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Journal dthable's Journal: JavaScript Is A Pain 5

Does anyone have a good reference, book or website, that contains information on programming pages with JavaScript. All I can seem to find are references that want to explain what a variable is and don't touch on the different IE vs. NS api.

This is more frustrating than that time I tried to learn brainf*ck.

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JavaScript Is A Pain

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  • The canonical Javascript portal by Mozilla, with IE comparisons: []

    Comp.lang.javascript FAQ: []

    Web developer boot camp - Javascript: ipt []

    Firebug - de rigeur for learning Javascript (requires Firefox): []

    Rhino - a great standalone Javascript interpreter, great for learning, and has the added advantage of being able to import and use Java classes, can even be used for standalon
    • The only one I would add to that list is [].

      If you have specific questions, reply to this. I have contracted myself out as a JavaScript programmer when I couldn't find Java gigs. As a matter of fact, I wrote all the calculators you'll find here [].

      • I've got one.

        Assuming a big pile of html docs in one folder named as follows: 1.htm, 2.htm, 3.htm etc.

        Is there a js snippet I could use for the next/previous links on each page so's that the hrefs don't have to be done on each html page?

        I don't even know if this can be done in js. I should really bite the bullet and start learning PHP...
        • Yeah you can, but since the browser doesn't let JS access the file system, there are a few caveats to using my example below. You must start at 1 and you can't skip numbers, they all must have the same extension (.html or .htm) and you can't use it on the last page or it will create a next link to nothing, so you have to do the last page manually. Every other page, you can just paste this at the bottom and it'll automatically go to the right page even if you rename the pages to change the order. There ar
    • by dthable ( 163749 ) *
      Do you use Firebug and, if so, what version are you using? I installed 0.4.1 and have the hardest time trying to figure out what's going on. The options menu items disappear after debugging a couple of scripts and then it keeps trying to send all code to the debugger even after I disable the control. The only way I can get the env back to normal is to restart Firefox.

      I checked for a new version, up no updates were available.

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