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Comment Re:Of course there were no whales nearby (Score 1) 187

The local teenagers setup a mobile rave outside your house and start pumping out One Direction and Ke$ha at 120db.
Unable to do anything to get them to move you decide to pack your family in your car and get out of the area for a while.
While driving you get lost in the rain and trying to find out where you are you lose control of the car and crash into a pole killing your kids and putting your wife in hospital.

Obviously the teenagers driving you out of your home are in no way to blame.

Comment Re:Idiocracy (Score 1) 628

With a wife who is allergic to strawberries, she has learned that she can't trust anything at work. People put strawberries on plates of everything, and some people think it is enough to just take them off. But the juice from them will get into the plate, then seep into the other food, and she ends up being violently ill to the point where she needs to go to hospital. It would be better if people left them on the plate because then she would know what was most likely safe; but people know she is allergic and therefore take them off. It doesn't matter how much she tells them, they always think they are doing the right thing.

She has no defense against this, and she has been told that people are "just trying to help".

The SMS / phone thing is similar. I know I can SMS my wife when she is driving because her phone is in her bag, on the back seat, on silent. Why? Because it removes any temptation to answer the phone. If she had a history of responding to SMSs while driving and I constantly SMS'ed her, then I would consider my behavior to be empowerment, and that is something I shouldn't do.

Comment Re:The alternative (Score 2) 492

I don't disagree with your main point, but as someone who put on 50kg over 5 years while dealing with a chronic illness that was misdiagnosed and mistreated, options could be lifesavers. Put on drugs that caused weight retention, and not being able to exercise without having a seizure, was not a good time in my life. Something like this might have meant the 4 year recovery may have been doable in 1 or less.

There are always reasons that people can't "just do" something that is good for them - not excuses, reasons. I hope that you never have to deal with a serious illness or injury - because it not only knocks you off your lifestyle, it knocks you off your high horse.

Comment Re:That's Florida for you (Score 1) 1737

I read an article once that was a backlash against media owners making a grand issues of cases where they wanted 'reasonable doubt' because they had already made up their minds about the way they wanted the case to go. (Not saying that happened here).

Basically it was stating that if you can make a huge deal of a case, then the chances of conviction go down due to the fact that the massive publicity would cause the about of disinformation to increase and therefore the doubt as well. Meaning reasonable doubt was more like, due to events that happened after the actual crime.

The conclusion the article made (it was in something paper based, and I can't find a copy online - sorry) was a little extreme in my opinion. It stated that crimes such as murder and rape should be immediately media blocked and only reported after the trial is complete; except to announce that the crime happened with no details or names of suspects. Any breach would cause fines, and in extreme cases charges of perverting the course of justice. While I feel this is extreme, I think there is something to be said for it.

Comment Re:I'm amazed... (Score 1) 1737

So as someone who isn't a US citizen... let me get this straight...

In the US people will go absolutely mad if there is any sign of gun control legislation.
However if you use a gun, even not shooting it at someone but as a warning shot, that's illegal.

Everyone should be able to carry a gun, no one should be able to use it...

It must be good to be in an industry making things that society tells people they should have, but should never use. Never need to provide a warranty because if the item fails, the person who finds that out is the one in trouble.

Comment Re:Can no one else see a problem with this? (Score 1) 217

Having seen people put razor blades on water slides (well the after effects), and stuff like that, it's the control of needing to put your eye close to a scanner in such a way that some moron will think it's funny to place a needle sticking out of the lens.

My issues with stuff like this is more about safety; with one exception.

You stop working for a company and you hand your security pass back and you are out of their system. If it's a bio-metric scan then they have that forever and you can't make them get rid of it. [I leave ACompany and go work for BCompany. ACompany uses the data they have on file to access BCompany and I am in trouble.]

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