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Comment Re:Secret government proceedings? (Score 1) 350

When I read the summary I thought that this was going to be a discussion of how the dems did an end run around the speakers call for recess and started broadcasting via social media. Once again I was disappointed with the direction the discussion on Slashdot took. Someday I'll stop monitoring Slashdot in favour of better discussion. I replied to this post because it seemed to be the first to address the topic of the summary.

Comment Re:Redundant Systems (Score 3, Interesting) 170

Time to dust off the sextant. My father insisted that I learn celestial navigation when I started sailing long distances when I was a teen, but that was back in the early '90's. I also read recently that the US Navy is bringing sextant training as well. Now if I could only find some new charts...

Comment If it's close enough... (Score 1) 101

I have been flying RC aircraft and helis for 35 years, or so. I would have never even thought of flying one of my craft anywhere near someone else's property unless I went and talked to the property owner beforehand. Most people didn't care, in fact, and would come out to watch and ask questions. Some were not so receptive and I always respected their wishes as they were the owners of the property, not me. For me, anything that flies below my roof line is fair gain. I would just feign surprise at the improbability of their drone coming down. Proving malicious intent would be impossible. Civil suit? Pardon me while yawn.

Submission + - Conference WiFi or cell ph tether?

borjonx writes: Is it any safer to use my smart phone's cell connection shared to my laptop, than to use the wifi that everyone else is using?

I'm going to a software conference soon w/6,000 people & there will be free WiFi provided by the vendor & my hotel. During these conferences I sometimes need to connect to my company network via Cisco VPN and then SSH into our servers. I hear horror stories about hotel & conference wifi "games".

Submission + - That man who 'deleted his entire company' with a line of code? It was a hoax (

An anonymous reader writes: As Slashdot readers speculated, the story about a man deleting his entire company with a line of code was a hoax. Marco Marsala, the owner of a Web hosting company claimed on a forum earlier this week that he deleted all the data on his company's server. Stack Overflow, which runs the forum, says that the post was a hoax, and pointed to an article on an Italian news outlet, which describes this whole fiasco as a "marketing effort" to promote Marsala's company. "It was just a joke," Marsala told the paper.

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