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Comment Re:Emissions fix? Call me skeptical... (Score 1) 63

I just opened the comments thinking, do I even want this "fix" on my car? If I lose MPG or power then; it aint no fix in my book. MPG and power were factors I considered when buying my car. I paid a lot of money based on the MPG and power the car had when I bought it. I have no interest in seeing either reduced.

If I can, I will probably avoid this "fix"

Comment Re:License to work (Score 1) 637

> What I suspect is REALLY going on here is that John Deere and other manufacturers have adopted a model of selling their equipment to farmers either at a loss or at cost, with the understanding that they'll make their profit in implicit servicing contracts.

Is it a sale or a lease? If its a sale then fuck them. If its a lease, then maybe they should have said so up front....then not gotten the contract because the farmer didn't want a lease.

If its a lease, and it breaks down, I want a new one. IN fact, if its a lease, I want to trade it in for another one in a couple of years so I always have a fresh one. In addition to all this being spelled out up front and the word SALE never even having been uttered, unless it was "we don't offer" or "you could also...."

If its not a lease, then pound fucking sand.

Comment In 2016 Nintendo is 1 decade behind cheesy rips (Score 1) 195

I am shocked its taken them so long. Cheesy, probably illegal, 3rd party knock offs sold in malls and flea markets have been doing this for at least a decade now....and cheaper. Nintendo is honestly coming to market with a knock off of the knock offs for 6+ times the price of what I saw people buying them for 10 years ago?

I can't help but laugh.

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