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Comment Re:Windows is Bloated (Score 1) 134

As with a lot of annoying Microsoft things these days; the fact that you can't is more of a licensing issue than a technical one.

On the desktop, Windows 10 LTSB is the de-crapified version you actually want; but haha, volume-licensed enterprise SKUs only!

If you have the appropriate Windows Server version license; you can install "server core" or "nano server"; which have even more cut out; but while that can at least be purchased in single units; it's a fairly expensive way to declutter a workstation.

It took a while; but Microsoft did manage to disentangle a lot of the formerly mandatory bits and pieces; it's just that they seem loath to actually sell that to you unless they've exhausted all the alternatives.

Comment Re:Synonyms being used (Score 4, Insightful) 109

Any particular reason why we should just assume that only those nice, 'anonymized', 'statistics' were for sale; or that the 'anonymizing' done wasn't as pitifully weak as it often is?

Shockingly enough, people seem to be willing to pay more for data that are more or less cosmetically obfuscated, and trivial to correlate with information from other sources; and less for data that are actually anonymous enough to be impossible to reconstruct.

Comment Re:I can't believe I'm defending Samsung... (Score 2) 119

Is there some sort of rule that vendor hostility becomes more acceptable as devices become smaller?

If the vendor specifically has to break the ability to remap a button; this fairly strongly implies that it was otherwise possible; and the only reason it is impossible now is because they don't want it to happen.

People tend not to feel the same way about fixed-function buttons in weaker devices because the limitations are more architectural than deliberate(and, if only thanks to a couple of decades of convergent evolution, there is often a reasonably sane quasi-default layout).

Comment TRS-80 Model I, with 16K and Extended BASIC (Score 2) 857

Ahhh yes, finally an article that belongs on Slashdot.

My very first computer was a TRS-80 Model I that my dad got for us back in 1980 or so. It had an external cassette recorder for saving programs - 600 baud AFSK encoding, IIRC.

That thing was fun to play with, although I got a lot of blank stares when I'd presented a program I wrote to my 3rd Grade show-n-tell in NYC in 1982. I think it was a sorting program or something like that.

I wish I could remember some of the games so I could perhaps find them today...

Comment Re:Js does suck (Score 1) 185

Anything which works at the OS level has threads because it can spawn processes. The JVM has threads because it can't (easily) spawn processes, but many implementations use processes for JVM threads. JS, with lambda expressions and even driven programming claims to be threaded but is not. Its just callbacks where you have no control over when the calls are going to be made (usually in a rush when your main call ends).

Like it or not, our applications require threading. Your indexer has to keep running while your user presses buttons. That sort of thing.

Comment Re:Accidental complexity (Score 1) 185

Yeah I got caught by something similar. An int set to None is False. Changed that variable to be a list and a corner case where I passed an empty list was treated as False where I expected it to be True. I as in the habit of treating None as False and it bit when I changed the type of my data.

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