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Submission + - Ballmer: Android Does Not Compute

yoasif writes: "While at an investor briefing in Australia. Ballmer made some mocking comments about Google's Android, saying that Android does not compute, since it has no revenue model.

"I don't really understand their strategy ... if I went to my shareholder meetings and my analyst meeting and said, 'Hey, we just launched a new product that has no revenue model — yeah, cheer for me' I'm not sure my investors would take that very well, but that's what Google's telling their investors about Android," he said.

Too bad their smartphone marketshare isn't doing so hot. Is Google really as irrelevant as he says?"


Submission + - Intriguing body-swapping illusion (

zedge writes: The Washington Post is reporting on an experiment published in the online research journal PLoS ONE about a simple experiment using cameras and mirrors which tricked people into thinking that a mannequin's body was their own body. From the abstract of the PLoS ONE article: "The concept of an individual swapping his or her body with that of another person has captured the imagination of writers and artists for decades. Although this topic has not been the subject of investigation in science, it exemplifies the fundamental question of why we have an ongoing experience of being located inside our bodies. Here we report a perceptual illusion of body-swapping that addresses directly this issue."

Comment ACPI? (Score 1) 1018

Obviously in this particular case linux couldn't have caused the problem, but in general, the idea that linux could cause hardware damage doesn't seem patently absurd to me. ACPI on linux is still hit or miss thanks to non-standards compliant hardware. I had at least one time where linux failed to throttle the CPU properly, causing my Dell Inspiron 5150 to run around 20C hotter in linux than on windows. Clearly a bad ACPI driver can damage hardware.
Wireless (Apple)

Journal Journal: Apple To Charge For 802.11n Because Of Sarbanes-Oxley 471

There is an interesting article on iLounge. Interesting in the "WTF?"-sense. If you have a Core 2 Duo Macintosh, the built in wlan-card is capable of 802.11n. This capability can be unlocked via a software update Apple distributes with the new AirPort Extreme Base Station. Or they will sell it to you for $ 4.99. Why they don't give it away for free? Because of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Submission + - Will MySpace try to monetize its ecosystem?

An anonymous reader writes: Over the last year or so, many companies and products have sprung up which attempt to feed off of MySpace's success — widgets, embeddable media players etc. Some have been blocked by MySpace, while others such as YouTube have been met with direct competition from the social network itself. Will MySpace start charging for access to its ecosystem?

Journal Journal: JavaScript Is A Pain 5

Does anyone have a good reference, book or website, that contains information on programming pages with JavaScript. All I can seem to find are references that want to explain what a variable is and don't touch on the different IE vs. NS api.

This is more frustrating than that time I tried to learn brainf*ck.


Submission + - Hot technologies for 2007

stinkymountain writes: Network World has selected its seven hot technologies for 2007. The list includes network access control (NAC), Web 2.0, open source, virtualization, network behavior analysis (NBA)and WAN optimization. even-techs.html. Readers can also vote on their favorite hot technologies. 8.

Submission + - Apple to play fairer with Fairplay?

NewbieMonster writes: According to (, Apple are preparing to license Fair Play to Made for iPod accessory manufacturers. They understand that Apple will also allow streaming of protected AAC content via USB. From the article: The expected announcements could signal a move on Apple's part to take some of the sting out of its Fairplay DRM which has come in for a great deal of criticism over recent months. It may also be a way of keeping Made For iPod makers onside, as the draw of the Microsoft Zune becomes stronger. Could this signal a move to allowing other music players to access and play ITMS content?
Operating Systems

Submission + - Linux = Male, 93% of Linux users are male

dgiik writes: "Most people think Linux users are all geeks. That is not true. I know many artists and ordinary people who enjoy using Linux and nobody would ever call them geeks. But it is true that most Linux users are males. I'm running a little poll at my website and the results confirmed my general belief that Linux users are almost all males. 93% of all responders were males. While I knew that most Linux users were males, the wide margin was a surprise to me. Any thoughts on why linux is so overwhelmingly a guy thing?"
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - leaked iPhone prices

An anonymous reader writes: apparently leaked the prices for the iPhone on the European market, the German online magazine MacEssentials reports. The 8 GB version is set at a whopping 999 EUR (1'290 USD, including V.A.T.) without a contract. Well, you can no longer pre-order but still have a look.

Submission + - Bankrupt or not, SCO case is 'boring'

OSS_ilation writes: Is SCO bankrupt or isn't it? The question was raised on Slashdot last week when Novell asserted as much in a court filing, but it could all be a moot point. One Boston-based IP attorney (among many) thinks the case is well past its prime, especially as bigger and more important topics like GPv3 loom on the horizon. The SCO case, in a word, has become a tired affair that IBM will ultimately end with a strong case and deep legal coffers. From the article: 'If there is no Chapter 11 filing, then the trial goes on [and] SCO suffers a slow and painful death rather than a quick one,' said Tom Carey, an IP attorney for Bromberg & Sunstein LLP.
The Internet

Submission + - Dear Senator Feinstein: please don't PERFORM

tcahill writes: "tcahill thinks Senator Feinstein's new PERFORM act requires some audience participation. The Senator's Website is set up to receive email (1), perhaps slashdot readers might want to send her some appropriate audience feedback. Most politicians are more impressed by individually written letters than mass mailings. For example, here is what tcahill sent:

Regarding the PERFORM Act, it fundamentally offends the principle of free speech that you would contemplate mandating that only certain forms of communication (those using approved DRM) would be permitted for those broadcasting over the Internet. You can only do harm by persisting in seeking to impose controls over — not what information — but how information itself is disseminated. Beyond the constitutional offense inherent in what you contemplate, there are anti-market and anti-innovation assumptions inherent in your assumption that you can dictate exclusively which forms of technology are to be used. Finally, you clearly endanger the principle of fair use by mandating all internet broadcasts must be protected by DRM, which, by law, may not be circumvented. As I know you to be a progressive I am confident you will see the error in your approach and stand down.



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