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Comment Re:So global warming started... TSARKON reports (Score 1) 677

And your point? CO2 was at 1950 ppm, and the temperature was only 3 deg Celsius hotter. Full stop. Period. That is a fact. Not a "factoid" ... a motherfucking fact.

So, from this one data point, we can fully conclude that having CO2 at 1950 ppm will *always* result in a planet that is 3C warmer than today? I think that the parent was making the point that a whole fuckton of variables have changed in and around the planet in the intervening 200 million years, so it is making an apples to oranges comparison.

Here, I'll give you an example of this reasoning. Last winter, while standing outside with my coat on, I was cold. Therefore, if I want to cool off on a hot summer day, I should go outside and put my coat on. After all, I had my coat on before and felt cold, which is a *fact*, a motherfucking fact.

Comment Re:Next Thing You Know... (Score 2) 418

Of course, that didn't work out [] too well []

It is still ongoing story and too early for any conclusions.

If you read a more detailed description, you'll see that it is a mixed bag, with a mix of both good and bad consequences. Also, note that some of the biggest current hardships (legal issues) are totally independent of the $70K wage.

Comment Re:And 4) (Score 2) 639

What is the temperature of the Earth *supposed* to be?

This whole question misses the point. As you correctly observe, there is not temperature that the Earth is *supposed* to be, and in fact there have been wild fluctuations in the Earth's temperature over the past million+ years.

The trouble with man-made climate change isn't that the Earth is going through changes. The trouble is that the Earth is going through a very rapid temperature change that will have significant impacts on humanity (as well as the rest of the world).

These rapid changes will do things like cause glacial melt, increase the severity and variability of weather, change habitable zones for various species, etc.

Those changes in turn lead to water shortages, sea level rise, death and destruction due to storms, pests and pathogens moving to places where they haven't been before, etc. Those factors will have a huge impact on human habitation and the global economy.

Will the Earth survive? Of course. It has been through much worse. That's not the point.

The point is that there is a huge cost to humans with the pace of the shifting climate, and we can either eat the costs trying to minimize the shift or we can eat the cost in terms of displaced people, drought, famine, etc.

The responses being advocated mainly involve shifting away from fossil fuels (which are a fixed, non-renewable resource) towards an economy of energy production that comes from renewables. Isn't this a good idea anyway?

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