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Journal Journal: McAfee VirusScan Dangerous on Linux

A fellow Gentoo Linux user and dev team member discovered and reported a very serious hole in McAfee VirusScan for Linux, a commercial antivirus solution. As the security issue is extremely critical with providing backdoor to the system, and since the package checks itself with checksums and cannot be easily patched for correction, gentoo linux dev team has already decided to drop the package from the portage tree. Perhaps other Linux distros users should consider what to do on their own.

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Journal Journal: Emperor's New Clothes 1

It's important for a corporate leader to know the difference between what is actually illegal, and what people assume should be illegal.
    -- Bill Gates, in interview for The Register, 19th June 2006

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Journal Journal: Slashdot is not what it used to be...

It seems Slashdot audience culture has shifted significantly during last year. Looking at the comments AND moderation scores, Slashdot is now infested with Microsoft marketing & public relations people, government agency specialists and military freaks. Real computer geeks community has weakened significantly.

Well, that's enough of my yearly journal entry.

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Journal Journal: Required, this subject is, verily.

Excellent /. karma for 2 years. Metamoderation two to three times per day. No mod points for more than a year.

Perhaps I have put too much of ideology in my posts?

So, let me state it clearly: I hate coercion.

False Order is enemy of Freedom.

True Freedom is in Chaos.

Chaos is primary force from which this Universe emerged.

In this Universe, it is impossible to hide anything.

Because of equivalence of energy and information.

To know something, you need focus.

Spirit of Man is the same as Spirit of God.

Suffering is caused by distraction.

You have been distracted intentionally.

Guess why.

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Journal Journal: Refreshing experience... on Slashdot?!

Incredible. But yes, it can be done.

I was always reluctant to moderate AC's posts as a waste of mod points, but now I browse at Anonymous Modifier -6.

And I must admit, it is a completely new, calm and refreshing experience. Try it.

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Journal Journal: Slashdot moderation algebra

Some examples of Slashdot moderation algebra

+5(Insightfull) -1(Troll) = 0 (Troll)
+5(Funny) -1(Overrated) = +1(Funny)


+4(Insightfull) = +4(Insightfull)
+4(Insightfull) +1(Funny) +2(Interesting) = +4(Insightfull)
+4(Insightfull) +1(Funny) +2(Interesting) -1(Troll) = 0(Troll)
+4(Insightfull) +1(Funny) +2(Interesting) -2(Troll) = -1(Troll)

How in the hell one is supposed to keep his karma up?

- With the current moderation valuation biased to prefer negative moderation it does not make sense to post positive content targeting up moderation. It is so easy to be spoiled with bad moderation.

- It seems to me Overrated and Flamebait moderation is a pure tool for editor censorship. I suspect michael is misusing mostly Overrated, while CmdrTaco prefers Troll and Flamebait.

Also, there is no Reason Modifier for Overrated on the comment options to counter that censorship manually.

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Journal Journal: It happened just an hour ago

I did it. I wiped out Windows 2k from the last of my computers. So, those Dungeon Siege & StarWars Battlegrounds are history. I feel I'll have a little more time for linux kernel hacking now.

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Journal Journal: They say I am orthodox geek.

They say I love penguins only. They say I hate Windblows.

It is not true. Not a little bit. I do boot Microsoft Windows, times to times. I simply can't stop using these two most excellent Microsoft Windows Applications. I mean Microsoft Dungeon Siege TM and Microsoft Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds TM.

Fortunately, these two were not actually coded by Microsoft.

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