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Journal perfessor multigeek's Journal: Are you ever afraid that your geekiness will doom you? 5

So, we've all seen the article and discussion about Cap'n Crunch.I want to know, did any of you read the article and think "that could be me if I really f*ck up?" I know that I did.

Sure, we're not all unbathed, mood swing crippled, toothless old guys pursuing an unending stream of underage boys, but, AFAICT, we're not exactly socially flawless either. Now, like a lot of us, I don't believe that society should be so narrow in its range of acceptable behavior and I know that the narrowing range of acceptable ways to work was part of what drove me out of the corporate world.

But otoh, I think that many of us could be more accomodating if we chose to. I certainly know that I could. And I am well aware that there's nothing like systematic perceived rejection by society to encourage the sorts of hostile, self-indulgent behavior that so characterizes Draper. Adding that to early acclaim without concurrent structured chances to use those gifts makes for a truly toxic stew, one that gets viler the longer it brews.

So, jump on in, folks, do you ever worry that your antisocial tendencies and social cluelessness could eventually wreck you?


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Are you ever afraid that your geekiness will doom you?

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  • She puts up with my antisocial tendencies, makes sure I'm groomed and dressed in non-embarassing clothing, and schedules social interaction with our friends that I might otherwise forget. In return I do all the cooking and driving and put up with her insecurity, anxiety and mood swings.

    Romantic love is an overrated reason for marriage. At best it's a luxury for people more secure in themselves and their place in the world than I. At worst, a hormonal delusion designed to encourage the overlooking of faults
    • by gmhowell ( 26755 ) *
      Bleh. And then one day, she grows tired of your shit and runs back home to mommy and daddy.

      I hope your marriage works out. Sounds vaguely familiar to me. But yeah, romantic love? No thanks.
      • by spun ( 1352 )
        Seven years and going stronger than ever. It's been years since she ran home to mommy and daddy. Maybe it's not a perfect marriage, but we both do our damndest to create a safe haven for each other, and to me, that's what marriage is all about.
        • by gmhowell ( 26755 ) *
          Well, at seven years, you're about six weeks longer than we lasted:) I'm not disparaging marriage, I'm just even more cynical than usual since this past August. Congratulations, and good luck in the future.
    • The problem is that we're no longer supposed to admit that we would want to get married for such a reason. It seems that we've reached an interesting double standard these days. Women, especially young women, are quite free to say that they are seeking a more interdependant, in some ways traditional marriage but any guy other than an already written off frat boy neanderthal who says that he wants the same thing is pilloried. In public, at least.

      I consider this issue very much on topic because while I don't

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