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Comment Re:draws a lot of comparisons to Mac OS X (Score 1) 209

If I wanted OS X I'd run OS X. I'm not sure why Slashdot is bothering to cover a distro whose claim to fame is ripping off somebody elses design. Or at least cover it and act like they're doing something unique.

It draws comparison because of design principals - most notably productivity. So, some things seem similar but it is a different (in a good way) experience from Gnome, KDE, Windows 7, and OSX.

This journal entry by the elementary team may shed some light:

Submission + - Elementary OS "Freya" Beta released ( 3

jjoelc writes: One year after their last release "Luna", Elementary OS (a Linux distribution with a very heavy emphasis on design and usability which draws a lot of comparisons to Mac OS X) Has released the public beta of their latest version "Freya"

Using core components from Ubuntu 14.04, "Freya" sports many improvements including the usual newer kernel, better hardware support and newer libraries.Other updates include a GSignon-based online accounts system, improved searches, Grub-free uEFI booting, GTK+ 3.12, an updated theme, and much more.

This being a beta, the usual warnings apply, but I would also point out that the Elementary OS Team also has over $5,000 worth of bugs still available on Bountysource which can be a great way to contribute to the project and make a little dough while you are at it.

Submission + - LXQT Ported to QT5, New Release soon

Tamran writes: From the LXDE blog page:

After the first official public release 0.7, the LXQt team is working on making it better. Our recent focus is fixing existing bugs and migrating from Qt4 to Qt5, which is required if we want to support Wayland. Now we had something to show. The latest source code in our git repository can be compiled with Qt5. by just passing -DUSE_QT5=ON flag to cmake. Building with Qt4 is still supported until the next release, but later we’ll focus on Qt5. Recently we also got some patches from the community and also a new developer joined us. We’re now fixing some remaining bugs. Hopefully we can have 0.8 release soon. :-)

Already the team is fast at work with new PCManFM and LibFM libraries.

Comment Re:Um, right. (Score 5, Insightful) 278

You mean like correcting the blatant errors in the grade school science texts?

This is exactly on point! Sure, having discussions and making students think deeper may affect their quiz/exam scores. However, there are countless examples of how these exams are no more than simulations of real life and how being able to respond to new situations creatively is the true measure of intelligence (sorry, I'm too lazy to bring any references but surely a Google search will reveal countless cases).

I now teach university undergraduate engineering classes after working in the industry for many years. What I now realize is that the people typically in this role have never worked as an Engineer and have NO CONTEXT to what they're actually teaching. With no context, how can these people be fair at assessment? In reality, either the product ships or it doesn't. But exams often become about solving some tricky problem that is from an 1800's analytical paper. Not to say these case studies aren't relevant, but the point is the objectives of education SHOULD BE some skill set as opposed to scoring high on some exam.

All that said, I believe the criteria used to make the conclusions in the summary are way off base and also lack context. Parents, don't stop debating with your children about what they're learning. People should balance questioning everything they are told with heuristics and best practices in order to "get things done." Test scores be damned if we can't even assemble lawn furniture at the end of the day.

Comment Re:Blocking customers from the cash register ... (Score 1) 169

I'm behind on my tv, so waiting another week for something is no big deal at all.

I think the issue is that the networks don't seem to want you to wait a week unless you pay them. My point above is really that they should focus on getting the eyes on the product rather than billing each and ever viewer that doesn't watch when they decide you should.

Google figured this out ... we're all customers, but none of us pay them directly. That's how they can make money. If Google charged me a subscription to do web searches, they'd have died a decade ago.

Comment Re:They probably don't want to burn affiliates (Score 1) 169

Often the "client" and "customer" are different groups. Advertisers pay based on number of viewers which is why ratings are so heavily measured and talked about. Rarely does the customer pay the networks directly except in certain cases like HBO and Showtime.

I do believe the subscription model will rule someday, I'd say this is equivalent to radio play for CD sales. It's hard to directly link them but it's clear there is a correlation.

ABC is making a bad decision here because they don't have the "juice" needed to demand a subscription (yet?). I think people will just find something else to watch, record it, or find a torrent.

Comment Blocking customers from the cash register ... (Score 3, Insightful) 169

... will ensure they don't buy anything. Similarly, making it hard for people to watch will ensure they don't. If they do want to watch, more will look for torrents (amongst other things) than go back to the stone age days (before PVR's, etc). People nowadays will not bother being inconvenienced unless you have awesome stuff - although it's not my cup of tea, Apple is an example of where people will stand in line for hours and be inconvenienced.

I wouldn't say ABC shows are worth putting off tennis practice (or whatever hobby you have) for. This will not end well.

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