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Comment Re:Gut flora and artificial sweeteners (Score 1) 5

This is probably the most recent, well-cited article on the topic. The authors looked at the effects of saccharin in mice, and were able to determine that there was a significant elevation in blood-glucose level for the mice that were fed saccharin instead of actual glucose over the course of nine weeks. This suggests a mechanism for previous findings that suggest artificial sweeteners cause insulin insensitivity, weight gain, type II diabetes, et cetera. The difference between the two diets went away when both groups were raised with antibiotics, strongly suggesting the underlying cause was gut microbiota. They also found evidence that the saccharin diet led to changes in gut microbiome composition:

In agreement with the experiments with antibiotics, next generation sequencing of the microbiome indicated that mice drinking saccharin had distinct compositions from controls. This distinct microbiome was characterized by enrichment of taxa belonging to the Bacteroides genus or the Clostridiales order, with under-representation of Lactobacilli and other members of the Clostridiales. Several of the bacterial taxa that changed following saccharin consumption were previously associated with type 2 diabetes in humans.

Keep in mind that everyone has different gut flora, so in general these impacts will vary from person to person, which is why the effect is inconsistent, as with obesity and type II diabetes in general. I can't say for certain that these results would directly transfer into humans, but since the bacteria are the same, it's unreasonable to assume they wouldn't. Less clear is whether this effect transfers to other sweeteners; the paper includes a table showing a number of studies pertaining to a diversity of chemicals, some of which found an effect, and some of which didn't.

Non-professionally, my advice would be to avoid artificial sweeteners, and ideally all liquid candy. Some people find that drinking normal, sugary soda produces a state of lethargy, and I'm pretty sure this is a result of the long-term exposure to sucralose. It's sort of a trap!

Comment Re:Which type of graft is best? (Score 1) 5

That's fairly straightforward; as this summary article explains, a synthetic allograph (or xenograph; the terms overlap) that maintains bone mineral density is ideal, as it means no harvesting from elsewhere on your body (eek), no risk of rejection, and good bone density. I'd say start a conversation with your dentist about hydrogel-hydroxyapatite composites and mention you're concerned about sustaining bone density long-term.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Biology Help Desk: Volume 3^3 5

As requested by the world's greatest masked mystery person, Anonymous Coward, it may or may not be time for yet another biology help desk thread, after a surprisingly long hiatus of about four years. Feel free to contribute both questions and answers.

Comment Re: In Other News (Score 1) 477

It was a quaint archaism over a century ago. British English used it in the 18th century, and it arrived in India alongside the British. Many quirks of Indian English have similarly ancient roots, although some are innovations and most are the product of people learning the language (e.g. Hindi speakers conflate "softly" and "slowly" as Sanskrit had only one word for both.)

Comment And the amazing consequences... (Score 5, Funny) 606

Two words: Wikipedia vandalism.

According to Wikipedia, the Whopper is a bugger consisting of a flame-grilled patty made with 100% medium-sized child with no preservatives or fillers, topped with sliced tomatoes, onions, lettuce, cyanide, pickles, ketchup, and mayonnaise, served on a sesame seed bun.

Comment Re: oh no (Score 5, Funny) 423

All. Almost all. Slashdot is the unpleasant-smelling uncle at the Thanksgiving dinner table who was laid off during the dot-com bubble, decided to retire early, and spends the rest of his days complaining about how new-fangled touch-screen smartphones don't support vi keybindings the way God and Ken Thompson intended, how systemd would never have happened under a Libertarian president, and that global warming is a feminist conspiracy.

The rest of us come here because it's mildly more entertaining than going to an actual zoo.

Comment Re:Numbers (Score 1) 575

How does this absolve them of the fact that they were revoking his seat entirely for their own convenience? The captain may be in charge, but the airline should still be held liable for his decisions.

Choosing to not honor his ticket may be their right, but I don't see why that absolves them of any and all responsibility. They took his money and then denied him service entirely for their own convenience. That is 100% on them.

Comment Re: Soooo missleading Title... (Score 1) 120

How does "not as bad" fit into this at all? We are liberties pretenders.

The ability to complain is requisite for freedom; not sufficient alone. As long as people can be imprisoned, and are at terribly frightening rates; the highest in the world, we are not free.

As long as all the government needs to do to put you in prison is produce a physical object and claim you had it, whether that object is guns, or drugs, or religious symbols or any simple thing....we have no freedom.

As long as we can be survieled and have evidence trails "Constructed" to deny us the right to a fair trial, hell, while the president can deny us a fair trial.... we have no freedom.

Being able to complain about it is....nice. I will give you that.

Comment Re: Soooo missleading Title... (Score 2) 120

> What part of individual freedom and limited government as written in the US Constitution is morally wrong?

You are putting words in his mouth. I live here in the US and I certainly don't look at our country and say "paragons of freedom and limited government", not by a long shot.

If anything, the betrayal of those principles is why I would agree, there is no reason to love the US. We are liberties pretenders. We have made an entire industries out of imprisoning people for what they would choose to put in their own body, then used it to justify more and more surviellance and restrictions on liberty.

That is before even getting to the murderous terrorism we call foreign policy.

Comment Re:This! (Score 1) 126

Not going to lie, I miss keepass and its autotype function. I tried to mock something up with xdotool but never really worked right.

That is mostly what I did, though instead of a thumb drive I just used git to keep some copies around...though, on windows I just used scp because I had trouble with git-annex. I never trusted thumb drives that much. I have lost data from them and if a backup procedure is too manual, I know I wont follow it.

Then I bought a yubikey, and the more I looked at it, the more attractive the password-store model was. Worst case scenario, the only tools I really need are ssh, git, and opengpg. The only backup data, aside from my multiply-replicated repo is my restoration keyring, which can be copied to several USB sticks and is valid for potentially a decade or more. I can toss one in a bank safe deposit box (and some day I will get around to doing that!)

You CAN setup a yubikey in OTP mode with keepass via a plugin, but, OTP mode is suboptimal and could be very problematic if you have sync/backup issues.

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