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Comment Re:No way. (Score 2) 290

I can't stand youtube "articles" where they drone on for 20 minutes in what should have been a 2 paragraph piece of text.

I couldn't agree more--the trend where every fucking web-page needs an accompanying video (that MUST autoplay! ...or we won't get enough views!) is extremely annoying to anyone with reading and reading comprehension skills beyond the second grade. For us, the ability to read something (or scan it) faster than some dope can dictate the same information becomes a massive, world-destroying time suck.

Comment Re:Voice Memo huh (Score 1) 290

As a policy, when I was on the helpdesk, I would log those messages into tickets titled "garbled voice-mail" and not call back on principle. Sorry, no, we can't help you if you can't be bothered to learn basic telephone manners at the age of 35. Thankfully, now almost every company allows employees to submit tickets online, so I'm sure we've totally "Solved" one problem by shunting the idiots who can't leave a voice-mail that is understandable to human ears onto a web-app where they religious leave every field blank, or if fields are required type "space bar" or "*" into the field to get around it, and describe their problem as "the system is down."

Comment Re:Is it real unlimited? (Score 1) 193

Customers who use more than 26GB of data in a bill cycle will have their data usage de-prioritized compared to other customers for that bill cycle at locations and times when competing network demands occur, resulting in relatively slower speeds

This is still better than the old "unlimited" offer which began de prioritizing your traffic onto shitty edge wireless after 2GB of monthly usage. 26 GB (based on the usage data for me the last year) says I regularly consume around 10GB per month. So for me it would be a great deal, since all my traffic would be "not deprioritized."

Comment Re:Hackers stole a set of NSA cyberweapons (Score 1) 100

Yeah, that's the other patriotic favor Snowden did for us--he demonstrated our security procedures are shite.

Consider: If the bureaucrats breaking the law willy nilly weren't even able to competently keep the secrets that (theoretically, of course, in real life we know it's not happening) could have landed them all in the Federal pokey for many years, what chance did they have of keeping national security secrets?

Comment Re:By Hack it, they mean work for 2 bucks an hour. (Score 1) 472

With a mark up to 20 bucks an hour to their American customers. Or work for 60,000 as a Software Dev filling a Principle Dev role with commensurate experience.

Yeah, it turns out kids who took student loans and owe $40k-50k in debt can't afford to work for $32,500 per year for a job that should pay north of $75k, pay rent, and bills, and meaningfully participate int he economy (say by saving for and buying a house.)

But screw the economy as a whole! As long as the bosses can get cheap labor, who gives a fuck if the next generation can't ever afford to buy a house? Or a car? Or major appliances? It's not like we manufacture those in this country anyway.

Comment Re:Fuck Security (Score 2) 105

How about you hire 36,000 people to clean up the city and the water?

Why not do both? Hey all, you cops--when there aren't any criminals to bust, how about you pick up some litter, put it in a trashcan? Maybe one of you knows how to drive a garbage truck? Perhaps haul away some of those piles of trash!

It doesn't have to be police OR garbage collection, dammit--just have the same people do both jobs!

Comment What Stops Us From Suing? ...All of us, I mean? (Score 3, Insightful) 225

I don't recall signing an authorization for my data to be used this way. Nor did I engage in informed consent with any of the vendors that have disclosed this information to this third party--how about we just figure out who is selling them data and sue a few of them into bankruptcy? It'll scare away other potential sellers and take this predatory organization down.

Comment Re:So fire the school principals! (Score 1) 58

They should've asked the question: why is my school billed at a higher rate, than I'm paying at home

You're making an apples to zebras comparison: Residential telephone services are significantly cheaper than business services--such a disparity is by design. The phone company charges more to businesses because they're using the lines to make a profit and the phone company knows that business customers can't live without phone lines.

Without access to another comparably sized organizations business telephone billing records, this would be very tough for the school to even check, if not impossible.

The way to work around this is that there are companies whose entire reason for existence is to analyze telephone bills for businesses, governments, and other organizations. They have access to telephone bills from various customers, and probably would have noticed pretty quickly if such a scheme were in progress.

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