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Comment Scorpio (Score 1) 109

Scorpio isn't an upgraded Xbox One. The Xbox One S is. Just like the PS4 Pro is the upgraded PS4.

Scorpio is a new generation, though it'll likely be backward compatible, feature a similar UI/OS (Windows 10 everywhere...), tie into the same backend services, etc.

Outside of Nintendo, the days of console generations being completely new shit are likely dead. Development costs are too high, and established libraries (especially digital) are a huge consideration. Both Sony and MS are using AMD's shit for CPU and GPU. Staying on x86 (and AMD) makes perfect sense because it lowers cost, lets them maintain compatibility with older titles so people can keep their existing games as they upgrade to later versions of the console, and makes development easier. It also helps make maintaining the back end services (PSN and Xbox Live) simpler if you don't radically change things every few years.

Scorpio will almost certainly have games that ONLY play on Scorpio, but the PS4 Pro games are (for now, at least) all guaranteed to run on the PS4. This is what demarcates a generational divide. MS is trying hard to get marketshare back, and they had a great opportunity when Sony fucked up with the PS4 Pro (no 4K BluRay support), but they can't seem to get any traction. This is why they're making the first move with Scorpio.

Nintendo, as always, does its own thing on its own time.

Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 4, Funny) 159

No reason that a modern in car system could not be made to

With the way automobile manufacturers develop and update their "infotainment" systems, in 10 years half of the manufacturers will get this into half of their lines, enabled in half of the trims for half of the models, and it'll only half work.

Tesla will have a beta version next week, but will have to roll it back because it causes the car to drive into the nearest tree. Elon Musk will somehow blame both the driver and the tree in one fell tweet.

Comment Re:What taxi advantages does Uber get? (Score 2) 113

In terms of employees taxi companies are highly exploitive of workers, vastly more so than Uber. Uber drivers can choose where and when they want to work with complete freedom. How is that not giving an inherent advantage to taxi companies that can order drivers to service unpopular locations?

Taxi drivers can actually earn a living wage.

Comment Re:FCC Complaint (Score 1) 88

Yup - I canceled within 20 minutes of signing up because it was pure trash. They refused to honor the 7 day cancel anytime free trial period. I had to file a charge back and then fight FedEx to take the fucking AppleTV (which I planned on selling) back to the sender.

DirecTV Now is shit, shit, shit, as are the assholes running the company.

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