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Comment Re:Mobile Web (Score 1) 44

No, that's not "responsive design". That's just a minimal design, which is great if you have minimal content. Responsive design means fucking shit up all over the place on different devices (based on resolution, browser strings, etc.). Sane navigation on a desktop site? It better be a javascript-enabled, overlaying shitshow behind a "swipe" action or a "hamburger" button on the mobile site!

Comment Re: Mobile Web (Score 1) 44

"Responsive" design is a wasp's nest of complicated, half-working, hacky CSS with javascripty shit on top . Unless your layout and content are brain dead simple.

Not all content works that way, and not all web sites can focus on style or presentation. Many websites need to get shit done and need to present a lot of content cleanly. And yes, sometimes we have to use tables!!

Comment WTF FBI, LOL? (Score 1) 48

Parent has a good point. For one, the FBI technically doesn't have the right to authorize breaking the law. Isn't that the right of a federal prosecutor or the DoJ? The FBI, for all their fancy suits and cool sunglasses are just basically cops. A cop could ignore someone breaking the law, but they aren't really supposed to. The DA looks at the evidence collected by the police and decides if there are grounds for charges. (Actually it is probably more along the lines of if they are likely to succeed in getting a successful sentience or if they will get yelled at for not at least trying to charge someone for a high profile crime.) That is why a prosecutor offers a deal or plea bargain to witnesses for cooperation, and not the arresting officer.

As I understand it, if the FBI is just looking the other way, they are very out of line. If they are running this by a federal prosecuter and/or a judge that is providing assistance and oversight, then this is probably a legit practice. Perhaps not very moral or prudent, though.

/. readers who are lawyers cops, & prosecutors reading this, please jump in and correct my erroneous assumptions now...

Comment Re:Woz knows best (Score 1) 297

But in a heavily-stylized font such that the u is symmetrical, the l and t are nearly identical, and the B and H are very similar as well.
Then you can do it up so the second half is angled off of the first a bit, such that one half appears to be a reflection of the other half.
Make the left half of the logo one color and the right half another color. We'll probably go with a dark or grey-blue on the left, and then a desaturated version on the right. For plaintext use we'll prescribe black for the left half and grey, italics for the right. For monotone use it'll be black on the left and white (or grey) on the right.

Somebody get on this shit now. I need vector illustrations.

Comment Re:There's a simpler answer to this (Score 1) 164

I disagree about the "openness being a disadvantage." Seriously, name one thing that the carriers/OEMs do, in terms of software, that adds any significant value. I throw down the gauntlet.

Samsung added multi-window support years and years ago and gave us the stylus and all its features.

Comment Fearless leedur on manbanging (Score 1) 151

"fat twink" is an oxymoron. If you're fat you can't be a twink.

YOu at beiung shutting up now! FAERLESS LEADUR CAN DOANYTHING! He want be fat twink, he be bestest fat twink workd HAS ever seen! You Donalds Trump is not half fat twink Faerless leadur can ever be! KiM will wrestle him to mud, like fat greasy fat twink he is!

you american no tell us what faerlus leedur can do, that why world so hate on you. We all be fat twinks just to show you what powerful NK peoples can do. We show you, but good! Fat twinkes we all be! Fuck on you!

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