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Comment Already abandoned (Score 1) 192

This went abandoned several years ago (failure to properly respond to a Final Office Action). If only God used his infinite powers to make persuasive arguments.

Frankly, I'm dissapointed that the PTO took his money. He clearly needs psychological help, and even small entity fees add up.


Submission + - Car crash kills driver with robotic arm

Macblaster writes: A 22 year old man with one prosthetic arm and one mind-controlled bionic arm has died after sustaining injuries when his car crashed into a tree. It was believed that the man was the first in the world to drive a car using a mind-controlled robotic limb. It is not presently known if the limb, manufactured by Otto Block Healthcare, played a significant roll in the accident.

Comment "Multi-breasted female figure" (Score 2, Interesting) 114

There is a more important mystery here than whether Newton actually saw an apple fall. Please see this illustration in Stukeley's memoir.

The caption explains what I am seeing: "Newton’s face is shown in profile, in the style of a medallion and supported by a multi-breasted female figure."

The caption does not explain why I am seeing it.

Comment Science! (Score 1) 739

Although my first exposure to Linux was much earlier, and was mostly spent learning how the basic commands differed from what I remembered from DOS, my first time actually doing something with Linux was during my undergraduate research, when I ran simulations of high energy particle collisions for the now depressingly delayed ATLAS experiment.


Submission + - Stephen Hawking Hospitalized

Macblaster writes: The BBC is reporting that famed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has been hospitalized and is "very ill." The 67 year old Hawking, who is currently undergoing tests at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, was diagnosed with ALS at age 21, and at that time was given a life expectancy of only two or three years.

Comment Re:Still Sounds Guilty to Me (Score 1) 440

Actually, the [citation needed] was to the claim that the prosecutors on this case were holdovers from the Clinton administration. Even if Bush didn't completely clean house, he certainly had like-minded people to argue on his behalf in the DOJ. From the indictment and press release, you can see the prosecutors in the case were "Principal Deputy Chief Brenda K. Morris, Trial Attorneys Nicholas A. Marsh and Edward P. Sullivan of the Criminal Division's Public Integrity Section, headed by Chief William M. Welch II, and Assistant U.S. Attorneys Joseph W. Bottini and James A. Goeke from the District of Alaska". At least Brenda Morris is a holdover from Bush I. Since you love Google, I'll let you do the rest of the research yourself.

Comment Single or Multi-player? (Score 1) 219

While I could see the enjoyment remaining the same when engaging in CTF or DM multiplayer gameplay, I prefer realism and a good storyline in my single player games. My enjoyment of HL2 would be greatly diminished if, after all they put me through, my revenge on Combine soldiers simply caused them to float away unharmed.

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