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Comment Re:prediction... more good comments... not (Score 1) 367

Here it is then. A straight up conspiracy to temporarily resuscitate coal mining so the crap investment can be dumped on pension funds and gullible mug punters. It seems the rich and greedy held on too tightly to those coal investments, hence the need for a major conspiratorial pump and dump. The reason why coal will crash, simply to environmentally damaging from carbon to coal ash, it simply is an ancient energy source that should have been abandoned years ago and they know it, hence the need for a major pump and dump. So yep economic and environmental (do I get bonus points).

Comment Re:Opposite (Score 1) 331

Make no mistake they will be retiring younger than the current norm, they will just be retiring into poverty, unwanted and abandoned by a psychopathic capitalist society, unless change is forced. Now that is something millennial are waking up to. Once they are no longer desirable they will be tossed on the scrap heap unless they fight back now.

Comment Re:Money (Score 1) 118

It would prove Trump is an idiotic orange orangutan if he stupidly destroyed exactly what got him elected in the first place. Without net neutrality Trump would have been dead in the water, how much would any individual have to spend when their digital data could be put in the slow lane, enough to buy the company who purposefully put it in the slow law. As a cartels they can not silence content with net neutrality laws in place, else they would traffic they want to censor for what ever reason the slowing to zero lane. If Trump wants to prove himself an idiot and be slowly basted in the fire of public condemnation, then he is foolishly welcome to do so, the law would be changed back anyhow, so kind of stupidly pointless, except to formet public outrage and put another nail in the Republican political coffin (having temporary political dominance is no reason to become politically stupid, if you do not say no to idiot demands, you will lose and lose badly, very badly, at least make it a challenge else it's just not fun anymore).

Comment Re:We need enforced standards (Score 1) 53

Wikileaks through the efforts of Julian Assange and the rest of the Wikieleaks team and, we know that the US governments consider every single person on this planet as a person of interest, someone who might need to be controlled, a potential target and they did disclose their intent to specifically target political activists for thought crimes.

Lets be blunt, you idiots worry about facial recognition at a sporting venue, what the fuck do you think they have been doing with your smart phones and passwords when they leave you sight as customs, taking data off, get real, putting stuff on is their goal, total control with total data, we are talking seriously sick psychopathic fuckers and not tomorrow but yesterday, in fact operating for years and years. Want to know slavery go cashless socities with mobile monitors and controls, George Orwell could not even dream of what is actually being constructed by an extremely corrupt US government.

Comment Re:lack of socialization: evolutionary disadvange (Score 1) 50

It's called evolution in action. Those who do not want human companionship are very unlikely to breed, those who want human companionship, especially of the other sex are very likely to breed. Hence not the problem it is made out to be. Unless you use donation and artificial wombs, then what function you are attempting to achieve will be achieved. So the choice really is Planned Parenthood or the Idiocracy.

Social people will seek social interaction, especially at times of need, so human provided medical services with computer generated supervision of those services. Policing interactions again with computer generated supervisions services. Then there are the other logical ones, like education, citizen government interaction and of course government. Sure computer provided supervision of those interactions with the consent of the human parties involved but people will inevitably want to deal with people, even if they might not want to do so too often ie parenthood being too often for some (unwilling to make the sacrifice, they fuck off with your ego and don't play the game - sometimes the truth is brutal). Hence over time the problem continually presents and resolves itself, as long as stupid attempts to feed psychopathic or narcissistic ego are simply forbidden, else extremely negative outcomes become the norm, like our current era.

Comment Re:LOL at jocks! (Score 1) 55 mobile spell checker made a mess of that. Enjoy laughing at me.

I meant to say:

"So Adidas is making a few recycled shoes and the title of the article says they hope that "will end pollution?" I knew jocks wearing Adidas shoes were dumb, but WOW! I wonder how many barrels of oil Adidas burned to retrieve those few pounds of recyclable plastic."

Also, hey, Slashdot, fix your $^#@ site so it works on Android. This is 2017, not 2007.

Comment It is true (Score 2) 367

However, like everything, if a technology comes along to supplant it, in this case, the cost of greener alternatives is lower than coal, it'll simply dwindle and fade over time, with absolutely no need for liberals trying to regulate the crap out of it.

This flawed argument ignores the incontrovertible fact that allowing coal to continue to provide energy on equal terms with other energy supplies rather than pressuring the market to switch to less environmentally damaging sources of energy would do real and substantial harm to us all. The bottom line is: the less energy produced from burning coal and supplied instead from less polluting resources, the better off the world is.

So in fact, there is a need for it to have the crap regulated out of it in a context where it can be replaced with (considerably) less polluting energy sources, which is exactly where we are today.

Comment Re:ATT is NOT a charity (Score 1) 161

Nothing at all to do with who will pay what and everything to do with the squeaky wheel gets oiled. Basically they did those area first, where people would complain the loudest (loud in terms of real political access) and the poor, well, we all know the answer to that, screw em (keep in mind the prejudice of the decision makers). Don't think so, think property size and how many residence per kilometre of road, poor area small properties and medium density dwellings versus rich area and mansions (much larger land area). So poor areas represent many more customers per square kilometres, so much more revenue, yet the did the lowest suburban revenue zones first (also think Republicans voters versus Democrats voters, again prejudice).

Comment Re: The Ministry of Truth (Score 1) 110

In point of fact, if you want the conservative choice, there is only one source that is applicable, a court of law where the facts are tested. All else is only opinion, until something has been proved and tested, it has no real value beyond that of an opinion. It is the height of hypocrisy to claim one news source as valid and another invalid simply because it is contrary to the other news source, when neither has been tested and proved.

The solution is easy. Create a licensed news profession, a licensed public investigators. Make them legally liable, with custodial sentences of fines, dependent upon harm caused, for any false fact they spread. So as a licensed public investigator, preparing news reports, your story can be counted as fact unless proven false in a court of law, at which time a server penalty is paid for any false hoods. Turn news reporting into a licensed profession with server penalties and the news will clean itself up soon enough, between those licensed news professional to smart to lie and those stupid enough to lie cooling their heels in a prison cell.

Until then it is nothing more than the truth of the highest bidder where truth is nothing more than the lies that fills their pockets with other people's money.

Comment Re: And the moral of the story is... (Score 1) 661

It is not as clear cut as you claim. You can not call yourself a licensed engineer but you can call yourself an engineer as in or So you can call yourself and engineer, just not a licensed engineer capable of producing engineered works or calculations. Just like you can call yourself a doctor but not a medical doctors licensed to practice medicine. The most strictly applied name, would be lawyers, with even the slightest hint of providing legal advice being challenged but would you expect for lawyers who infest the political system.

Very likely if the person appealed the case they would win.

Comment Re:Yay for Men's rights... and other possibilities (Score 1) 178

I still try to understand for what reason should genetic faults be artificially reproduced on purpose, for no other reason than to feed the ego of the holder of those defective genes. If you are genetically incapable of producing children why should you genes be pushed onto the next generation, who in turn will be genetically incapable of producing children but then ego must be served in a society based around narcissism from the top.

Comment Re:5th amendment applies to testimony only (Score 1) 31

They can force you to hand over the phone, the problem is there is no legal way to force some one to remember something because if you legitimately forget or for any reason lacked the knowledge, then would in fact be slowly but surely psychologically torturing you to death with an infinite jail sentence for refusal to comply with the impossible.

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