian, living in Canada. I'll bet that you learned that outside of Ontario too. Since around 2001ish the provincial government implemented a "all schools will teach exactly the same thing" programs. Even in '97 when my sister graduated, those programs were gone and they were moving towards the "all schools teach the same stuff"

Comment Re:Dey tek er jebs! (Score 2) 332

Every other complaint is just a variation on "I shouldn't have to be price competitive because I was born in America".

You meant to say: "I'm fine with a company importing in people where there is a demand for jobs that Americans could do, then displacing me from my job with someone from another country, making me train my replacement who will work for 1/4 of the wages I worked for."

Yep brilliant. Millions of people out of work in the US and not in the labor force, and you're pro "let's bring in more people, and make sure they drive the wages down" while there are people who could do the job, but the companies don't want to hire because they can find someone from a 3rd world shithole at a cheaper price and can legally import them.

Comment Re:Impossible... (Score 4, Insightful) 332

They don't even teach welding in highschools anymore, you need to go to a specialty college to learn even the basics. Seems to me though, your "stuff being taught at highschool" isn't. Rather it can grant partial college credits towards an applicable program...in college, we had that 20 years ago too. But a college doesn't have to honor the full amount that is gained, and the board of education can drop the accredited amount when you least expect it.

Comment Impossible... (Score 2, Informative) 332

Fully impossible I say. The usual pro-H1B supporters on here say there's nothing wrong, and it's really good that all these people are being brought in to displace American works and push wages down. Just like how it's happening here in Canada with TFW's and employers are laying off employees because they don't want to pay the wage, then paying the 1/3 the wages that they were going for. And that ranges from welders and pipe fitters to skilled factory labor and IT.

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