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Comment Re:Old movies (Score 2) 252

I love Dr Who but I had to come to terms with the fact that it is not really science fiction so much as science fiction themed fantasy. It is well written fantasy and it plays at being science fiction but, they really just do whatever.

In fact, we are not alone, I recently found a rant that sums it up well; I still watch the show but, its a good steady fuck buddy, not really relationship material:

Comment Re: Just sayin' (Score 0) 48

No, they use FUD, brand name recognition, and bundling, and charge obnoxiously inflated rates. Quite a few less-savvy customers end up badly gouged. My landlord is one of them. He's stuck with a ridiculously overpriced DSL package from Bell because of Fibe TV—and his location, deep in the heart of metropolitan Toronto, is mysteriously not eligible for the actual fibre-optic-to-the-pole service promised in marketing material. If you actually read the entire article, you'll see mention of lobbyist groups trying to get the CRTC to change their practices of trusting incumbents to actually keep their prices competitive due to competition.

Comment Re:Just sayin' (Score 5, Informative) 48

If you RTFA, you'll discover the little nugget of joy that the CRTC declined to regulate prices—again. So all those rural areas are going from terrible service to unaffordable service. I don't think the big telcos are that upset about this particular demand; they get money to overhaul their infrastructure (where needed) and can double-dip by charging their customers as much as they want afterward. It seems that this probably won't be changing any time soon.

T-Mobile Exempts AT&T's DirecTV Now Service From Data Caps ( 22

An anonymous reader writes: One of the biggest selling points of ATT's DirecTV Now service is that it streams video without counting against data caps on the ATT mobile network. But T-Mobile USA customers will also be able to watch DirecTV Now without using up data, the carrier announced yesterday. DirecTV Now is one of the latest services added to Binge On, which exempts dozens of video services from data caps as long as customers are willing to limit mobile viewing quality to about 480p. T-Mobile also promised to reimburse customers for DirecTV Now for 12 months if they port a phone number from the ATT network to T-Mobile and purchase at least two lines. This offer consists of a $35 monthly bill credit, enough to cover the DirecTV Now promotional price. This is a limited-time offer and cannot be combined with other offers like "Carrier Freedom," which reimburses customers for early termination fees when they switch to T-Mobile. "ATT wants you to think DirecTV is theirs exclusively, but that's a load of crap," Legere said in T-Mobile's press release yesterday. "Both DirecTV Now and the DirecTV apps stream free on T-Mobile with a faster, more advanced network that covers nearly every American. ATT is so distracted by their new businesses and DirecTV that they continue to ignore their 110 million wireless customers. Luckily, the Un-carrier's here to show them how to actually take care of customers!"

Comment Re:headline resummarized: Tor!=Panacea (Score 1) 55

> I like the idea of running tor an a separate VM from the one you do your browsing on.

It is a proxy and most of the attack vectors attack the end client, not the network itself.... the tor client needs internet access, the client behind it can only harm itself with direct acces.... so don't give it...not even dns, nothing. Just port 9050 alone and only one responding IP.

Maybe drop another interface on there and log all the non-port 9050 traffic as well :)

Comment Re:headline resummarized: Tor!=Panacea (Score 1) 55

That is not the very least. That is a whole bunch of extra work when entire distributions exist just to obviate the need for this. Take a look at tails.

It is, of course, recommended to put it on a usb stick and clean boot hardware off the stick to use it; however, there is nothing stopping you from bringing it up in a VM if you are ok with the trade offs.

Accomplishes the same thing, for less work, and with a much larger already setup base which will be identical to other users, in ways that increase the work of differentiating you from other users.

also, it is possible to jail an environment better.... What you really want on you VM is to jail it onto a network segment with no gateway where its only connection to the outside world is a tor client on a second VM.

Which i care enough to state, not enough to even setup for myself. I have a few tails sticks for the few things I really need a secure environment far that means mostly for times I want to drop off the network entirely in order to work with key generation.

Comment Re:Here come the science deniers (Score 1) 560

> different psychotropic drugs, many of which I found out later have studies showing that they are less effective than a placebo (but slightly more effective than the previous class of useless drugs).

And yet, nobody had any qualms about prescribing them and charging insurance or taking your money for them. Less effective than placebo....that is really fucking something.

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